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The key shaped multitool that puts a tool box in your pocket.
The key shaped multitool that puts a tool box in your pocket.
4,226 backers pledged $83,087 to help bring this project to life.

Set of Units Arrived

Posted by Sean Connell (Creator)

Hi Kickstarters, 

Great news, the first set of units have arrived! I am starting with the silver units for now. I should be receiving the black units shortly. Not all the units are available yet, some of the tools failed inspection and were rejected. See the attached presentation provided by the manufacturer explaining some of the issues.

The manufacturer has already started another set to replace the units that were rejected. I'll post another update as soon as I receive additional details regarding the timeline. I'll start shipping out this set of units immediately. 

Remember to check the general comments section for frequent updates. Thanks for the support and patience. 

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    1. Missing avatar

      lohpartap ahluwalia on

      When should i expect my order to be shipped out.

    2. Jacqueline F. Wei on

      Hi I need to know the ETA of my order. Also, did you get my correction of my address?

    3. Mason Fiascone on

      Have any ATOMs been shipped out to customers yet?

    4. Missing avatar

      vbcsgtscud on

      Just wanted to add my appreciation for your timely updates with actual details Sean!

    5. Robert J Dent on

      @CJ | you backed something called the L8 (late)?!?!? C'mon, you're making that up right?

    6. Robert J Dent on

      @CJ | you backed something called the L8 (late)?!?!? c'mon, you're making tha

    7. Sean Connell 2-time creator on

      Hi CJ,

      Thanks for the support. The original intent was to machine the tool from stock material. However, after speaking to a number of manufacturers, I quickly realized that the only cost effective or feasible method was metal injection molding. Machining such a small and complicated tool would be incredibly difficult.

      The manufacturer that I ultimately chose has worldwide operations, decades of experience in injection molding and over $200M in annual revenues. When they provided a quote to manufacture ATOM with an estimated lead time of 4 weeks…I believed them! It’s a tough piece with a lot of intricate detail that proved difficult to capture with MIM.

      It took a long time, but I’m happy with the end result.

    8. Sean Connell 2-time creator on

      Hi Florian,

      Thanks for the feedback. Honestly, I post the presentation "unfiltered" to be transparent. The campaign certainly had a number of issues. I take full responsibility for the delays. I could go into greater detail, but providing excuses doesn't solve problems. I am the project manager and ultimately the mistakes rest on my shoulders.

      However, I've learned from my mistakes...and....I already have a number of other Kickstarter campaigns lined up and ready as soon as I satisfy all my current backers.

      So, feel free to back the future projects, I'd appreciate your support. Thanks again for the feedback.

    9. Sean Connell 2-time creator on

      Please email me directly to update the shipping address.

    10. CJ Siano on

      @Florian Maier

      Either you are incredibly lucky or I just pick far more challenging projects to back. In any case, for a manufacturing project, this one has gone pretty typical. The only non-typical part is that Sean has been very good at communicating the progress. Th fact that he provides the exact materials that he gets from his manufacturer is very unusual. Most of the time backers get some vague excuse.

      And by far, the worst project on Kickstarter I know of has to be the WalDok. It was funded on April 9, 2011 and is only now getting into production. I have other projects like the L8 where the owners didn't communicate for nearly 6 months and then only to make vague references to some molding issues, but have yet to address the lack of SDK or other support.

      You also have very little understanding of the MIM process that Sean is using to create these. Most people just machine their tools from metal stock. The Atom being created using an injection process. Making large complex shapes using this method is not easy. The entire idea behind MIM parts is that they can be made cheap and ready to use with no post machine work. As Sean and the rest of us have discovered in this project, there are limitations and getting everything right is a real challenge. Frankly, I'm surprised he found a company that was willing to take on this project as it has to be forcing them to develop entirely new methods to make this work.

      That said, everyone has the right to their opinions. I hope your success continues, but be prepared to hit snags along the way.

    11. Missing avatar

      Ravindranath Palahalli on

      Hi Sean,
      Thanks for the update. you are doing a great job in improving the Quality of the product. Way to Go. The Preso has details. thanks for sharing it. Keep it coming...

    12. Missing avatar

      Alan England on

      I think Sean's doing a fine job! This is exactly what happens when a project is put on KickStarter. They tell the people to allow three times what they think it will take. If you want something that's new and inventive, crowd-funding like KickStarter is the way to go. Just expect it to take time. If it's a product that you want NOW, try Walmart...

    13. Chris Calo on

      I strongly disagree. Kickstarter, you have to remember, is a means of starting a project that is available to people who don't have project management experience. Project Management is incredibly difficult - and in order to be able to do it effectively and efficiently, you likely need 15+ years of already being a project manager. And if you have that, and you're using Kickstarter, its likely just a means of seeking alternative investment.

      Sean has done a good job with this project. He's attempted to keep the backers up to date. He isn't perfect, but did you really, honestly expect a perfect project manager who (I assume) is also the design and engineering team? Really?

      Perhaps temper your expectations. Or choose the projects you back more wisely. Notice the "First Created" next to this project. It has never been a mystery.

    14. Florian Maier on

      Posting the presentation unfiltered seems like to fit your way of communicating issues, again. At the end of the day, the responsibility falls on you. You started this Kickstarter, selected the manufacturer and should act accordingly now. This campaign is one of the worst KS campaigns i have seen. Please do not do another one.



      Thank you Sean!

    16. Ben Estes on

      So the silver units you do have should start shipping out immediately? Great to hear.

    17. Peter Crosby on

      Second the shipping address question - moving this week..

    18. Missing avatar

      Bob Pottle on

      Thanks for the update. Is there an estimate on what "shortly" means for the black units?

    19. Chris Austin on

      Sean or anyone... How do I change my shipping address?

    20. Alfred

      Appreciate the update, thank you.

    21. Benson Chung on

      What proportion of units had these defects? It's surprising to see such a range of errors in the units.

    22. Joshua Youngberg on

      Great news! Thanks for the update.