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The key shaped multitool that puts a tool box in your pocket.
The key shaped multitool that puts a tool box in your pocket.
4,226 backers pledged $83,087 to help bring this project to life.

General Update

Posted by Sean Connell (Creator)

Hi Kickstarters, 

I wanted to provide a general update regarding order fulfillment and the status of the black units. 

Order Fulfillment: To date, I have shipped out 1,075 stainless steel ATOMs to domestic backers. Also, I recently received the next batch of stainless steel units from the manufacturer. The order contained a total of 1,400 units before inspection. I will start shipping international orders this week. The manufacturer will ship the remaining units by April 7th. So, I anticipate completing all the stainless steel orders in the next 2-3 weeks. 

Status of Black Coating: The black coating has proven to be very difficult. The intent was to provide a titanium nitride finish, but the manufacturer is not able to produce a consistent coating. Recently, the manufacturer was able to produce a consistent and relatively durable hexavalent chromium coating. Hexavalent chromium is one of the most commonly used chrome plating options. However, hexavalent chromium poses several environmental and health related issues. So, I have decided not pursue a chrome plating finish for safety reasons. 

Unfortunately, that leaves us with very few options.  We may have to cancel the black coating  and replace those units with the stainless steel version. I would really appreciate feedback before moving forward. The feedback will be a critical component of the final decision. Please let me know your thoughts. 

Patent: The design patent for the ATOM tool was granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. So, ATOM is officially patented! Thanks again for the support!

Looking forward to the feedback, thanks!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Caitlin on

      I'd be happy to have my order replaced with stainless steel. Will replacing the black units take longer? I am moving in early May and need to know if I have to send you my new address. Thanks Sean!

    2. Missing avatar

      Sigourney on

      I'd be happy to replace mine with the stainless steel version.

    3. Missing avatar

      Chris Short on

      I am fine with the "inconsistent" black coating version, if you have any laying around!! If not, I guess we don't have much of a choice other than Stainless at this point? You know what? Send me whatever you got :) Thanks for the updates!

    4. Alek Ludofan on

      I still want several with black coating, but toxic isn't a variant.
      I agree with Christopher Shear that you can think about different technology like for militiry accessories.

    5. Becky, Oracle of Valoria on

      Stainless steel is perfectly fine with me. Let's stay away from the less durable and/or toxic coatings. :P I would also like to get these sooner rather than later. So all stainless for me please.

    6. Jon hornsey on

      Stainless is fine

    7. John Hodges

      I was actually wishing I'd gone with stainless steel, but not because of the problems with the coating. I just realized that black would stand out harshly against everything else on my key ring. So, like the majority of comments, I'll happily take the stainless steel.

    8. Missing avatar

      Dom Santoleri on

      Stainless is fine as long as I GET IT BEFORE JUNE....

    9. Missing avatar

      Nathan on

      I would like to get a black coated one, but honestly I would rather just have it period...and I'd like it to stay durable.

    10. Missing avatar


      Stainless is fine for me, the black coating sounds like more trouble than its worth.

    11. Charles Embry Jr on

      I would be perfectly happy with the stainless.

    12. Missing avatar

      Scott Ballantyne on

      I'm happy with stainless steel, I'd prefer the black coated version if it's doable though.

    13. Johnathan Weston on

      If you are going to pursue other options for the black coating, I will wait to see how that pans out. Otherwise, Stainless Steel is fine for mine.

    14. Missing avatar

      Michael Barlow on

      I am happy to go for stainless steel, you have tried, no point delaying any further for a sub standard finish on the product.

    15. Missing avatar

      Robert Acciarito on

      Please just send me what you have. At this point I am just wanting the unit. Thanks so much for the update.

    16. Bruce Winther on

      Happy with SS .. Just want it now !

    17. Missing avatar

      Wesley Baumgardner on

      Have you looked into flax oil coating?

    18. Missing avatar

      aparkar on

      Yeah, stainless steel should do just fine.

    19. Rich McGeheran on

      I fine with getting a Stainless Steel one. Thanks

    20. Missing avatar

      Karl McCoy on

      I would be absolutely fine with receiving a Stainless Steel one. No need to worry about the color or giving back the extra $5 for the coating. I appreciate the hard work.

    21. Mitchel Burton on

      I really want the black version. Honestly, I am not that worried about the coating being perfect. In fact, I kind of want it to look at little roughed up, so if you can just send me one that isn't perfect that would be awesome. If you literally cannot get the black version produced then give me a stainless steel one, but I got interested and pledged money for a black version.

