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Approved by pro painters. Keeps your paint wet. Master advanced techniques. User friendly. For miniatures, tabletop & board games
Approved by pro painters. Keeps your paint wet. Master advanced techniques. User friendly. For miniatures, tabletop & board games
7,747 backers pledged €270,426 to help bring this project to life.

stretch goals

Posted by Redgrass Games (Creator)


You can find a new section : stretch goals ! 

We will keep them simple and useful . This way, you can expect a smooth production and a swift delivery.  The first one is the product box, packaging.  As we don't like waste, it will have a second life. We have chosen a design that will make a great storage for your hydration paper sheets ! We will show you the final design during the production stage.

                                                                   Thanks and have a great painting day.                                                                                                                      Vivien & fabrice


Nous avons ajouté les premiers stretch goals!

Il seront simples et utiles pour permettre une production sans retard et une livraison dans les temps. Le 1er stretch goal est le packaging pour l'Everlasting wet palette. Comme nous n'aimons pas les déchets, il aura une seconde vie. Il a été choisi pour permettre de ranger facilement  les feuilles hydratantes dedans !    Nous vous présenterons le design final durant la phase de production.

        Merci et bonne journée.        Vivien et Fabrice.



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    1. Emil Scott

      I hope we see extra foam sheets as another stretchgoal.

    2. Queenie (aka Marcia K)

      Will be happy to get a palette, anything else is gravy. Thanks

    3. Craig M Denholm on

      Great! Ive mentioned before this is my first Kickstarter so I didn't know you got extras! A tidy workspace and storage solutions are a definite bonus for me! Nice one guys and thanks very much.

    4. Missing avatar

      Ragaroah on

      No way @Gutpile! That would be amazing!

    5. Missing avatar

      Gutpile on

      @Ragaroah Hopefully a further stretch goal will be a plastic bag with printing on it!!

    6. Missing avatar

      Ragaroah on

      Shhh @Gutpile, they might think you're serious ;)

    7. Missing avatar

      Gutpile on

      Can we maybe get a stretch goal for a plastic bag to put inside our cardboard box?

    8. Missing avatar

      Ragaroah on

      Yeah I'm happy with what changed. We'll see what gets unlocked after :)

    9. Wargaming Recon on

      The box doesn't excite me at all, but that's ok. The real question is what is the next stretch goal? And, if @Redgrass Games can't/won't share that just yet will you please at least say the monetary amount needed to obtain the next stretch goal?

    10. Audrey on

      Way better after the modification :)

    11. Missing avatar

      Ragaroah on

      Yeah @Audrey, but it seems that Facebook post got deleted by them. ;)

    12. Audrey on

      Well. Technically we heard of one SG. Printed paper for dilution check. Where is it gone now ? Pfft all deleted gone in fumes

    13. Missing avatar

      Ragaroah on

      @Icehawk101 then they shouldn't have announced Stretch Goals, simple as that. I won't be using a cardboard box to store my months/years worth of paper to store it in, like @Eph&Pveith says.

      It just feels like Redgrass went into this without planning the Stretch Goals, seeing this got picked up due to one of the KS comments.

    14. Icehawk101 on

      While I like stretch goals as much as the next backer, I went into this campaign not expecting any. It's like the reprint of Gloomhaven, solid product just collecting money for production without needing anything added on

    15. Ozhara

      @Audrey Only saw those two separate stretch goals after posting my first comments.
      I second that splitting them is a little 'weird' - I positivly assume that this was done to have more streatch goals with less space between them while holding down stretch goal costs at the same time ...

    16. Nuno V. Costa on

      I dont care about SGs, they usually ruin most of the projects and destroy this all KS experience. Its frustrating to have 1 year or more of delays when everyone knows the problem are the stretch goals.

    17. Missing avatar

      Gutpile on

      Can we dare to dream for a cardboard box that comes in different colors?

    18. Missing avatar

      Gutpile on

      A freaking cardboard box? Really? And an upgrade of a cardboard box with, gasp, printing on it?

      Come on, guys. Please do better than this.

    19. Missing avatar

      Eph&Pveith on

      Uhm, I won't store my paper in a cardboard box, but in a nice plastic container to keep it safe from humidity, thank you. To make the packaging a stretch goal is... weird. Would you toss the palettes into a freight container loosely if the SG isn't met? I wonder if I should wait for this to arrive at a store later.

    20. Enzo Maini

      SG are usually used to attract more backers because they see more value for their pledge. Absolutely no one will be excited over a box. The box will be simply thrown out by most who are pledging.

    21. Audrey on

      @Ozhara I see that point. But then to me it would make more sense to have the two "box improvments" together in one SG. With the splitting, the first one DOES feel artificial. But only because of the splitting

    22. Ozhara

      @Audrey I would be perfectly fine with that. But after them actually deciding to add something, this is what I think is a good solution for a stretch goal. So it's maybe not the 'best' solution at all, but maybe the 'second best'. Much better then not looking at the costs in trying to satisfy backers.
      I don't think this special one will be that much of a hassle tough. Assuming the pledge would still have come packaged in some way without this stretch goal, I think it's indeed more of a design thing than actually getting much more costly (I may be wrong with this assumption though).

