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Huge thanks to all the backers that supported Visage. We will keep you updated on what's going to happen next!
Huge thanks to all the backers that supported Visage. We will keep you updated on what's going to happen next!
3,214 backers pledged CA$ 120,129 to help bring this project to life.

Update #19 — Early Access launches on October 2nd!

Posted by SadSquare Studio (Creator)

Hello everyone!

We're happy to announce that we're launching an Early Access version of the game! It will be available on October 2nd.

How go I get it?

The Early Access version will be available on PC, via the Steam platform for USD19.99 (price will vary depending on country). Here's a link to the Steam Store Page.


Who can get it?

Everyone. Note that ALL backers who have pledged for the "You get the game" package or higher will receive a Steam Key, and get the Early Access for free.

How do backers get their key?

We will send them via Kickstarter messaging. We'll send a very small update saying when they're all sent.

What's in the Early Access?

The Early Access, on launch, will contain ONE chapter out of FOUR in total, which represents approximately 4 to 6 hours of gameplay.

Why Early Access?

The main reason we've decided to make an Early Access is because our fans are dying to play the game. We realize we've been pushing things quite a bit (more details on why down below), and we want to get our game done and in your hands as soon as possible. Seriously, we do, but game development is hard, as we've come to understand, and it takes a lot of time.

With that said, we believe the Early Access is a good game on its own and will (mostly) not hinder the final experience for the player, and that's why we've decided to make it happen.

Even more importantly, we wanted to gather feedback from you guys, before we finalize all the other content for the game, and shape it into something you'll hopefully love.

More detailed information on the Early Access is available on the Steam Store Page, be sure to check it out.

What about the pledges?

An updated version of the pledges follows:

"You get the game" package+ You have access to the Early Access game ON PC for free, which automatically grants you access to the PC Full Release.

"You get the game (console)" package
+ You will get the Full Release on your chosen console for free.

"Awesome backer" package
+ All of the above.
+ All backers have their name displayed in the Early Access game's credits already.

"Beta" package
+ All of the above.
+ You will have access to the Full release game sooner than Full Release Date (how much time is to be determined).

"Have your say" package
+ All of the above.
+ All the backers have their comments and name displayed in the Early Access game's credits already.
+ You get the digital soundtrack as a Steam DLC.

"Physical goodies" package (CA$ 150 package)
+ All of the above.
+ All physical items will be delivered after Full Release.

"Design an achievement" package
+ Everything from the "We love you" package to the "Goodies" package
+ All achievements will be available on Full Release only.

"Event designer" package
+ Everything from the "We love you" package to the "Goodies" package
+ All events will be available on Full Release only.

"Your face in the game" package
+ Everything from the "We love you" package to the "Goodies" package
+ All pictures will be available on Full Release only.

"You're the composer" package
+ Everything from the "We love you" package to the "Goodies" package
+ All music will be available on Full Release only.

"Master of puppet" package
+ Everything from the "We love you" package to the "Goodies" package
+ All mini-arcs will be available on Full Release only.

"You become the ghost" package
+ Everything from the "We love you" package to the "Goodies" package
+ A whole chapter revolving around this partical "ghost" will be playable on Full Release (around 4 hours of gameplay).

The long story behind Visage

We know communication has not been ideal from our side, so we're putting the whole story right here. If you are interested, stay with me. We'll talk about us and the struggles we dealt with while developing the game. You'll get to know us a bit better by the end of this.

Why the long wait?

That's a though one.

Before answering that, let's dive a little deeper on how development was made. As you've now come to know, there are currently only two people working on the game full-time. Let us share some more information about that.

Now now, of course Visage was not built only by two persons. We have had help from many wonderful and skilled people, and we'd like to shoutout a special thanks to Jonathan Wachoru, our very generous Lead Sound Designer, Peter Wicher, who composed great music for the game, Martin Mcghee for his great work as a character modeler, Chas! Pangburn, a very active and dedicated backer who helped us with some of the visual assets in the game, and everyone who helped us making this game possible.

All these great people have been working for us on and off, sometimes paid, sometimes unpaid, because they believed in the project and its promises. It's thanks to them that we're where we are now, so close, yet so far, to releasing the full game.

They have helped us in many different domains ranging from making sound assets and assisting in in-game sound design, character modeling, motion capture animations, some marketing, providing 2D assets like posters and comic books, and any stuff we didn't have the required skills to do.

And let me tell you one thing for certain, these guys are freaking awesome, for they are working with us out of passion mostly, because while it may seem like quite much, ~$CND100,000, is very, very little for making a video game such as Visage, so they cooked out some deals for us. Please know that we are extremely grateful to our backers, but also note that very little of that money actually went to us, the two founders.

We are very lucky to be able to work on the game full-time, and we mostly have our families who believe in us to thank for that, not exactly the generous amount that came from you wonderful people. That money was used to outsource what we couldn't do ourselves.

We're not trying to play the victims here. This problem is of our making, and there's no one else to blame but us. We'll try to explain development through our perspective, though.

Here's the idea: Two completely inexperienced dudes who have never made a game before in their lives come in and say:

"Hey, let's make a horror game."

"Sounds great, I love horror games!"

It's the story of this and that, and there's spooky stuff happening... Before long, we had a grandiose scenario, and it required a ton of gameplay elements to make it possible.

