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Approved by pro painters. Keeps your paint wet. Master advanced techniques. User friendly. For miniatures, tabletop & board games
Approved by pro painters. Keeps your paint wet. Master advanced techniques. User friendly. For miniatures, tabletop & board games
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Shipping status#1

Posted by Redgrass Games (Creator)


To continue our news from last week regarding shipping and deliveries:

In order for you to have the wet palettes as fast as possible, we have selected the fastest way possible to ship more than 10 000 Everlasting Wet Palettes worldwide:

  • By train across Asia and Europe for EU & UK backers. We gain 2 weeks versus by boat. The container already left the factory and is currently being loaded on the train.
  • By Boat to the US west coast + across land to the fulfillment centers in the US & Canada. This route is significantly faster than shipping to the east coast. The container is already on the boat and departed. 
  • For Australia, New-Zealand and Asia, the goods are already at the fulfillment center. Deliveries will start in a few days. 
  • Free Pick-up in Paris: (in French about the dates) Dès que nous avons une certitude sur la date d'arrivée du train, nous vous communiquerons les dates pour le retrait.  
  • Rest of the World:  For our backers from Africa, Middle East and South America, your rewards will be shipped by VFI Asia or Aimplify asap.

You can follow-up the shipping status on from now on.

                        Thanks   Vivien&Fabrice

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    1. Missing avatar

      ZLOTOWBB8 on

      Hello, do you know something new about the expected delivery dates?

      Thank you

    2. Arjan de Vette on

      Hmm 15 days without an update again... just when I was thinking the palettes would be delivered soon.

      The last update actually gave me the feeling you guys were on top of it... the last kinks had been smoothed out and now... nothing again.

      The responses on your last update should have shown you that if nothing else keeping your paying customers informed is the least you can do.



    3. Emmerikku on

      15 days on train... 5 times World Tour ?

    4. Missing avatar

      Philip Hertel on

      Any news on the Train to Europe?

    5. Danny Boyes on

      There's a slow, slow train coming up around the bend! Can the graphic get an update?

    6. Missing avatar

      Phunky Phantom on

      I agree, great shipping info. Waiting semi patiently here.

    7. Celestial Lucid Dream on

      Nice infographic. No real estimate when the "boat" lands. But still, better than nothing.

    8. Rabbit Burner, Lagomorph Hivemind Minion

      Got to go with the sentiments here that this has to be one of the best shipping updates I have seen.
      Currently painting up my Dark Imperium set and I'm and crying out for this.
      So literally cant wait to receive this.
      And it will be used within minutes of arrival.
      Great Job RgG :)
      Would not compare Reaper KS to this one - even for updates, as Reaper are a long way off fulfilment and are still sculpting so need many updates to show off latest sculpts (which they do very well) - something that is not required for this KS :)

    9. Andy Roo on

      Woop! Thanks for the update!
      Definitely going to be worth the wait!!

    10. Matthew Moore

      This update makes so many others from so many others ... look like garbage.

      Love the graphics!!

    11. Missing avatar

      Rémi Z on

      Vous êtes au top !

    12. Bradley Lacke

      Worth the wait for that SUPER FUN graphic!!!

    13. Missing avatar

      Andy on

      I have the feeling I've received all the relevant information and always had an idea on when to expect the next update.
      So from my point of view very good communication - my thanks go to the creators

    14. Missing avatar

      Eric Harris

      Great news! Really looking forward to getting stuck into some painting with the palette when it arrives.

    15. Charles Lee Ray on

      Splendid news and you've looked to get our palettes to us faster. Outstanding work

    16. Paul

      #Kevin Fawcett: not to take away from these great creators, but if you want to see truly exemplary communication, go look at Reaper's Bones campaigns. Bones 3 had 107 updates.

      Bones 4 ended September 2, 2017, they are on track to ship early 2019, and they are up to Update Ninety Three (93). They KNOW how to keep their people in the loop!

    17. marta

      I think this one of the best shipping status updates I've ever read. Excellent communication, enjoyed it.

    18. Ronald Wanders on

      Top notch information on shipping, thank you for the transparency. :)

    19. Missing avatar

      Tyler Provick on

      Is it possible to get the boat number for the nerds?

    20. Rod "BaKhan" Mitchell

      Great news, thank you!

    21. Missing avatar

      Jeroen Driehuis on

      Can't wait! Hopefully the train won't have any delays

    22. Simon Strike (Bisonator) on

      Excellent communication throughout this Kickstarter campaign. Well done and thank you.

    23. Missing avatar

      Kevin Fawcett on

      This is how you do project updates properly. Thank you.

    24. Al on

      @Joe From the comment section

      @all if you need to update your shipping address, now is the time... In a few days, it will be too late:) You have a few days left to send me your new address here : Thanks V.

    25. Missing avatar

      Julie Thibault on

      Vous avez super bien géré ce kickstarter, good job!

    26. Scott D

      As an guys are legends. I can’t wait.

    27. Joe Kleinhenz on

      I've changed my address since I backed this. Where can I update it?