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This year Pee Funnel Camp is giving out over 5000 Pee funnels at Burning Man. We have a new 2nd Pee Funnel Dispenser on the other side of the city.
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35 backers pledged $2,578 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator ZoePFC on August 23, 2010

      Thanks Linet! I'll be arriving Saturday afternoon - come on by Pee Funnel Camp and you can definitely have your funnel: Athens + 3:13 on the man-facing side of the street. I'll write you a thank you note on the spot if you like. :) Oh - and we will definitely reach our goal. I've located some heavy backers who will take us all the way - they're just last minute players!

    2. Creator Linet Mera on August 23, 2010

      I've already spread the word to my camp (mostly dudes) and my facefart profile.. will you have a fundraising event in the city maybe? (city = sf) I already pledged, but I want to help you reach your goal other ways too (also, how awesome would it be to get a pee funnel before I made it to the burn?) By the way I'll be leaving Friday morning so if you do get funded before your deadline.. could I just pick up the letter+funnel at your camp? --> Linet Mera

    3. Creator ZoePFC on July 26, 2010

      Oh, wow, how awesome. I don't know why it isn't letting me PM you, but I definitely can use all the caulk I can get. Let's rap details! Find me on the playa, or email me:

    4. Creator emily katina may on July 26, 2010

      i'd lve to share my caulk with you - gratis for 2011. seriously. glue scientist in the house! pm me for details. otherwize, i'll find you on the playa!

    5. Creator Danielle Bonequi on July 23, 2010

      Thank you for all the wonderful service you have given. It is very much appreciated!

    6. Creator adam lopez on July 23, 2010

      hey hey Zoe! Happy to help you. This is from Heidi and me. Please send ONE funnel, personalized by you. Much Love, Adam & the Girls...

    7. Creator Nancy Laurence on July 15, 2010

      Dan loved Burning Man and always told me about Pee Funnel Camp. Have a great time and think of him!