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The key shaped multitool that puts a tool box in your pocket. (
The key shaped multitool that puts a tool box in your pocket.
The key shaped multitool that puts a tool box in your pocket.
4,226 backers pledged $83,087 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. alberta soranzo on

      I have never received mine. Sean stopped communicating way back. Disappointing.

    2. Missing avatar

      Michael Castro on

      Almost 4 years since getting mine and I still have, and use it almost daily. Very neat multi-tool that simple and effective (mostly). The bottle opener, honestly, is garbage but the rest of the tool is good.

    3. Missing avatar

      Christian Aryee on

      I received mine ages ago and still have it on my key ring. Not as useful as I expected it to be. Opener barely works, and the finishing wasn't good quality.

    4. Missing avatar

      Elisa Shudo on

      Can you advise this was sent out because I never received my promised item.

    5. Missing avatar

      George Steinwald on

      Never got mine - ordered 2 - this guy is full of SHIT

    6. fr0st on

      Another scam "project"....

    7. Missing avatar

      Paolo Monasterolo on

      Never received mine as well

    8. alberta soranzo on

      I've never received my shipment (2 tools) — I'd like a refund please.

    9. Missing avatar

      Sigourney on

      Hi I never received my ATOM. Can I please get a refund?

    10. Andrea on

      Anyone had any luck with getting their shipment?

    11. Missing avatar

      dennis kim on

      this tool was a huge disappointment

    12. Missing avatar

      Logan Dalgleish on

      please ship my product

    13. Becky, Oracle of Valoria on

      Haven't received mine. Emailed Sean but no response. Still waiting.

    14. Missing avatar

      Ben Hyman on

      I'd like a refund please.

    15. Matias Proietti on

      Anybody who hasn't received their ATOM yet, don't worry - it'll end up in the garbage within a month of receiving, guaranteed. Just try opening a bottle, you'll see.

    16. Missing avatar

      Leuron Prelvukaj on

      And ofcourse my messages get deleted from the comment post. How can i be respectful and considerate when the so called inventor doesnt fulfill his campaign. Its the principle because i could care less about the 21 dollars. I just hate it when they go to waste because i could have donated that money.

    17. Missing avatar

      Leuron Prelvukaj on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    18. Chong-Yee Ong on

      I am still waiting to get an update and I have left message too.. from Australia.

    19. Cody Smith on

      This has been the biggest joke of a project. Delay after delay, and then people don't receive their rewards and now Sean refuses to talk to anyone. I told him the other day that I still hadn't received mine. His only response was that he already sent it. I told him I again did not receive it and he said nothing. What a joke.

    20. Brian Benitez on

      I've still not received mine. I'm in California.

    21. Missing avatar

      Mark Lavigne on

      Haven't received mine either. Sean said he sent it but no tracking and not received in Canada. I even offered to ship one on my ups account and he said he didn't have any extras...but was willing to refund. Pretty frustrating.

    22. Missing avatar

      Todd on

      Hey everyone, it is now December 14, 2014. Has anyone else in the US not received their ATOM yet? I live in Texas.

    23. Missing avatar

      Rudolf Hattenkofer on

      My ATOM arrived today! Apparently the shipping really took 4 months, the package looked really old :D The tool itself looks absolutely beautiful, well worth the wait!


    24. Luca Mauri on

      Hello guys, I am writing here to ask if anyone can provide Sean email address. I still haven't received my ATOM and I would like to contact him, he wrote he is only answering via email, but it appears he did not posted the address, or I am unable to find it.

      I see from your comments that some of you still misses the tool and that Sean is not answering to messages, can we ask Kickstarter help to solve this? I am a little disappointed of having paid 20$ and having not received the tool or an answer either.
      Thanks for your help

    25. Felipe Gandra on

      After 1 year and a half, a lot of messages, several unansewered posts ... FINALLY my atoms arrived. ALELUIA!

    26. Missing avatar

      Alyssa Haglund on

      I also have not received mine yet and have messaged him 3x with no response.

