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VLC for Windows 8. A native app, fully featured and fully open source. Play all your files, streams and optical media.
VLC for Windows 8. A native app, fully featured and fully open source. Play all your files, streams and optical media.
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New report about the WinRT port

News and Excuses

I must start this post by sharing some excuses of not doing enough updates lately.The main reason is that we've been mostly under-water with the current development, that took most of our time.

News and report

The good news is that we have had tremendous progress...

The bad is that we have still a bit of work to do before sharing it on the store, as I will explain soon.

But first, the current pictures:
Current start screen

Fully working playback

Technical update
If you followed closely, our main work, in addition to the UI, was to fight and replace the forbidden symbols not allowed on Windows App Store mode.

We've been quite efficient at that, working closely with Mingw-w64 project and GCC developers.

The biggest result is that we have now cut down 90% of our symbols, that are forbidden on Metro Mode.

We mostly did this by: 

  • replacing our forbidden calls with newer authorized equivalent calls, 
  • modifying gcc and Mingw-w64, 
  • writing new code in a special library of ours, 
  • writing dummy functions, 
  • disabling VLC code that would not work on the Metro platform, 
  • moving VLC to MSVCRT 11.0, moving all the VLC codebase to UNICODE and WideChars to fit the new requirements.

We did also a lot of minor things to help the integration of libVLC and VLC in this modern platform.

What are we working on now:

We are now mainly working on 2 things:

  • make VLC work with MSVCRT 11.0 without crashing 
  • write headers and C/C++ code to access the new fashion of COM APIs in which WinRT is written in.
What we are gonna work just after:
  • ARM, ARM, ARM.
  • WP8


They are gonna get shipped soon

Jean-Baptiste for the VLC for Windows 8 Team


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    1. Vincent Mariani on June 8, 2013

      Any news about about goodies delivery?
      I haven't received mine and I don't know if it's a delay or a lost :(

    2. Mitchell Leitman on June 7, 2013

      Mes amis. It's been two months since the last update. Any news?

    3. Missing avatar

      Norm Tallant on June 3, 2013

      Has anyone received their goodies yet?

      Looking forward to VLC in time for Windows 8.1 :)

    4. Ryan on June 1, 2013

      Any new updates on this?

    5. Bas van de Sande on May 23, 2013

      Can you give us a new status update?

    6. Missing avatar

      Dane Reynolds on May 19, 2013

      I hate waiting........ Also any new information on this build?

    7. Missing avatar

      Roberto Durand Llanos on April 13, 2013

      Is it possible to edit or to add on top of the square of the progress bar a animation like a needle, or a wide circle or pretty much something that helps to better handle the progress bar when trying to go back and forward in a movie?

    8. Missing avatar

      Juan Pablo Black Romero on April 5, 2013

      - Well it be possible to edit the ID3 metadata contained in MP3 files right from the start in Windows 8 with VLC?

    9. Dmitry Nihalraj on April 4, 2013

      @Jacob, you can always use VLC's standard desktop application!
      However if you insist on wanting an app with Metro UI running within the desktop, just use this:

    10. Missing avatar

      Jacob on April 3, 2013

      When you release this for Windows 8, will there be a version that can be run from the desktop mode (like the current application) that has the new flat "metro" ui? Or will the only Windows 8 version be available from the windows store and accessible in the metro mode of windows?

    11. Missing avatar

      John Wang on April 3, 2013

      Is there a repo that we can poke around in or is that currently private?

    12. VideoLAN Creator on April 2, 2013

      @Mohamed: this will get documented in the end.
      @J.R Raith: Evangelion, of course!

    13. SardonicGorilla on April 2, 2013

      Thank you for the update guys! Very much appreciated :)

    14. J.R. Raith on April 2, 2013

      Thanks for the update! Excellent news all around. Keep up the good work! I like the start screen; I'd keep it if it were up to me. :)

      Random question: What's the anime in the last screenshot? Looks interesting to me. :)

    15. Mohamed Mansour on April 2, 2013

      Pretty Epic :) Would be great if you guys document your process in the VLC Blog for the open source community who would like to learn how you guys are doing this conversion process. It seems all the stuff you guys learned is extremely valuable for those who would like to learn :)

    16. VideoLAN Creator on April 2, 2013

      @Etienne: unless they allow native code, no.

    17. VideoLAN Creator on April 2, 2013

      @Richard: @Dane: @KIKOS: so far, publishing outside of the store is hard, but we are working on that...

    18. Missing avatar

      Etienne on April 2, 2013

      Won't it be possible to do a WP7.8 version too?

    19. Missing avatar

      KIKOS on April 2, 2013

      Thanks for the update.

      Do you plan to publish directly in the store or will there be a beta for us to sideload ?

    20. Missing avatar

      Richard Guthrie on April 2, 2013

      Any chance to participate in a beta? Am happy to run on a spare machine and give feedback.

    21. Missing avatar

      Dane Reynolds on April 2, 2013

      Sooo.... no beta

    22. Andrey Kurapov on April 2, 2013

      Nice! Thank you for this update!