Race Against the Horde (RATH) is a table top board game set in a post apocalyptic world. The city is in ruin and everyone has had the worst day ever. As the people in the city emerge from hiding it is evident that the human race needs to rebuild. The best way to rebuild humanity is to transport much needed supplies and goods from one part of the city to another. But, nobody works for free. Not even after an apocalypse. Your job is to buy vehicles with the new currency being circulated, buy cargo supplies, and pass through zombie infested areas to deliver your goods. And get paid. This Kickstarter project is raising money to professionally complete the prototype that we already have in place. There are a few artwork changes that need to be made otherwise everything is ready and waiting for the funds to mass produce and package this unique game. The board is set up in a grid pattern and only spaces with grid lines can be used. No grid lines means no passage. For example, you cannot drive your car over water.

Prototype Game Board
Prototype Game Board

  Instead of rolling a die to move, RATH uses DAILY UPDATE and SURVIVAL MISSIONS cards. Each Survival Missions card has a possible supply that needs to be moved from one part of the city to another. You can purchase the cargo and agree to the terms and conditions on the card. Each mission has a deadline to be delivered or late penalties are deducted from your end payout. If you are unfortunate enough to hit too many rough patches on your mission, you could end up owing money upon delivery. It is up to each play to decide (based on available vehicle locations) if the cargo can be delivered in time to make a profit.

Prototype Survival Missions Card
Prototype Survival Missions Card

  The Daily Update cards update the players on areas that are experiencing trouble that day. Think of the Daily Updates as if listening to a radio broadcast of a traffic report. Only certain areas of the board are affected per card per day. For example, a zombie infestation has popped up in the city and only vehicles in grid E-4 are wiped out and lose their cargo. The lost cargo must be paid for according to the specifications on the Survival Missions card.

Prototype Daily Update Card
Prototype Daily Update Card

 The game ends when a player loses all his money and wealth and can no longer transport supplies. The remaining players can (1) sell their vehicles, deduct open missions, and add up the remainder of their wealth to see who comes out on top (2) continue playing with remaining players until there is one player left.  

RATH includes:  

1 fold out table top board  

6 different denominations of money  

Survival Missions cards  

Daily Update cards  

Individual scoring pads  

Master log (to keep track of all open missions on the board)  

Vehicles and holders

Prototype RATH Money
Prototype RATH Money


Prototype RATH Vehicle
Prototype RATH Vehicle


Prototype RATH Master Mission Log
Prototype RATH Master Mission Log


Prototype RATH Individual Mission Log
Prototype RATH Individual Mission Log



Risks and challenges

The game as it is right now: We have art files in appropriate formats and a physical prototype of each component of the game. The Kickstarter funding will be used to complete alterations and pay professionals to build, package, and mass produce the final game. When we reach our goal, each supporter will receive a copy of RATH. We are not doing complicated or expensive prizes for funding levels. We want to make this project a reality and you can help us do that!

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