Everlasting: the Best Wet Palette for miniature painting

by Redgrass Games

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    1. Luca Lacchini on

      Super neat packaging. Can't wait!

    2. Steve B. on

      I'm confused. The paper wasn't damaged for anything other than the XL, but you are holding up shipping on the standard painter size as well? I understand why you would do that for those that ordered a painter and an XL, but some of us just ordered the painter and would love to have it with minis stacking up from CMON :)

    3. Back5 on

      Do you have any ETA for the XL backers? Is this a weeks or months delay?

    4. Redgrass Games 2-time creator on

      @Back5 The paper is on his way to the factory. They will have it this Saturday. Then a few days to pack and check the studio XL. We will let you know once it is ready.
      @Steve B. We cannot ship the production in 2 times. That's why. Sorry.

    5. Spisey McHaggis on

      Thanks for the update! I am patiently awaiting my palette! <3

    6. Steve Jackson on

      Why hold the Painters then? I'm itching to try it out. Gimme my box.

    7. Josh

      Shouldn't the box text say "A MUST HAVE FOR MINIATURE PAINTERS" ending with an "S" making it plural meaning all miniature painters just as you wrote Tested by pro-painters not pro-painter. Or maybe you could write "A MUST HAVE FOR ANY MINIATURE PAINTER" using "ANY" giving a feeling of inclusion to even a novice mini painter when reading it. If you wanted to talk about individuals making it singular then it should say "A MUST HAVE FOR A MINIATURE PAINTER" still leaving the perception of including all mini painters but using "A" to speak to individuals. I am definitely no literary or advertising expert but I do think that part of having a successful product is to show quality and simple details such as those in box art and text can go a long way towards presentation and first impressions. Still loving the product and am in no way trying to bring any negativity towards it. I just want to see the Everlasting Wet Pallette be as successful as it can be and I can't wait to get mine. 🙂

    8. Missing avatar

      Keegan on

      So are you going to send me my painter one then? At this point, in Canada, I would be lucky to see it by August...

    9. Missing avatar

      Bryon Ellerbeck on

      Better to have it right, than right now. Thank you for keeping us informed and for making sure we get a quality product.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jeroen Driehuis on

      Yet another delay, so no April delivery then. Hopefully it will arrive in May

    11. Christopher Sanders

      Thanks for the update, communication is so important with a kickstarter and I appreciate the flow of information.

    12. Faraiya

      @Josh - It's the disadvantage of being a non-native English speaker. I doubt they can fix it before the second run (without causing significant delays), so we'll have to deal with some Engrish on the box in the meantime.

    13. Missing avatar

      Carlos Tabera on

      You can write the S in the box using your everlasting wet palette ;)

    14. Bones BSmith

      Why can't pledges for only the painter size be dispatched? How does the XL size paper have a bearing on that?

    15. Missing avatar

      Jeroen Driehuis on

      Any news on the hydration paper for the Studio XL?

    16. Anthony Adams on

      Jeeezus these guys keep finding any excuse not to ship their product. I swear to god I'll never pay for a kickstarter again.