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A second CD of original songs is in the final stages of completion. Be a part of bringing this collection of pianistic pop to fruition!

Hi. I’m A. Mason, singer-songwriter, pianist, and in the past, drummer in several bands. Though I’ve been making music for some time now in various projects – some caught on cd, some not – I'm now very close to releasing a 2nd CD of my own original songs. I've self-financed this entire project so far, but there is more studio work to be done, and finally there's the mastering and physical production of the cd, which together run a minimum of about $1200 (a conservative estimate). That is why I've started this kickstarter campaign: to cover the bulk of those costs specifically, and that's where I hope you'll enter the picture. How, you ask? By essentially pre-ordering the cd for a lower price than it will sell for after it's released to the general public. In that way you’ll effectively be helping me get it mastered and pressed. Simple as that. I’ll send it to you as soon as it’s pressed. You can also get my last cd and some bonus downloads that no one’s really heard yet (culled from all those years dabbling). And of course, you’ll be saving a couple of dollars on in-store and/or shipping costs. Delivered right to your door, along with the satisfaction of knowing you were a part of it! You can check out a couple of the new tracks on any of these sites:


The cd will consist of original songs performed by myself and members of the Tallboys, recorded at Duane Lundy's Shangri-La studio (recent artists to record at Shangri-La include Ben Sollee, These United States, & Vandaveer, among others), and a couple songs recorded at Otto Helmuth's, where I recorded my last cd. A couple of solo piano tracks will be in the mix, but mostly I'll be backed by Dave & Smith from the Tallboys. If you're not familiar with the Tallboys or my last cd 'Illumination', you may know Dave Farris & Willie Eames from their other band Club Dub (with Smith on bass, they become the Tallboys). Dave & Willie were the biggest common thread on my last cd, 'Illumination', and Willie will appear on a couple of the tracks on the new one. I've added some strings on one song so far with the help of Anna Hess and her mother Claire. While some of the songs are in their final mix stage already, additional studio work is scheduled for the coming weeks, to be completed around the time this campaign comes to a close. I hope you can help!


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    I'll send you the brand new completed physical CD, as soon as I get it back from the factory. Gratitude comes with it.

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    I'll send you the new CD, plus my last one, 'Illumination'. That's 2 physical CDs, and a feeling of appreciation thats immeasurable.

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    You'll get all of the aforementioned (2 CDs), plus the digital downloadable EP of the best odds and ends from years past. Did I mention a warm feeling all around?

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    All of the above (2 cds and a digital EP) plus a T-shirt with the new album art stylings, and a bonus track to be determined - perhaps some cocktail crooning by yours truly.

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    Yup, everything already mentioned - 2 cds, a digital EP, a superhip T-shirt, AND an assortment of piano recordings by myself (mostly jazz, with perhaps a bolero and tango thrown in for good measure), OR, in place of that collection of bonus tracks, a dj mix cd of some of my fave tracks - either international style, or North American roots mashup, or a combo!

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