    22. Andrew Spehalski on

      I ordered a black one...expecting that the problems would be resolved and the wait would be worth it. At this point, I'd much rather have stainless since it seems there are so many issues with the black coatings. Send me stainless instead! I'd much prefer that to a refund.

    23. Itai Ferber on

      I wouldn't mind waiting for a black version if it did work out in the end, but I'm totally fine getting a stainless steel one in case it doesn't.

    24. Missing avatar

      Manuel Alcala on

      BTW- Hell of a Project! Monumental effort on your part from all aspects. Lot's learned about the process too, I bet. In the end, I commend you for your dedication to your project, good updates and communication (good or bad), and a very cool, unique and functional keychain tool!

    25. Robert J Dent on

      I really wanted black. And paid for it. But at this point I just want something. Send me whatever. I know you're working hard on this but for the next project I recommend having manufacturing figured out BEFORE all of this so there's no wait time and you can know what you can deliver. I'm really annoyed with your "experienced" manufacturer.

    26. Missing avatar

      Manuel Alcala on

      It's been awhile...I don't remember which one I ordered, but I guess Stainless Steel will be it! If we did pay more for the black, Instead of the hassle of a refund for the balance, I'd be happy with a second unit, if that can be an option.

    27. Missing avatar

      Brian Peres on

      I ordered black, fine with stainless, no need to worry further on the color.

    28. Brett Carroll on

      Here's your feedback - you should just give up and find an office job. Running a business is not for you! I'd rather you just send me a stainless one now considering it's taken you a whole year just to get to this stage .......

    29. Missing avatar

      Michael Delmore on

      It's been so long I can't remember which one I ordered - If it's black, send me a stainless one and a refund for the difference in price. Enough already

    30. Missing avatar

      Jason Racela on

      Cool with me to sub the stainless for the black since its proving more difficult than anticipated - no worries.

    31. Missing avatar

      Scott Easter on

      I would have preferred the black, obviously, but I'm fine with the stainless. The black coating seems to have caused more trouble at this point than it's worth. Let's just go with the stainless and get them shipped.

    32. Missing avatar

      Tim Allen on

      I'm cool with stainless instead of black. Less headache for you and quicker delivery for me.

    33. R on

      I guess I'll go with the flow too...
      Is there a metric side on the SS model?

    34. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey h kashner on

      I really like the black 1000 times more, but if it's not going to happen then I'll take the stainless. The black did cost $5 more I remember, so how are you going to handle that?
      I also want to say that I do very much much appreciate your hard work and effort in everything Sean. Thank you so much.

    35. Randy Walters on

      Stainless is fine - I really don't want to see the nasty chemicals used.

    36. Missing avatar

      Michael Delmore on

      Send them with stainless and wrap this project up.

    37. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      Stainless is good with me.

    38. Ed Aragon on

      Stainless steel is fine with me

    39. Missing avatar

      Jamie Johnson on

      Stainless is fine with me.

    40. Nicholas Whelton on

      I would really want black. But reading all these comments I'm realizing. That's not really possible

    41. Missing avatar

      Eric Timberlake on

      Stainless is ok for me too

    42. Missing avatar

      Darren Stanizzi on

      I wanted black. Personally given the outrageous amount of delay I just want my money back. My 21 dollars could have been better spent.

    43. John P. Neumann on

      Personally I want the black. I'm in the minority here with that but my opinion at this point is that you need a new manufacturer. You've been unable to deliver on time and now you're removing an option that was a selling point due to their inability to perform. I'll take the stainless steel, - since it's apparent that the black isn't happening - but I have to say that this was the final straw for me being understanding. At the end of the day, it's your product and the blame falls to you. Not trying to be an ass or anything. Just frustrated with a product that I paid for.

    44. Marco Eltze on

      Stainless will be fine for me too.

    45. Missing avatar

      Nick P on

      Stainless will be fine.

    46. Dan Hauser on

      I would rather have SS and not something with a toxic finish.

    47. Jonny Chick on

      I would not mind Stainless Steel at all! I would just like an ATOM already!

    48. Missing avatar

      Chris Hussar on

      I would be absolutely fine if i was to receive a stainless steel ATOM instead of the black one. Please send me my ATOM, i am so excited!

    49. Greg Coulas on

      Stainless steel is fine, thanks for all your efforts!

    50. Patrick Lyons on

      Mine came in early in the week and the quality is very good.