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Approved by pro painters. Keeps your paint wet. Master advanced techniques. User friendly. For miniatures, tabletop & board games
Approved by pro painters. Keeps your paint wet. Master advanced techniques. User friendly. For miniatures, tabletop & board games
Approved by pro painters. Keeps your paint wet. Master advanced techniques. User friendly. For miniatures, tabletop & board games
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    1. Missing avatar

      Hadrian Ho just now

      I have received my palette, and it is working better than my previous custom solutions. I have a question. Sometimes, I take unplanned long breaks in between painting (sometimes 2 weeks, sometimes a month). Is it okay to just close and leave the palette shut for those lengths of time, then re-hydrate the contents? Or should the setup be taken apart, washed and do a clean setup again on resuming painting?

    2. Back5 about 12 hours ago

      Any updates on the progress with the membrane?

    3. Missing avatar

      Nethear about 19 hours ago

      Also, I know it isn't a boardgame, but it is directly related to miniature boardgames etc ;)

    4. Missing avatar

      Nethear about 19 hours ago

      To be honest, this whole KS is not a store is a load of bull. Perhaps in the beginning that was true, but you all are just in denial that the vast majority of boardgame makers, producers and companies on KS are treating it as a pre-order service. They just cut out the middleman and are getting a bigger profit margin. I am not saying Red Grass is doing this, but if you want to have your backers become and/or remain customers, this big a delay is not helping.

    5. Missing avatar

      Squirtis about 23 hours ago

      Kevin just needs to go check out the comments section of mostly any other ks, and maybe he'll realize he's that guy.

    6. Redgrass Games Creator 1 day ago

      @all US DELIVERIES: Shipment at the warehouse. Orders will be sent out from the US by Quartermaster Logistics in the coming days. More news Monday for Canada, UK and EU deliveries.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jeff Jeppesen 1 day ago

      I want Kevin to be my shipping guru in all aspects of life. He’s got it all figured out.

    8. Marc Adams
      1 day ago

      I want to be as powerful, omniscient and effective in all matter like Kevin Rinsdale when I grow up.

    9. Missing avatar

      John W Baxter 1 day ago

      Got mine in Australia during the week and tried today. An excellent, well designed product. Good work guys.
      Ps one bloke yelling in caps doesn’t speak for everyone...

    10. Missing avatar

      Lee Altpeter
      1 day ago

      Kevin, you really should figure out that when almost everyone is disagreeing with you, that your point of view is probably the wrong one. A production issue came up and had to be solved. That does not make money magically appear in the creators pockets to change the shipping method to air or teleportation or whatever you think they should have done. Mass produced items from China get shipped by boat in the overwhelming majority of KS projects.

      You choose to enter a realm you are clearly unfamiliar with. Next time do your research when investing your money.

    11. John Cardine 2 days ago

      @kevin it’s hard to estimate projects if it is the first time you or any of your team has done it and air ship is vastly more expensive

    12. Missing avatar

      Kevin Rinsdale 2 days ago

      @James Oliger It seems far sillier I would have to pay EVEN MORE MONEY to finally get my purchase. Everyone is making this broad assumption I don't work in a production industry. I do. I literally am paid to make accurate estimations for delivery of things that DO NOT EXIST YET. It turns out I would be fired with ZERO EXCEPTIONS if I missed even half as badly as this has. Defend them all you want, you have your right to your opinion and expectation... in the exact same way I do. My post, as a backing member of this, is a warning to future potential buyers that time frames are INCREDIBLY SECONDARY to this company. They literally used boats to move late product, if that doesn't tell you timeline is not the priority... well I just don't know what to tell you about shipping technology in the modern world other than... look up.

