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The key shaped multitool that puts a tool box in your pocket.
The key shaped multitool that puts a tool box in your pocket.
4,226 backers pledged $83,087 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping Schedule Update

Posted by Sean Connell (Creator)

Hi Kickstarters, 

Here is a brief update detailing the remaining shipping schedule. 

I recently finished shipping out several thousand units that I received throughout the month of July. The last shipment will leave the post office tomorrow. Unfortunately, I had to discard a couple hundred of the units that did not pass my inspection. So, at this point, there are approximately 650 backers that have not received their ATOM yet. 

The manufacture anticipates shipping the replacement units in 2 batches on July 29th and August 15th. 

I will post one final update in late August to inform everyone when the project closes out. 

I hope everyone that has received their order is pleased with the product. Thanks for support!


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    1. Bob Ippolito on

      I too came here to complain about the size of the bottle opener. Doesn't work reliably, needs to be a little bigger. If you're planning to do another run without this design flaw, I'd be happy to buy two more.

    2. Missing avatar

      Michael Delmore on

      Ok, after reading some comments I tried the bottle opener - Horrible design that is not quite big enough - I would think some simple trials would have exposed this flaw.

    3. Missing avatar

      Michael Delmore on

      I admit being pretty frustrated with the process - I just received mine and wanted to say thanks for sticking with it.

    4. Derek Gabriel on

      Received mine, thank you so much!

    5. Missing avatar

      scott on

      Still not received my tool in the UK! What's the update on when it will actually arrive?

    6. Missing avatar

      Roger Kibbe on

      Have not received my Atom - any update?

    7. Chase Madrid on

      Ya both my tools' bottle openers don't work and that is their most frequent use. Or would have been.

    8. Jonathan Lee on

      I haven't received my ATOMs yet either. I had hoped to give these to my groomsmen at my wedding last September. Do you think I'll get them by this September to give these to them 1 year later? Thanks!

    9. Missing avatar

      Luke Barats on

      Haven't received my ATOM yet. Any update, Sean Connell?

    10. Missing avatar

      Ryan McCahill on

      10 days past the 15th... did the last batch get shipped? I still haven't received mine

    11. John P. Neumann on

      Haven't seen anything come through yet and I'm still waiting on two doodads. Any idea on when I'll get them? Thanks duder.

    12. Stephen Wang on

      Any updates regarding when we should be expecting ours?

    13. Missing avatar

      Andrew Roberts on

      Still waiting on two units. Any update on when the rest of us might get our units?

    14. Missing avatar

      Lars Banning on

      Got mine today (Germany; originally pledged for the black one, accepted stainless as a substitute when that didn't work out). So far the tool looks fine, haven't tested it much though. There are some minor imperfections in the build quality (some marks from the molding process I assume, especially between the two screw drivers at the bottom) but nothing too bad I would say. So far I'm fine with what I got, considering I paid only about 15€ including shipping. Looking forward to put this to some use in the future :)

    15. Missing avatar

      landon seale on

      still have yet to receive my tool.

    16. Missing avatar

      alan cook on

      Hey I was just about to post the same thing. The bottle opener gap is just too narrow to work.

    17. Chase Madrid on

      Anyone else's bottle opener not work? Mine doesn't fit a normal sized bottle

    18. Marcus Heygster on

      Received mine today! Thank you very much!

    19. Missing avatar

      Ian Marra on

      I got mine, happy it's here. I am a little bit worried about the metal/coating though. I used the bottle opener 4 times and some of the silver color has started to be worn off. Thoughts?

    20. Ed Aragon on

      Look forward to your next project...

    21. Ed Aragon on

      Sean, just received my ATOM, great tool! That being said my tool has what I'm guessing is black ink spots on the edge of the tool and the ink on the numbers on either side of tool is faded.

    22. Michael Aird on


      Without creating a tonne of work for you, is there a way to find out if our ATOM's have been shipped or not?

    23. Missing avatar

      Weisgerber Laurent on

      I got mine weeks ago, unfortunately is the bottle opener no good because it is way to small. A few milimeters more wold have done the deal. However nince project.

    24. Missing avatar

      Alan England on

      I've backed more than 50 Kickstarter projects, and exactly 100% of them failed to hit their delivery date. But, that's OK for me. In every instance but one, the product was something for ME.

      It's my understanding that Kickstarter is a way for inventors/artists/writers/creators to get funding for a product that no one else will back. For one reason or another, the product won't return a large enough profit on the necessary investment. And that's where WE step in.

      In each instance, I traded a small bit of money in order to receive something that is quite unique. Or, it was something I thought would make my life a little easier. In any case, it was always an amount of money that I could afford to wait, and I do mean WAIT for the item.

      Delivery is the bane of every new, or small company. And if you have to deal with the Customs department or overseas manufacturing, it can be multiplied exponentially. I have one project that is now 13 months overdue, and there's no product in sight. This, after the creators collected a quarter of a million dollars.

      My advice to everyone contemplating a KS project is this: after doing your due diligence and ready to lay out the proposal, TRIPLE your anticipated delivery, then DOUBLE that. And thank whatever Deity you worship if you hit it. Sean, you did a fine job with this. You did such a good job, please put me down as a backer for your next project, sight unseen!

    25. Josh Gibson on

      Also, is there a way to tell if you've shipped to us specifically? I still haven't received mine, but I'm not sure if you've shipped it or not to me in particular. I just hope my address change went through as I have moved since the Kickstarter began…

    26. Josh Gibson on

      I'll be one of your first backers on any future Kickstarter projects. :)

    27. Missing avatar

      John Muchetti on

      Had I read Igor Andre's comment, I would not have posted mine.

