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A cornucopia of fruits at your disposal to reach a point goal of 100.    

2‐ 4 fruitcakes can play at once.  

Death by Cantaloupe is a fast paced, wacky card game that has you avoiding cantaloupes and wishing for a Crazy Coconut.  

Race against your friends to be the first to reach 100 points. 

Combine your strategy and the luck of the draw to turn your friends into highly nutritious fruit juice. 

To start the game, each player is dealt 6 cards and the rest are placed in the middle to draw from. Each player gets a turn drawing 1 card from the pile and either (1) playing a point card (2) or discarding (3) play a Death by Cantaloupe card. There will always be 6 cards in a player’s hand. Once the draw pile is finished, shuffle the discard pile to become the new draw pile. Ideal for 2-4 players. 

Each player is allowed to play 1 card per turn: (1) put down a point card towards the 100 goal (2) put down a point card on a Death by Cantaloupe card (3) put a Death by Cantaloupe card on another player (3) discard a card with no cards put down. All cards played must be face up for all players to see with only the 6 cards in the player’s hand secret. This allows all players to see the progress of their opponents towards the 100 point goal. 

The Death by Cantaloupe card is a penalty card placed on a player and must be cleared before any further points are added for the player. To clear a cantaloupe card, a player must match the fruit combination listed. 

For example, the cantaloupe card shows a 2 fruit combination of a strawberry and a banana. The player with the Death by Cantaloupe played on them must show it face up on the table in front of them and add the fruit combination cards to clear it. The cards can come from the players hand or from their points pile (but only 1 card can be played per hand). 

An exception to the Death by Cantaloupe card is the Crazy Coconut. This card can automatically be played to clear out a Death by Cantaloupe. If there is a combination already started on the Death by Cantaloupe, all cards go into the discard pile (including the Crazy Coconut). 

The winner of the game reaches the point goal of EXACTLY 100 first. Each fruit has a point amount on the card. As a player collects cards they also collect points. Each card has a random point value assigned but each is different. Not all blueberries are worth 10 points. 


  •  108 CARDS 

Risks and challenges

Production of the game is simple: it's just a card game, so it's a relatively straightforward product to make.We're keeping it as simple as possible: support our project and in return we'll send you the fun game.

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