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Approved by pro painters. Keeps your paint wet. Master advanced techniques. User friendly. For miniatures, tabletop & board games
Approved by pro painters. Keeps your paint wet. Master advanced techniques. User friendly. For miniatures, tabletop & board games
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EU customs cleared

Posted by Redgrass Games (Creator)


For EU : At last! The German customs are behind us and therefore the fulfillment center can proceed with the deliveries,starting next week.

For those interested in all the details regarding the customs, we were actively working with Mathias from Crowdpilot/Aimplify ( they are responsible of delivering the goods to all European countries + the UK warehouse + Paris) and the transporter in order to deal with the German customs. 

The last message from Mathias in the comment section  " The palettes finally passed customs yesterday on June 12th. Due to the slowness of the German customs our freight forwarder had to reschedule the delivery truck to us as well, so the final arrival date of the container at our warehouse is now Monday (June 18th) afternoon[....] final shipping should start on Tuesday 19th June. The whole shipping process will take at least 4 days and we already booked the transport from our warehouse to Paris and the UK. So the Paris & UK palettes *should* be there by the end of next week[...] And yes, the way the whole customs clearance happened, was the slowest possible. Usually the whole thing can happen within a 3-4 days, but this time we had already to wait 6 days for an ATB number (registration number for the container by the customs) and then another 6 days for the inspection appointment [...]

For the UK: The fulfillment center should receive the shipment by the end of next week. Deliveries will start soon after. 

For the U.S and Canada: Quartermaster is working closely with us to clear the customs asap. We should have good news to share in the coming days. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

For Paris ( in french): On a arrangé une expédition en express pour Paris. Si tout va bien, le chargement arrive le 22. Demain, on se rend chez pour discuter des détails de la distribution. On fera en sorte que les dates de retrait soit assez flexibles pour que tout le monde puisse récupérer sa commande avant les vacances.   

For Asia, Australia and New-Zealand: Deliveries are in progress. Most of our backers in this region have already received their rewards. 

                   Thanks again for your patience.           Vivien & Fabrice. 

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    1. Andy Roo on

      Have any UK backers received their stuff yet? I'm still waiting on an email saying if mine is en route :(

    2. Missing avatar

      George Hintze on

      Still waiting in the US

    3. Grant Michael McKenna on

      Arrived safely to me here in New Zealand.


    4. Missing avatar

      GERGAUD on


      Paris n'est pas la France...
      Peut-on espérer une livraison en Province avant mi juillet ?
      Merci pour l'info.

    5. feanor2k

      @Matthias Passt! Hat funktioniert. Hab es auf den 25.06 geändert. Viele Grüße Jan

    6. Crowdpilot Collaborator on

      @feanor2k: wir versenden so, dass wir möglichst viele Sendungen am Tag rauskriegen - Ländertechnisch geht das kunterbunt durcheinander. Kann also vor dem 22. da sein oder auch danach.
      Ich würde empfehlen, Deine neue Adresse zu setzen und den Lieferzeitpunkt (das geht auch in Deinem Login) auf nach dem Umzug. Ansonsten: ja, DHL. Packstation ist auch eine Option.

      P.S. die 4 Tage sind ein Richtwert - das können auch 5 oder 6 werden.

    7. feanor2k

      @Matthias Ich bin ab dem 23.06 in der neuen Wohnung. Im letzten Update steht, dass der finale Versand am 19.06 beginnt und dann bis zu 4 Tage dauert. Versendet ihre an alle deutschen backer am Dienstag?
      Ich frage mich jetzt, ob die Sendung dann schon am 22.06 dort ankommt und wir noch nicht drüben sind.
      Versendet ihr mit DHL? Dann kann ich die Sendung gegebenenfalls lenken wenn ich eine Versandbestätigung habe. Vielen Dank!

    8. Tim Roberts on

      Received mine in Australia today. It looks every bit as good as advertised. Much better than my Sta-Wet.

    9. Missing avatar

      Tyler Provick on

      Are the deliveries for Canada going through Quartermaster on the way to Snakes and Lattes? So it has to clear customs in the US, then be shipped to Canada and clear customs there as well? That'll suck but I'm sure this was the best way.

    10. Paint'Riot Studio

      Enfin, j'espère recevoir la mienne bientôt, sa urge....

    11. feanor2k

      @ Matthias Danke. Ich guck mal ob das noch funktioniert.

    12. Missing avatar


      Received my pledges in KL, Malaysia! Merci!

    13. Crowdpilot Collaborator on

      @feanor2k: Du solltest eine E-Mail von uns haben, in dem ein Link zur Adressänderung ist. Der ist immer noch offen. Ansonsten kurz eine Mail an support@crowdpilot,com



    14. Onyx

      Received mine in Australia today!!
      Thank you!!!

    15. Missing avatar

      Alexandre MARQUES on

      Ok et ou en sont les livraisons pour ceux qui ne vont pas retirer leur palette à Paris?

      Merci d'avance pour votre réponse.

    16. Craig M Denholm on

      Well you did warn us all about delays within the shipping process!!
      It's getting close now - can't wait!!
      Thanks again guys ☺

    17. Stuart Parry on

      Thanks for the update! Can’t wait to give it a try :D

    18. feanor2k

      Is it possible to change the address? Maybe Mathias can do it? I’m moving now. Really suddenly, but I do.

    19. Missing avatar

      Tim Luckman on

      Got mine...Melbourne, Australia. Fantastic piece of kit. Thanks guys

    20. Missing avatar

      Will Scates Frances on

      Got mine today (Sydney, Au). Spacious and stylish, can't wait to use it.