    28. Missing avatar

      John Muchetti on

      Had lots of plans for my ATOM , but still have to receive it. Unfortunately, a shiney, silver coating will preclude it from 99.9% of my original intent. It's not just to "look cool", it serves a true function as well. So, anyway.
      Not sure what to make of the roller coaster of positive and negative reviews. This is my second KS. The first was a book that I got for my daughter. Despite the completely different format, the experience was the same as this KS. And while I completely agree with Joshua Carmody, that people who have every single manufacturing kink worked out do not look toward KS as a resource, I for one am now hesitant as a future KS backer. I will not begrudge emerging entrepreneurs their missteps and growing pains, but this now the second time I have spun my wheels for months and months and months just simply waiting in the wings while I read intermittent emails that seem to only complain and nitpick about yet another component or part of the manufacturing or completion process. The similarities between this KS and the other KS seem eerily formulaic. Sean, I am not directly angry with you. This is not a tiraid. I do not mean to be on a soap box. I am frustrated with KS as a whole. Someone mentioned people complaining with no solutions or constructive criticism. As someone who does not do manufacturing on a large scale, who am I to criticize you? Honestly, how much of a self important jerk would I have to be to think I could do it better than you when you clearly did as much research prior to the campaign announcement as any of us could have done? I just think that this might not be the right platform for someone like me. In my mind it is initial success or total failure.

    29. Missing avatar

      Joshua Carmody on

      Got my ATOM last Thursday (July 24), just before leaving on a long road trip. I haven't had a chance to give it a thorough testing but by all appearances it's a perfect specimen. Exactly what you originally imagined.

      I'm happy to have been a part of this campaign and don't mind at all the bumps along the way. Yeah, I didn't get the black one I selected and, yeah, it took longer than expected. But people who have huge time-tested production processes and perfect supply chains aren't the sort of people who need Kickstarter, right? It's a learning process, and only people who create projects in bad faith or show contempt for the backers are the ones who disappoint me (certainly not you, Sean).

    30. Sean Connell 2-time creator on

      Igor, thanks for the comments. I appreciate the support. I certainly made several mistakes during this campaign. I'm really sorry my initial backers had to suffer through my learning curve.

      I intend on launching my next KS campaign the day after I complete the remaining ATOM orders. I learned a lot from this campaign and want another chance to make up for the failure here. I plan on offering a serious "discount" only to my current backers as an apology attempt for the delays we suffered through this campaign.

    31. Sean Connell 2-time creator on

      Thanks for the feedback...both good and bad.

    32. Igor on

      Sean, your determination is incredible. Please do not let the people with negative comments being down your entrepreneurial spirit.

      To those who have said negative things about this campaign I have two points for you.

      1. If you're gonna be negative at least offer some constructive criticism.

      2. Get off Kickstarter. The whole point of this platform is to support mostly inexperienced entrepreneurs. There will be hiccups, there will be delays, there will be disappointment with end results. If you are prepared for that then go and buy finished goods from established companies and corporations who will charge you a premium.

      I agree the delay has been disappointing but we come together as a community of backers and backees. We push each other forward and higher. We persist.

      Thanks again, Sean. I'm looking forward to receiving my Atom tool.

    33. Doug Jost


      I am VERY happy with my Atom, received a few weeks ago here in Canada. It has been worth the wait! Excellent quality throughout, and a very fine addition to my keychain carry. Thanks for your dogged determination to see this through.

    34. Joel Loftin on

      Like others have posted. I backed this project in the first week. Still no tools. I must be in the lucky 650 range. I sure hope it is a useful tool.

      Incoming reviews are not promising. :- (

    35. Jon Valle on

      Your manufacturer sucks. Really big mistake going with who you did.

      Hopefully it's worth it.

    36. mark daniel miller on

      hey Sean -

      Can you tell me if you've shipped mine? I haven't received it, but we moved a few months back, and wanted to make sure you have my new shipping address.

      Thank you!
      - mark

    37. Joel D Aronowicz G on

      I am waiting yet for my two ATOMs. Its being a year since I got you supported. No product in my hand yet.

    38. Simon Kramme on

      Thanks for the update. I really appreciate your honesty with this project.

      I'm very happy that you keep pushing on, even with all these hiccups along the way.

    39. Missing avatar

      James on

      I was one of the first to support this project, yet I still haven't received mine over a year later. How is that fair?

    40. Missing avatar

      Jason Rohlfing on

      I finally received mine a couples weeks back. Unfortunately, the end product was extremely disappointing. The silver coating scrapped off while opening the first bottle and the design of the bottle opener is downright terrible - too narrow to easily open a bottle. Also, the tool had a few jagged edges and definitely isn't a permanent addition to my keychain in fear that it will cut open the pockets in my pants.

      I had high hopes for this campaign and tool and wanted to use these as a promotional tool in the future. The end product just didn't deliver though.

      Sorry for those still waiting but don't get your hopes up.

    41. Missing avatar

      Brian Hey on

      Am I ever going to get these? I think I ordered about 5 or 6 of these for christmas gifts in 2013 and still haven't received one, also I know I paid for these. What's the story here? can I get my money back?

    42. Tervlon on

      I must be one of the 650. Can't wait to get it, I think of uses for it everyday!

    43. Missing avatar

      Adam Schell on

      Thanks for keeping us in the loop. I think everyone involved wants to get this project over with. I appreciate your efforts to close it out as best as it can be.