    13. Missing avatar

      James Oliger
      2 days ago

      @Kevin Rinsdale yo buddy you need to chill. first as others have stated you can set up a forwarder with your post office, complaining so heartily without looking into alternative methods to get your mail seems pretty silly good sir. Also if you have such a huge problem then you can find KS that are closer to full production, or have production halfway done already and just need some extra funds to cap it off. At this point it more or less falls on you to look at KS and figure if they will meet their "estimated deadline" if not, then go somewhere else. but no, you don't get to come on KS and bitch when they don't meet the delivery date. Do you want to feel justified? then go yell at a KS that doesn't keep you updated, doesn't have a tracker with general info. go find a KS that waits months in between any comments and even then just says " we are working on it" Redgrass have been vigilant with getting things done and out and keeping us up to date. cut them some slack bro

    14. Missing avatar

      Tyler Provick 2 days ago

      @Kevin Rinsdale It is very hard to estimate delivery on an initial production run. Gale Force 9 was months late on their Firefly board game which was not a kickstarter.

      As for shipping, you should be able to setup a forwarder when you move. This is common practice when people move, they inform the postal service and pay to have their mail forwarded to the new address for a few months.

      @crowdpilot Can you ask someone who can?

    15. Laniston
      2 days ago

      Things not rings! Curse my thumbs...

    16. Laniston
      2 days ago

      I guess I am lucky in a way that my first kickstarter experience was quite the disaster. It eventually fulfilled for the most part but was almost 3 years late. So far no project afterwards has even approached the level of poor communication and mismanagement of that first campaign.

      Whenever there is a problem I can always remember when rings were worse. On the other hand I have so had projects which were early, and right on time. Currently there are 2 projects I am on that have said thins may arrive early. So I don't expect delays so much as that hasn't been the norm for me anyways.

    17. Crowdpilot Collaborator 2 days ago

      @Tyler Provick: we're not involved in the North America shipments, so we can't answer that. Sorry.

    18. Asgo
      2 days ago

      an estimate is an estimate and not a hard deadline. ;)
      Given that the ks system forces a creator to hardcode an "estimated delivery" date into their unchangeable pledgelevels at the beginning of the campaign, expecting anything really close to the actual date is optimistic, to say the least.
      Also, with new products and production lines it is not that surprising that estimates are passed by reality. Sure, they may add some expected delays to their estimate, however what usually pushes back a release date are the unexpected delays and adding random numbers of months or years to cover that isn't that helpful in creating a good estimate. ;)

    19. DarkMuffin (Jonathan) 2 days ago

      I agree that delays are to be expected. Unlike an established business, the aim of the kickstarter is to create something new, which is rarely straightforward.

      @Laniston Side note concerning Nemesis: the bases were made smaller to avoid taking up too much space and they were switched to hard plastic to avoid warping. The addition of debris is to avoid the risk of the thin legs breaking off the base, it has nothing to do with the smaller bases.

    20. Nathan Cocks 2 days ago

      @kevin Some reading for you:

      Also check the risks and challenges section of this Kickstarter:

      "The main risks are concentrated in the production and delivery stages."

      You take on a risk when you back any Kickstarter project. Kickstarter is not a store, so you can't be expected to treat it as such.

      Then there's the delivery date as communicated on the page:

      Mar 2018

      Again, if you want guarantees, don't back Kickstarter projects. Simple as that.

      I understand you're frustrated but you are treating the Kickstarter platform as something it is not. Of course you are fine to be upset and never want to deal with RedGrass again, but you willingly entered in to backing this project which never gave firm dates for delivery just an estimate before production had even started. That's on you. I am being very serious when I suggest Kickstarter is not for you - your expectations do not align with the purpose of the platform.

    21. Laniston
      2 days ago

      @Kevin and others: I think that there is a kickstarter culture which definitely seems to expect delays. While I understand this, it happens so frequently that I wonder if companies are feeling like they can predict whatever date and if there are delays they figure nobody will care that much. Personally I can understand why delays happen, and it is always good when at least it is explained to backers what is happening and why.

      On the other hand I can completely understand why it is also upsetting to many when deadlines aren't met. It is not practical to always expect delays. If a company sets a deadline for you there is no reason not to expect fulfillment by that deadline. After all this is what the company is telling you and it has an impact on if you are going to help fund a project.