    23. Redgrass Games 2-time creator on

      @ozhara That's exactly how we have constructed the project . A full bundle from the start. no "artificial" stretch goals.

    24. Audrey on

      @Ozhara and this is why I'd rather see the extra funds dedicated towards making the membrane happening faster... than for a box we won't need anymore when the membrane comes out...

    25. Ozhara

      @Audrey - Don't get me wrong - I love stretch goals - and on projects that advertise themselve with them and are calculated into the price I do expect them to be much bigger and more awesome.
      But this project had no stretch goals when I pledged it and stated from the beginning that the plan was to keep it simple and riskfree. So I didn't expect any stretch goals here.

    26. Ozhara

      @Audreay - nothing would have prevented me from doing so.

      But then some board games I pledged for added a special storage box for ks exclusives that I could have stored otherwise too.

      Sure, those are printed and look great - but they aren't 'necessary -' just nice.
      Different from other projects I pledged and that calculated their stretch goals into the pledges (costs) to be complete, this isn't the case here though. The stretch goals are real additions on top of a complete product.

      With production time and costs beeing the two main reasons for problems and then frustration on the backer side, I totally agree with the creators to keep this simple - and ultimately low cost.

      So I personally don't think about what cool things I could get instead, but are happy there is something added as a surprise - something that is no 'crap' like stickers or something like that - but something I can use.

    27. Audrey on

      @Juha and this is why I'd rather have no SG and guarantee a sooner membrane production.

    28. Missing avatar

      Ragaroah on

      @Melissa S. it seems they've deleted the Facebook post about the dillution checker on printed paper.

    29. Juha on

      You guys complaining about stretch goals are so entitled. You are backing a product, not stretch goals. No one says stretch goals should start from the very beginning, that every project should even have one, and that they should be unlocked in retrospective way.

      These SGs sound perfectly fine to me. A small additional things that were never planned to be made. The palette doesn't need a cardboard box, but now there is one.

      Be happy about the product, that it gets produced, and don't stress yourself over stretch goals, they are completely extra on top of the product.

    30. Melissa S.

      Whereas I don't mind this update, I am a touch disappointed that it took so long to get at any stretch goals at all. Being funded in under an hour, I was hoping you had more stretch goals ready to go. I do remember dilution checker being mentioned, and had hoped that would be an early goal.

      Hopefully, we'll get more goals soon.

    31. Audrey on

      I'd rather have SG be earlier research for the membrane than a box...

    32. Audrey on

      @Ozhara what would have prevented you to use a box big enough for the palette to hold the paper ? Even if it is brown cardboard ? What is the real difference between those 2 when it comes to paper storage ?
      The second stretch goal is much more interesting while this one seems "makeup"

    33. Missing avatar

      Ragaroah on

      Exactly like @Mad Doc said. We've unlocked nothing in between the funding goal and the 125k we're at now.

    34. Ozhara

      The stretch goal is not to have packaging, but to have packaging that has not to be thrown away for it is designed to be useful as a storage solution for the hydration paper sheets. ;)

      So for us it's the same as an additional storage solution added as a stretch goal - doesn't sound that bad to me - and is a great idea of adding value without risking delivery or making production too costly (I hope).

      To change the packaging in this way will need some design work though I assume - to get a quality solution, so it's not just relabeling an existing part of the pledge, but a redesign which totally qualifies for a stretch goal in my book.

    35. Mad Doc

      I like the new stretch goals but I dislike amount it takes to fulfill them. We reached more than 3x times of the finance goal but didn't unlock anything. Many KS do this practice of waiting and adjusting their SG on the fly. IMHO the first SG should be unlocked at this time.

    36. Audrey on

      The problem for me with that goal is that it looks like you planned to send the palettes without nothing to secure them. What is added in comparison to the plan cardboard box that it would have been in anyway ?

    37. Redgrass Games 2-time creator on

      @Ragaroah First we stated,our stretch goals would be simple. Our main priority is to deliver the product in time.
      Secondly, I have not said it is the only stretch goal !
      and no we never said anything about a 50k stretch goal here or FB or forums btw.

    38. Missing avatar

      Ragaroah on

      I mean don't get me wrong, loving the palette, but this has been an update we've all been looking forward to ;) it's a bit... dissapointing.

    39. Missing avatar

      Ragaroah on

      I'm sorry... I find this a rather sad excuse for a Stretch Goal.

      First of all, what happened to any Stretch Goals between the Kickstarter goal of 37.5k and the current 125k we're at right now?

      Second, I wouldn't say I'd see PACKAGING as a Stretch Goal.

      Third, what happened to the printed paper to check the dillution level, I remember hearing something that it would be a 50k Stretch Goal?

    40. Redgrass Games 2-time creator on

      Yes packaging ! I guess my "product box" was not clear enough. Sorry about that;)