Visage (Psychological horror game)

by SadSquare Studio

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    1. Cameron Craig on

      Keep it up! You guys are doing great and I’m so excited to hear the early access is going well! I’m looking forward to the console release but no rush! Take the time you need and thank you again for all you are putting into this!

    2. Heath Frantz on

      I still have no clue as to how my mini arc is suppose to be implemented. I have it written and need to get it to you all. Please let me know what needs to be done.

    3. Chase Stafford on

      Hey I’m just glad to get updates because I was one of the few thousand that got screwed by the evil dead 2 board game

    4. Paul Dulski on

      I like it, just wish my console code was still an option. I switched to PC because I had two console codes, but I guess it bit me in the ass.

      Can't wait for the new updates nonetheless on PC. Had fun with what I could play so far. Cheers.

    5. Roman Anthony Lopez on

      When can we expect the early access keys for console backer?

    6. Megalchari on

      At least the proyect is still alive, maybe my sons will have the opportunity to play this game in case I die first waiting for it

    7. Missing avatar

      Micheal Bearcomesout on

      Hey sadsquare console backer here, thank you for this update it seriously addressed my concerns as I wanted to play on my PC the early access but bought console package so no early access, also keep up the great work I am devoted fan of horror video games and want to see them flourish so take your time and make something great! I'm willing to wait for you guys!!

    8. TJ Farrell on

      Are refunds an option at this point?

    9. Tamzen Hunter on

      Can't wait for the next chapter team! Thank you for the updates!

    10. Nathan Erickson

      Good update. Thanks

    11. Missing avatar

      Kristina on

      Thanks for everything you are doing. Each update keeps me psyched and pumped to play the game! You guys are awesome!

    12. Missing avatar

      Scott Kremer on

      If what Heath Frantz said below is true, this is very concerning. This was a Kickstarter project to begin with, and to not even address or contact a backer of the second highest tier is unacceptable. I hope you can address this matter.

    13. Aaron Madison on

      You guys are awesome

    14. Missing avatar

      Alan McInnes on

      awesome! Roughly when will console backers get their PC early access key?

    15. SadSquare Studio Creator on

      @Alan McInnes
      All console backers should have their PC Early Access key by Monday.

      @Heath Frantz
      We're ready to get the mini-arc going, we can continue that discussion through direct messaging.

      @TJ Farrel
      It's a bit of a rough one, since we've already implemented the backers' name in the credits, but it's not out of the question. Please contact us through direct messaging and we'll take it from there.

    16. Cory Fleury on

      Wow! Awesome, thanks so much for sending us console backers PC keys! It was definitely unnecessary, but greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work.

    17. Rydavim on

      Obviously I’d like to be playing Visage on my PS4 right now - but anyone who expected to get it on time has never backed any software, let alone a game.

      Keep doing what you’re doing, and keep updating us on it. We’ll get our hands on it in the end. 😊

    18. Raúl Carrasco López on

      Thanks a lot for the heads up and for the Early Access key. I am very grateful and really looking forward for the final release. Go on, people!

    19. Tea-Reen

      As always, excited to play the game but enjoying the anticipation too. Keep plugging away at it. Make it as amazing as you can; I can wait. :)

    20. Contemplar on

      It's at times like these that I regret being the kind of player that waits for all content to be in place before I begin playing, haha. The praise from others is only making it that bit more difficult, but I only imagine it would be harder to wait for follow-on chapters while hungry for more.

      Great to see a kickstarter project flourishing :)

    21. Muldjord on

      I don't care how long this takes, I'm happy to wait. Keep it up guys! Postponing stuff is != letting us down. Postponing == better quality.

    22. Missing avatar

      Patrick Horstmann on

      Dear SadSquare-Team, I am one of the console version backers, but unforuntaley I haven't received my Early Access key yet. Please let me know when and how Iwill receive it. Can't wait to test it out on my friends PC :)

    23. Missing avatar

      tj fitzpatrick on

      I never got my early access code for console backer

    24. Seth Walker on

      When are early access keys going out for console backers?

    25. Ben Clark on

      Guys, information is long overdue again ;)