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Approved by pro painters. Keeps your paint wet. Master advanced techniques. User friendly. For miniatures, tabletop & board games
Approved by pro painters. Keeps your paint wet. Master advanced techniques. User friendly. For miniatures, tabletop & board games
Approved by pro painters. Keeps your paint wet. Master advanced techniques. User friendly. For miniatures, tabletop & board games
7,747 backers pledged €270,426 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Redgrass Games Creator about 10 hours ago

      Bonjour Philippe,

      J'ai vu que tu avais confirmé ton pledge. Merci
      Si tu as toujours besoin d'aide, n'hésite pas à nous contacter à

      @andellyon, merci pour le commentaire

    2. andellyon 1 day ago

      @philippe tu as regardé dans tes spams ?

    3. Philippe Liauzun 2 days ago

      J’essaye depuis plusieurs jours d’obtenir un nouveau mot de passe pour accéder au pledgemanager, mais je ne reçois jamais l’email permettant de l’obtenir. Une idée ? Car je n’arrive pas à me connecter.
      Merci d’avance.

    4. andellyon 3 days ago

      @tha tomazelli
      try this

      your email login must be the same than for the kickstarter

    5. Missing avatar

      Tha Tomazelli 4 days ago

      I know I'm late to the party, but I can't find my invitation mail to the pledge manager anywhere in my inbox, not even in spam :|

    6. Scott 4 days ago

      @Michal Pryslopski this actually does worry me a bit. I really hope they don’t drag it out and everything goes smoothly. But currently everything they’ve done people have complained about. 1st the pledge manager, then shipping costs. I hope the actual product isn’t another fumble.

    7. Redgrass Games Creator 4 days ago

      @Phil Eaton A foam. It will be send automatically to the first 1000 pledgers.

    8. Missing avatar

      Michal Pryslopski 5 days ago

      If the company cannot work out sensible shipping what is the chance they will work out the production?

    9. Carissa Marie
      5 days ago

      Thank you for explaining. That email made me nervous! I thought something happened

    10. Missing avatar

      Phil Eaton 5 days ago

      What was the free gift for the first 1000 pledgers?

    11. Redgrass Games Creator 5 days ago

      No problem Carissa, your pledge are confirmed.
      We just "closed" your request for support, as you performed your 2 confirmations perfectly. If you still need help for anything, just write to


    12. Carissa Marie
      5 days ago

      I just got an email saying my request for my pledge was closed? I don't understand. i paid for my pledge and have already filled out the survey for my palettes. What's going on???

    13. Stefano Kegljevic 5 days ago

      @Michal: shipping costs vary a lot across Europe and much depends on the efficiency of the carriers and post services. Germany has notoriously lower fees compared to other countries. Anyway I find your way of addressing concerns with references to our dramatic past very inappropriate.

    14. Missing avatar

      Michal Pryslopski 5 days ago

      Shipping costs are insane! And why the Germans get it cheaper than the rest of EU? I thought you ship from the other side of the Ligne Maginot. Are you afraid of another invasion?

    15. Yummy Tactician 5 days ago

      thanks for sending the update; pledge manager email was hiding in spam folder.

    16. JEVR 5 days ago

      Problem solved, thanks.

    17. Jonathan J. Reinhart 6 days ago

      @Redgrass Games have you sent all the pledge manager e-mails? So far I have not received mine.

    18. Redgrass Games Creator 6 days ago

      @JeVR @Popsiccle Looks like you have found the link. If your invitation is in your spam folder, without the hyperlink, you just have to put the email in your inbox or allow us as " trusted sender" Thks

    19. JEVR 6 days ago

      I've just found my invitation to the pledge manager in my spam folder, but it's not working. Can you please resend it?

    20. Missing avatar

      Popsiccle 7 days ago

      @redgrassgames, would you please resend the invitation to the pledge manager? Gmail stripped the hyperlink out.

    21. Håkon Hasslan Skarshaug on November 13

      Wow... yeah people weren't kidding about shipping. 19€ is quite steep, even to Norway.

    22. Dabiglulu on November 13

      @guinet, t'as jeté un œil dans les spams ?

    23. Missing avatar

      Guinet on November 13

      bonjour a vous
      je n'ai pas recu mon email pour confirmer mon achat

    24. Missing avatar

      Loh Wei Yang Brian on November 13

      Dear Redgrass Games, I've not yet received the pledge manager email. Could you please send it again? Thanks!

