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VLC for Windows 8. A native app, fully featured and fully open source. Play all your files, streams and optical media.
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Oh boy, this has been a long and bumpy ride!

Today, the first Beta of VLC for WinRT is getting deployed on the store.

As many of you know, the road to come to this point has been long... Very long...

I've been driving or helping some ports of VLC on mobile, but this port has been the hardest, by an order of magnitude.

I'll speak a bit more about the lateness of this port, another time. Today, I'll introduce a bit to this application.


This application, version 0.2.0, is a BETA stage of the port of libVLC on WinRT. WinRT is the runtime of Windows 8/8.1 Metro/ModernUI, Windows Phone 8 and Xbox 1.

As this is a beta, some features are still not perfectly stable, but we are working on that. We thought we should share it with the users, so that people could test and help us.

This application:

  • works on Windows 8.0 and 8.1: too many people are still on 8.0, so we had to use that. This decreases the stability of the application, though…
  • is compiled for Intel x86 CPUs: Windows RT version will follow as soon as we are able to compile it. ARM version will also apply to Windows Phone.
  • plays all video and audio formats of VLC, including MKV, Ogg and Mov files or FLAC and MPC;
  • supports the same codecs as the VLC application for desktop, from MPEG-1 to H.265, through WMV3 and VC-1;
  • supports multiple-audio tracks selection;
  • supports embedded subtitles;
  • supports Background Audio playback;
  • features a easy-to-navigate but complete UI, notably for audio browsing;
  • supports Live Tiles!
  • supports removable storage and DLNA servers.

However, there are a few limitations:

  • This app is currently slow, and is slower than VLC for desktop for video decoding and has no hardware acceleration;
  • Subtitles support is not very good yet, and notably it only supports embedded subtitles; this is our major point of focus for now.
  • Audio does not seem to work in all configurations;
  • Playlists and streams are not supported in the UI (they are present in the core)
  • It's clearly not as stable as it should be. 

We are working on all those points, but notably on subtitles and audio quality and stability. Since we now have a release, it will be easier to do releases quite often, as soon as we can.

We also have longer terms goal to work on, and we'll share them when we know more :)

We hope you like this application, and if you don't, we'll fix that soon :)

Polite feature requests are welcome :)

It's available for download here.

Jean-Baptiste for the VLC for WinRT team

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    1. Creator Jonathan BEESOON on March 14, 2014

      Still a lot of things missing:
      1) support for flac
      2) DLNA media servers not "visibleé
      3) search is only for video ? why not music ?
      4) indexing crashes when no network connectivity

      Good job so far - but for that long of an effort it could be more polished

    2. Creator Joshua Carmody on March 13, 2014

      Congratulations guys. You really worked hard on this.

    3. Creator VideoLAN on March 13, 2014

      @Johann Schmidt

      @Vinicius Canto Xavier sure

    4. Creator Stefan Vogt on March 13, 2014

      Congrats! I couldn't agree more with some of the previous commenters: Please skip support not only for Windows 8.0 but also for Windows Phone 8.0. Focus on Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1. Keep up the great work! Thank you!

    5. Creator Yui on March 13, 2014

      Great looking app! I really backed for the Windows RT version so I'll be waiting patiently for that. I'm also with the others on this; if Windows 8.0 compatibility is holding this app back please drop support for it. One last minor thing, my name is missing from Silver Sponsors :/

    6. Creator Vinicius Canto Xavier on March 12, 2014

      Congratulations, team! Can we share the app url publicly?

    7. Creator Don Bright on March 12, 2014

      awesome work. is there any kind of guide for the source code for other open source programmers, maybe to describe how you all navigated these new RT oceans? we have been cross building with the project for several years on OpenSCAD, im wondering if RT is anything like that? Thanks.

    8. Creator Rob Sparham on March 12, 2014

      Thank you for such a great app. It's everything that you promised and works perfectly.

    9. Creator Johann Schmidt on March 12, 2014

      Cool downloaded. Actually noticed a bug, when I exit any video at any time point and open another video, the new video will start playing at the exact time point that I exited the previous video. On a side note in future version will we be able to tell the app which folders specifically we want it to scan for media, because the generic folder (video?) it scans now pulls up all my xbox videos which obviously won't play due to their DRM?

    10. Creator J.R. Raith on March 12, 2014

      Congratulations on the release! Looking forward to more beta releases and the eventual Windows RT release (for a Surface)! You guys are doing great!

    11. Creator VideoLAN on March 12, 2014

      @Daniel Terán contact us and you'll get the app update.


      @Jesse Leskinen: we probably will, for WP8.1, as soon as we know more about the SDK.

    12. Creator Bryan on March 12, 2014

      One more thing: please drop support for Windows 8. Just focus on 8.1.

    13. Creator Daniel Terán on March 12, 2014

      Congrats !!! But can't find my name in the list of backers ... I deserve an app update ;D

    14. Creator Bryan on March 12, 2014

      First - congrats on finally releasing the beta. Thanks for all the hard work regardless of what I've said before.

      Here's a bug: VLC can't read my DLNA server. It doesn't even see it although my WDTV device can stream things from it using DLNA.


    15. Creator Greg T on March 12, 2014

      I agree with others, please drop support for win8, this is really pointless. Win8.1 is a ree upgrade, if people are too lazy to update by clicking the HUGE button on the store, they wont find the VLC app anyway.

    16. Creator Morten Mertner on March 12, 2014

      Congratulations on making it to the store and thanks for staying motivated!

    17. Creator Matthew Snider on March 12, 2014

      Hey guys, skip the haters. I think we all know how tough this has been. Please keep up the work and keep improving what you've already got! I think we all look forward to everything we know VLC can be. Keep going and congrats on this milestone!

    18. Creator Antonio Landolfi on March 12, 2014

      What i need is the ability to open a network stream

    19. Creator Alex Witzke on March 12, 2014

      50000 pounds and it takes over a year for a reskin and a crappy unoptimized port for Intel only? Could have outsourced it for half that amount and got a better product in half the time. And I have a feeling the ARM version won't work and suddenly will need a second kick starter.... These projects are going to be the death of kick starter

    20. Creator Alex Witzke on March 12, 2014

      50000 pounds and it takes over a year for a reskin and a crappy unoptimized port for Intel only? Could have outsourced it for half that amount and got a better product in half the time. And I have a feeling the ARM version won't work and suddenly will need a second kick starter.... These projects are going to be the death of kick starter

    21. Creator Antoine EMOND on March 12, 2014

      Awesome, thanks a lot guys. That's a nice first step :)

    22. Creator Tarek Haoula on March 12, 2014

      Hi Guys,

      Thanks for the hard work. Look forward to trying the app.

      Going forward please focus on Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1.

      There is really no reason why people have not upgraded.


    23. Creator Dean Smith on March 12, 2014

      Please focus on the Windows RT version, as that is what we backed the Kickstarter to do.

    24. Creator Dennis Richter on March 12, 2014

      WoW, great release, I love it! Design is great, animations are fluid and its very clear and easy to use with some good functions for a beta! You are great guys :)
      Take a short break, find motivation, then keep moving on as you did!

    25. Creator Tyler Mills on March 12, 2014

      Please focus on Windows 8.1. It's a free update and if people want VLC they should have to update.

    26. Creator Jesse Leskinen on March 12, 2014

      For the Windows Phone version please target Windows Phone 8.1! It has way better SD Card support and supports the same WinRT XAML runtime found in Windows 8 and RT. WP8 only supports Silverlight.