      Personally I don't think assuming delays will happen is the best attitude, and especially when there are projects on here which happen on time or even early. I can accept delays if they are communicated well or maybe understandable (ie. There was a flood in the factory) but sometimes it is really irksome. For example Nemesis board game was delayed because the company wanted to shrink the base size on many of the figures and add stabilizing terrain so that the smaller base size wouldn't make the figures fall over. They did not ask backers first if they would want this, and there was a lot of division over the new design and the added terrain (some of it clips through legs and looks weird). I'm not vocal about it on that project, but I think they should have asked first or not done it at all since it added an entire month to the projected delivery while not seeming to add to the quality.

      This project on the other hand had a delay where the seal on the palette wasn't working as planned and more engineering had to happen. They were pretty transparent about the problem and the solution, so it is easier to accept. Communication here has been good so that also helps. Despite this, they are quite late (not as late as some projects... not even close)and I don't begrudge anyone who is unhappy as a result.

    22. Missing avatar

      Kevin Rinsdale 2 days ago

      @Nathan Cocks I advise you start any business and proceed to be a full quarter late with products. I strongly do not advise this for any business with goals of success however. I enjoy that you infer this is even acceptable in a business. Regardless, it directly states March 2018. No one made them pick that date. If any business fails to meet the deadline THEY set for a product by nearly the same amount of time the project should have taken since funding, they absolutely deserve any and all scorn they receive. At this point, I will NEVER receive the product I paid for as I am moving (though have not selected the particular apartment) in less than 10 days. It turns out some people's lives evolve in the over half a year Red Grass has had to produce.

      @drakir1978 Simply mistook business with fantasy. Please show up to ANYTHING over 3 months late and find out how warmly you are greeted.

    23. Nathan Cocks 3 days ago

      @Kevin Kickstarter is probably not the platform for you, it is a crowd funding tool to get products into existence that may not otherwise happen due to lack of capital.

      It is not a retail outlet.

      In addition delivery times are estimates, not final guides.

      Missing a delivery estimate by 3.5 months is not a big deal for a new business. And Red Grass has been extremely transparent.

      If you need to buy something and need it by a certain time then go to a shop where the product already exists and buy it there. Then you would have a legitimate target for your ire if delivery promises were not met.

    24. Missing avatar

      drakir1978 3 days ago

      @Kevin Rinsdale
      You seem to have mistaken Kickstarter for a retail outlet. Ah well. Live and learn, eh? ;)

    25. Missing avatar

      drakir1978 3 days ago

      Torontonian here who hasn’t received any notice. I didn’t back Founders, so I’ll bet that the delivery notice is Founders, not this.

    26. Missing avatar

      Kevin Rinsdale 3 days ago

      As we approach 3 1/2 MONTHS late... I have to say this is the least impressive business I have ever had the displeasure of paying. Please never get into anything that is actually vital to people, they would certainly die. Strong STRONG regret.

    27. Nathan Cocks 3 days ago

      After storing overnight I saw barely any change in paint consistency - no condensation in the container either. Very happy with this purchase. Great work RedGrass

    28. Missing avatar

      3 days ago

      @Brandon Gilbert

      I’m in the same boat... Got a Canada Post tracking email but can’t tell which KS it belongs to...

      Could be this, Founders, or a few
      others I’m expecting soon...

      Maybe I should cut down on how many KS I’m backing....? Lol

    29. Missing avatar

      Tyler Provick 3 days ago

      @crowdpilot Still waiting for an answer regarding customs for Canadians. Since Canada has a different fulfillment center updating us on Quartermaster isn't helpful.

      Also, I'm sorry for asking. I know it won't make any difference as the palettes will arrive when they will arrive, but I'm excited to get mine. Thanks.

    30. Missing avatar

      Brandon Gilbert 3 days ago

      Got a canada post email... Its either this or founders of gloomhaven! Excited! Toronto canada for those wondering

    31. Missing avatar

      Jeroen Driehuis 3 days ago

      Great to hear the positive reviews from the other side of the world. One more week until the Europe delivery

    32. Nathan Cocks 3 days ago

      Got mine today. Very happy.

