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Approved by pro painters. Keeps your paint wet. Master advanced techniques. User friendly. For miniatures, tabletop & board games
Approved by pro painters. Keeps your paint wet. Master advanced techniques. User friendly. For miniatures, tabletop & board games
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Posted by Redgrass Games (Creator)

Hi everybody, 

The pledge manager is almost ready. We are still testing a few things but it will open in the coming days. 
Also, in order to provide you with a smooth experience, we will proceed by waves. With more than 7800 backers, it will be easier to manage.
Please wait for your personal invitation e-mail before trying to access the pledge manager! We will post an update when we are ready for the first wave.
The production is under way and everything is going as planned so far. We will have more news in the coming weeks.

 Vivien & Fabrice



Le pledge manager est presque prêt. Nous testons encore quelques éléments, mais l'ouverture se fera dans les prochains jours.
Afin de vous proposer l'expérience la plus souple possible, nous allons procéder par vague. Avec plus de 7800 backers, ce sera plus simple à gérer.
Nous vous remercions donc d'attendre votre email personnel d'invitation avant d'accéder au pledge manager! Nous posterons une update quand la première vague sera lancée.
Sinon la production avance comme prévue. Nous vous donnerons plus de nouvelles sur le sujet dans les semaines à venir.

Viven & Fabrice

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    1. Matthew Moore

      @Redgrass Thank you for the prompt feedback, clarification, and for the ops breakdown. Totally follow ya! Please, do what you gotta do.

      @Katrina Thanks for the seasoned insight. Not sure why, but I didn't think about how often it occurs behind the scenes w/o issue.

      @Stuart This would be the 1st I was aware of it; and I don't fault Redgrass for being transparent in the process. Just took the vernacular too literally I think, w/o considering the processes used in projects prior too.

      @Hunter Thanks for the education on that! Makes perfect sense. I usually don't sweat the timing. I think it's the excitement and anxiety! Getting burnt on jury-rigging a wet pallet.

    2. Hunter Mayer

      I've stopped worrying about pledge manager invites until a week or two after its announced that they *should* be out. It's rarely influenced the delivery as well (I late pledge and sometimes I get stuff before the announcement goes out, but those are lightning strikes.) I deal in multi-million mass emailings lately and all you need is one send batch to go awry and NOBODY gets their invites as the email systems systematically block every email you send thereafter. So yah, take a few days. It will ensure way less hassles for everyone. I suspect any grumbles coming out are just excited emotional micro outbursts. Who isn't eager to get their hands on this system! I am drying paint faster than I care to admit. :D

    3. Stuart Galloway on

      I have also experienced a fair few instances of pledge manager invitations being sent in 'batches' (and I've backed a lot fewer than 1000 projects).

      I've certainly experienced regional shipping variances (US usually being first to ship, etc) which I note is *not* being suggested here.

    4. Katrina Hennessy

      @Matthew Moore - as a backer of over 1000 Kickstarter campaigns please let me assure you that sending invitations to pledge managers in waves or batches is much more common than you think. It is often not announced prior and so frequently missed unless someone comments that they haven't received theirs yet and the creator then responds that they are sending them as fast as they reasonably can. All should be fine.

    5. Redgrass Games 2-time creator on

      @ Matthew, thank you for your comment.
      I think the word "wave" must be carrying too much meaning for many seasoned backers around here, and sorry that we did not chose a better wording for that.
      Basically what we are planning to do is to cut the sending of the invitation emails in 2 or 3 batches. Each batch would be sent up to one day apart. That would mean that if we start the survey on Monday, first batch would be out on Monday, second on Tuesday, third on Wednesday.
      Then you would all have then until December 8th to complete the survey. That's more than a month, so we don't think one day more or less would make a difference.
      Then to write it down for everyone, the order of pledge completion will have no influence on the shipping or production eventually.
      I hope it's clearer now, do not hesitate if you have any other needs for clarification, we are happy to help.

    6. Matthew Moore

      Holy balls. This place needs an edit button.
      3rd paragraph: "Submitted" not 'suitted'

      Other minor errors, I blame my Samsung and it's autocorrect - perpetually on the prowl destroying the lexicon one text message at a time. (Smh, I miss my crackberry)

    7. Matthew Moore

      Hey gang. Hope all is well, and congrats on your success. Now come's the hard part. Fulfillment. Looking forward to it.

      Okay. That response to the previous query now has me confused.
      How does staggering the pledge survey in waves NOT equivocation to the staggering of delivery? As, there is the eventuality that some, or many, in those waves will fail to complete said survey, in turn delaying the receipt of said survey to the next wave.Further, receipt of surveys in a staggered order due to "waves" seemingly ensures that delivery of pledges will be dependent on the rder in which said surveys were entered - or suitted based on when they received their survey. Which "wave" they got there survey in, really.

      Thus, I, and the only other backer that has commented thus far, are confused about the process cited in the update. Having backed 50-plus Kickstarters, I feel it necessary to point out that I have NEVER heard of nor dealt with a staggered issuance of pledge surveys. That is not to say it doesnt exist, but if somwone can point out a project that did this -
      I'd happily change "never" to "all but once." Staggering delivery of pledges, yes; seen it and part of KSers doing that (7th Continent; some 28mm figure KSers too). What you have proposed and cited, sending out surveys in "waves" - Never.

      Also, having managed and operated a logistics and distribution center for a major supply chain corporation in my time, I can say from 1st hand personal experience that taking orders, or in this case "pledges," in a staggered format, or in your words "waves," automatically creates a queue, whether written in pencil or in a spreadsheet, where said pledges are organized based on the order in which they were received, and then subsequently on which wave theor respective survey is attached. In academia, accounting, logistics, the military, and other sectors I have successfully worked and served ... it's called FIFO. First In, First Out.
      [Oh, it's also how food at the store, and thing's that are perishable like Milk are handled for loss prevention. - A "FYI" for my fellow Americans struggling w/ remedial economics and their forms - like DJT Jr. on Halloween; bless his heart.

      Thus, if the pledges are to be shipped out en masse, per region or everywhere at once based on full completion of all pledge/order fulfillment, as we have all been lead to believe (based on your update, the project details, and all other KSers we backers may or may not have participated, how does staggering the issuance and subsequent receipt of the surveys create efficiency?

      Thanks in advance for your time and patience; and please ... maintain consistent communication on KSer with your backers. Far too many creators on KS now that abuse the trust of the investing backers. I have a literal Black List of Project Creators to avoid like the plague, and I encourage others to do likewise (especially for local eateries and fast food spots). Calling them out perpetually on BGG, FB, Twitter, and on KSer (to name a few) has become a sad necessity that I facilitate in my down time - and even more sadly, I have lots of that.

    8. Redgrass Games 2-time creator on

      @PG For clarification, we are only talking about the pledge manager here. Waves will be for the invitation to the PM. Thank you for your message

    9. PG on

      It is not clear if you plan to work in waves for the invitation to the PM or if you plan to do waves of shipping (or both). If it is the latter then it sucks.