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An allegorical tale of a couple who attempt to renew their dying relationship by plugging directly into recordings of their memories.
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James Siewert

159 backers pledged $9,932 to help bring this project to life.

We made it to our goal/The road ahead


Hey everyone,

As you may have noticed we have rather suddenly reached our goal, which is incredibly exciting. This is really going to happen. I'm going to post a proper update next week with more animation progress etc, but theres some things that should probably be addressed immediately.

Question: If people back the project now, what will be done with extra money raised?

Answer: as you can see in the "risks and challenges" section the biggest challenge is getting the project done within the next five months. I always knew that we might not be able to make every frame as detailed as I would like if it was always just the three of us working. However, as things have developed over the last month it seems like it might be possible to have additional help through the last month or so of the process, which means a higher quality of animation because for some key moments we can spend more time drawing each frame.

If extra money is raised my first priority would be to use that house and feed another person for the final month of the drawing. I am also planning on putting my own money to further this purpose: I am shooting at commercial in the summer, and the money I am getting upfront for this commercial will hopefully be able to used to bring additional help.

If there is money raised beyond this (which I doubt), it will be put towards paying for the festival fees which will ensure that the film gets a chance to find an audience.

I feel ambivalent about calling these "stretch goals", because I am ambivalent about the idea of "stretch goals": part of me believes that if you have the audacity to ask people to help fund a personal creative project, to continue to ask for help beyond meeting the goal is at best obnoxious, at worst exploitative.

On the other hand I still believe there are good reasons to consider backing the project if you have not, especially regarding the reward levels 30 dollars and below. Specifically - if you want to see the movie in the near future pledging 5 dollars is the best way to make sure that happens: many festivals do not want you to post films online for free if you are submitting them for consideration. Moreover, on the off chance that the film gets into a festival and does well it may be shown theatrically or even released as part of a collection. This would mean that I would never be allowed to post the film online for free. So its possible that 5 dollars is the cheapest price the film will ever have.

Once again - I'm incredibly excited that we met our goal and if we don't earn an additional cent I will still be satisfied. I just want to make it clear: if you are interested in backing the project, we're not using that extra money to line our pockets, we're using every bit as a way to make an even higher quality film for you.

Thank you,

James Siewert

P.S. I just took a red eye flight, and so am not firing on all cylinders perhaps - please excuse any typos.

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    1. Creator Robert Menzimer on January 16, 2014

      Congratulations to James and his team, and to everyone who has backed this project!

      From my perspective, and I'm guessing from the perspective of everyone who has backed the project, funding stretch goals is no problem. Our belief is in the film and the filmmakers, and we want to do whatever we can to reach any and all goals. No one who knows James thinks for a minute that money raised is paying for any vacations!