    25. Redgrass Games Creator on November 13

      @ Jesse @Frederick Labbert The system shows me that your invitation e-mail has been send out properly. I have send you a new one anyway. If you need anymore assistance please contact us here :

    26. Missing avatar

      Jesse on November 13

      Still waiting for my email, checked my spam and not there. Got other emails from kickstarters that finished this weekend so my address is correct.

    27. Mustafa Onur Kamani on November 12

      Shipping is insane. My painter pledge costs me 19 euros for Turkey. I am not going to have it. Are you working on a solution? or you are going to stick with the shipping plan you have ?

    28. Missing avatar

      Frederick Labbert on November 12

      I have not yet recived the link for my pledge manager

    29. Agreave (sofa cushions ARE required) on November 12

      Ooooh scrub that, junk file special-why do all French projects do that???

    30. Missing avatar

      Nethear on November 12

      Shipping is a bit off though, @Redgrassgames. 17lbs game (roughly 8kg) was deliverd to me for 20 (twenty!) dollars. Please explain why a packet of less than 2kg should cost 10 euro (12 dollars)?

    31. Missing avatar

      Popsiccle on November 12

      I replied to the pledge email already, but there was no hyperlink in the email I received.

    32. Missing avatar

      Tim Pearce on November 11

      After getting over 7x the goal, kinda wish that shipping would be free... or at least new add-ons or something.

    33. Barry D on November 11

      Actually, ignore my last comment...

    34. Barry D on November 11

      Unfortunately the link to the pledge manager doesn't work in the email I received

    35. Michael Walter on November 11

      I want to order more supplies right now, but it's not with it financially. Shipping is insane. I'll just be getting x200 XL bundle and that's it. Hopefully in a year or 2 when it's mass produced and available shipping will actually be combined and be more reasonable.

    36. Missing avatar

      Nathan on November 11

      The higher end of shipping for the base line pledge level product is a joke for a container and for very light inserts. Not cool at all, I can ship a Kg or two for the price your asking with tracking and priority express postage

    37. Arcane Lore on November 11

      Given how little hobby I time I get, I think that the 500 sheets I’ve ordered might just last me a lifetime!

    38. Redgrass Games Creator on November 11

      @Marco S. I have send you an email with the link. If you need any further assistance. please write us here

    39. Missing avatar

      Marco S. on November 11

      The only link in the E-Mail is and this is just an Email Link, Thats why im Not able to join it or am i to stupid to use this ? �

    40. Redgrass Games Creator on November 11

      @Nathan Please check the campaign page for Shipping to Australia. Nothing has changed
      All Painter pledges: USD $14 to $16
      All Studio pledges: USD $23 to $28
      6x Group pledges: USD $42 to $63

    41. Redgrass Games Creator on November 11

      @marco S. I have send you a new invitation email. Please check your inbox/spam and add us as trusted sender
      @Back5 Thanks for you email. I'm glad everything is in order.
      @Michael Walter You have all kind of pack with extra foam. check X200 bundles.

    42. Missing avatar

      Marco S. on November 11

      I received 2 emails but i cant find the pledge Manager ...

    43. Back5 on November 11

      I pledged for the $54 level, but my KS credit on the PM is $52.12? (I know the $ is not accurate but I am designating a currency level)

    44. Michael Walter on November 10

      I figured out why, I ordered extra foam, and it doubled my price....Is there no combined shipping?

    45. Michael Walter on November 10

      It want more than double the shipping the KS page states for the US and what i'm getting. Is there an error with the Pledge Manager?

    46. Missing avatar

      Nathan on November 10

      This shipping is outrageous! €24 to Australia WTF, complete rip off and money grabbing. I've ordered boardgames that are bigger and heavier, paying far less shipping.

      Creator can you either adjust the shipping to a reasonable price, or please email me ASAP

    47. Arcane Lore on November 10

      Pledge manager complete. Didn’t know I needed that 300 extra papers, extra wavy and extra foams but guess I do :)

    48. Missing avatar

      Sean Beddow on November 10

      I had no problem with pledge manager. Not sure what the issues are but it was fine for me.

    49. Missing avatar

      Sean Beddow on November 10

      So how do the first 1k backers get their extra reward?

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