      Regarding the concerns raised regarding the paper being too thin and tearing... I don’t know what to say. I put a lot of pressure on the paper to see if I could force water up through (I could, but only a little, and that’s a good thing) but the paper wasn’t even close to tearing and the amount of pressure I used demanded I use a crappy brush because I’d never push that hard with a sable brush.

      So yeah, the paper is NOT too thin.

    33. Agent Provocateur
      3 days ago

      Australian Pledge arrived today

      Wavy magnet came off but no major issue i have glued it :)

      Seems good seal works well

    34. Ray Green 3 days ago

      Mine arrived yesterday (Australia) I put some paint in it last night and I'll see what it looks like when I get home.

    35. Simon Tham 3 days ago

      Gave my palette a road test today. Overall I'm very happy with it. The paper is holding up well and it doesn't bleed through to the sponge. I'll see how the seal works on the lid when i store it overnight

    36. Missing avatar

      Mathew Cox 4 days ago

      Mine arrived yesterday (Australia). One of the magnets on the wavy is loose, but nothing a little glue can't fix.

    37. Missing avatar

      Simon 4 days ago

      My palette arrived yesterday (yay!), but my wavy is missing one magnet. Is it possible to get a replacement wavy?

    38. James Wagner 4 days ago

      So when can the U.S. expect delivery? I'm changing address at the end of the month.

    39. Missing avatar

      Tyler Provick 4 days ago

      Is the Canadian shipment going through Quartermaster and then Snakes and Lattes, so has to clear customs twice? Going to suck clearing US to Canada custom in the current political climate.

    40. Missing avatar

      Marcin 4 days ago

      @Saskia - thanks for a lightning quick info, you have eased my worries a bit ;-) Anyways, i am not a yelling type, i would just politely nag you so much tt you would feel compelled to bring me my pallet even personally, just to get rid of me...:-D

    41. Crowdpilot Collaborator 4 days ago

      @Marcin: Poland in every case with DHL, average shipping time to Poland is 3 working days. If you haven't received a shipping confirmation by next Friday drop us a line and yell at us a bit. Holidays should be safe.

      Cheers, Saskia

    42. Missing avatar

      Marcin 4 days ago

      @Crowdpilot - Could you please update on the delivery company which will be used for Poland? Due to customs in Germany delay, there is a danger the package arrival could overlap my annual beginning 1st July which is a bummer as i wanted to catch up on my painting on my holidays..:-(

    43. Jason Roger Burrows 4 days ago

      @Crowdpilot: thanks for the quick answer! You guys rock!

    44. Crowdpilot Collaborator 4 days ago

      @Jason: to Spain up to 1 kg as registered mail (Correos) and above with DHL ( In your case DHL and they have plenty of offices in Alicante.

    45. Jason Roger Burrows 4 days ago

      Hi! Really great news to hear customs has been cleared!
      I'm from Alicante, Spain, and I'm slightly worried as "Fogueres" start next week, and all city is collapsed and sheer traffic chaos. (Sounds bad but it is actually worse!)
      Which company will be delivering in Spain, just in case I need to get in touch with them, or should I be able collect my palettes at one of their offices find out if they have one in Alicante.
      Thanks, can't wait to get my hands on these beauties :)

    46. Redgrass Games Creator 4 days ago

      @Alexandre Marques Oui la livraison pour l'Europe comprend forcement La France. Donc dès que les livraisons de Aimplify commencent, vous recevrez votre palette.

    47. Crowdpilot Collaborator 4 days ago

      @Nethear: sorry, but I don't want to write in every comment that all my posts concern the whole EU. ;)
      So we'll try to get out all EU shipments by the end of next week.

    48. Missing avatar

      Alexandre MARQUES 4 days ago


      Pour ceux qui ne sont pas sur Paris, seront il livré chez eux comme initialement prévu?

      Si oui quand?

      Merci d'avance pour votre réponse!


    49. Missing avatar

      Nethear 4 days ago

      All good and well that Aimplify comments on progress, but not a word on concrete dates. UK and Paris get mentioned, but what about the rest of the EU? Any specific dates?

    50. Missing avatar

      Laurel Talley 4 days ago

      This is taking forever! This wet pallet better be worth the six months of waiting for it!

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