      Desiree - you mentioned that he will only respond via email from here on out. Does anyone have his email address?


    27. Missing avatar

      Sulman Chaudhary on

      Hi Andrea
      I also have not received my product as of yet (living in the UK). I've messaged Sean a couple of times also (last on 1st Nov). I'm beginning to think this was just a scam.

    28. Andrea on

      Has anyone not received their shipment and also had not received a response from Sean? I've sent him three messages. Does anyone know how to get him to reply?

    29. Missing avatar

      George Steinwald on

      I funded for 2 black ones - but I know there was an issue with the black coating. Silver would be fine with me.

    30. Desiree Trujillo on

      Those of you who haven't received your items yet need to contact him via email per his Sept 23rd posting here in the comments.
      I have received mine and the few times that I have used the ATOM it was a success. I am currently in China , had no problem getting it through customs and saved the day by having it in my luggage :) ... thank you Sean ( even though you are no longer checking the thread )

    31. Jackie C on

      Haven't received mine either. But at this point, I don't really ever expect to.

    32. Missing avatar

      Mo Elshennawy on

      Still haven't received mine.

    33. Missing avatar

      Leuron Prelvukaj on

      I asked him for a confirmation delivery number with whichever delivery system he is shipping but he wont respond to messages.

    34. Missing avatar

      Henry Brown on

      Same here Leuron. I haven't received mine either.

    35. Missing avatar

      Leuron Prelvukaj on

      Has anyone not received their atom. Im still waiting. My address is correct everything however i still havent got my atom. I emaol sean he cofirms its shipped confirmed its my right address yet nothing.

    36. Sean Connell 2-time creator on

      **** UPDATE ****

      I would like to inform everyone that this will be my last post in the comments section. The units have shipped, the final update has been posted and the campaign is officially over.

      I will still respond to email inquiries. However, I’m going to stop checking the comments thread and close out the campaign page.

      Thanks again for all the interest, support and encouragement throughout the project.

      Best regards,

      Sean D. Connell

      **** UPDATE ****

    37. Sean Connell 2-time creator on

      I can confirm that EVERY unit has shipped to the address provided by the backer. Based on some of the comments it looks like a few of the units were lost in the mail or shipped to an old address. So, if you have not received the product yet...send me an email and I will ship out a replacement unit.

    38. Sean Connell 2-time creator on

      Thanks for the feedback!

    39. Missing avatar

      Jorge Emaldi on

      Hi, I'm a backer for the multi-tool, but I never received mine. Can you check that it was sent? Do you have any track number to give me? Thanks.

    40. Justin Henry on

      Got mine a little while ago. This thing is SHARP. Looks like the edges were not eased at all. Used the bottle opener, and cut myself on the edge (not one of the cutting surfaces, just the side of the atom itself). Just a heads up.

    41. Luca Mauri on

      Dear Sean,
      I am still waiting for my ATOM to be delivered: as it is almost a month you completed the shipment, I am afraid it might got lost.
      Would you please check the shipment?



    42. Missing avatar

      Charlie451 on

      I got it, thanks!

    43. DrSpunj

      Mine come today and looks great! Thanks for following up and I very much appreciate the tracking number you provided with this shipment. Thanks again!

    44. Bruno Allucci on

      Hi Sean,

      I still haven't received my ATOMs and even my latest comment is lost and I can't find it.
      I was looking for a tracking number regarding my request.


    45. Mo

      Hi Sean,

      I am still waiting to receive my ATOM. When did you ship it?


    46. Sean Connell 2-time creator on

      Okay, I followed-up with everyone.

    47. Wee Keat Chin on

      I still haven't got mine. Sigh...

    48. Missing avatar

      Roger Kibbe on

      Still haven't received mine - when can I expect it

    49. Missing avatar

      Roberto on

      Thanks for sending for sending out additionals, hopefully mine gets here soon. Looking forward to it!

    50. DrSpunj

      Looking forward to receiving mine soon then! Thanks!

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