Any experienced game developer would have laughed at us and tell us to slow down and be realistic. Well, thing is, there was no one to tell us how hard exactly it was to make such a game. And once we were diving in it, we always told ourselves "eh, it's just a small addition." Until the game became a ~20 hours game with motion capture animations, somewhat complex AI, pretty damn good visuals that need to work on the very limited console hardware while being a close-to-no-loading-screen game, a ton of gameplay elements that vary greatly between chapters, a dynamic save system, and holy shit so many other things available in some AAA games. Except they have a team of 20+ experienced workers. Well, we implemented it all, and it took a damn long time, and it was very hard at times.

Then came the immense brick wall: making the game ready for release. The whole script was done, we had pretty much all the environments and gameplay elements we needed, and everything "almost" worked. That's the "almost" that hit hard. Very hard. Suddently, we thought we were ready for release, but we weren't even close.

Bugs started to pile up, code done two years ago had to be re-worked, because in two years, you learn an awful lot, and you realize that what you did with no experience is actually pretty close to garbage. And it's then we've come to realize how much stuff needed to be done "after making the actual game". We have one programmer (hi, that's me). Hey programmer, where's the UI? Where are the video settings? Where is the Xbox One/PS4 version in 30 FPS? How do we package for release on all platforms? How do we link Steam/PlayStation Network/Xbox Live? What about achievements? What about ratings? Sound settings? Subtitles? Localization? Loading Screen? Gamma correction? Features from Unreal Engine update 4.19/4.20? The list goes on.

Well... What do you know, the human brain has its limit, and when its limit is reached for too long, I guess it breaks. And it did.

I'll spare the details, but I went through quite the dark stuff, and so did my friend, the co-founder. Our mental health suffered a great deal and it took its toll on us. Work was a lot slower for a while... We're getting back on track though.

Visage has been our life for almost 4 years now. An experimental psychological horror game. Not the very popular kind of game, from a business perspective, so here's to hoping that the gamers of this world prove us wrong! We can only live so long on passion.

So there it is I guess. Why did it take so long to get to where we are now? It all comes down to two things: inexperience and overwork.

With that said, there is still quite a bit of work to be done, but it's manageable. And this time we say it with a more experienced confidence. We'll start with the incremental Early Access, and in what we estimate to be 4 months, you'll have the full experience in your hands.

Ending Note

We do believe that our game has something quite unique to offer—the Early Access is nothing but a sneek peek—and we really hope you'll think so too after playing it.

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    1. Jacqueline Ferez on

      Hi i have yet to receive my steam key! And I do not know how to message on here

    2. Missing avatar

      Chandler Polatis on

      Will this be hitting console still? Im too poor for a pc

    3. Taylor Stallman on

      All I can say is, thank you. Thank you for your hard work and your sacrifice to bring your dream to us.

    4. crow on

      I agree peoples and you guys need a patreon

    5. Night1505

      Similar to what Mark W asked, for the "Have your say" tier, can we chose 1 Steam copy (so we can get in on the Early Access), and 1 console copy (so we can play the Full Release on the console of our choice? :)

    6. Vincent Monfette on

      So proud of you guys,can't wait to play the game and I'm proud that it's been done in my own city! :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Undead2k on

      Thank you for taking the time and explaining the hardships of dealing with a project like this. You guys rock, keep your spirits high! I cannot wait to see what you have put together! :D

    8. Raúl Carrasco López on

      This is so great! You guys are awesome! I am very excited and looking forward to try Visage!

    9. Heath Frantz on

      So I am one of the backers that put up 1500 USDs to be able to write the mini arc and I haven't heard back from anyone from the crew at SadSquare. I'm hoping they get back to me really soon.

    10. Magnus Guyra on

      Really looking forward to playing this! You've worked hard, and I no doubt the game will shine for it! :D You can be damn proud of what you've accomplished. :)

    11. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Woodall on

      cant wait to play and good on you guys haha doing a thing i couldn't do always wanted to make a game but no nothing about. i'm sure you guys did good and all i can say is i appreciate all the hard work. i look forward to you guys looking back saying we did it.

    12. Alice Carlyle on

      Sounds like you've gone through a hell of a lot to get this game done for us and we're all eternally grateful. We've waited patiently for this long, we can wait that little bit longer. Good luck and I look forward to the early access! :)

    13. SausBoss on

      So the "You get the game (console)" package has to wait? And also how long? If you were going to do early access it should have been made available for everyone. Just saying.

    14. Migue Garcia Martin on

      Al fin empezamos a ver la luz al final de tan largo túnel compañeros. Con ansia y muchísima ilusión esperamos este titulo que promete.
      Quiero darles mi apoyo incondicional a esas dos figuras que lo han hecho posible y que han dado parte de su vida a este proyecto.

    15. BenDaMan on

      Guys I am really speechless somehow as you offer insights of ur troubles and hard work at such amount I just get goosebumps. I am proud to be a backer of ur game and journey and I always will respect the amount of work u have put into it despite all the negative circumstances. I just wanna say thank you for keep going and holding on. Much respect to you :)

    16. jeez on

      hi, i'm from what we call in France the "majoritée silencieuse" or the quiet majority, i usually never give my impression if i like something or not, but I do want to like your game and beeing able to tell it so take your time, really.
      BTW did the VR will be able on PS4 ?
      keep up the good work we will wait ^^ (sry for my english ^^)

    17. laracroft on

      We love you guys and your vision for Visage. Your health is the most important thing so glad you are back on track. Take all the time you need to complete the game while we play the first chapter in early access which should keep us backers happy, at least for a while :)

    18. Megalchari on

      Thanks for the update, Im sorry for being upset but many of us were worried if the game was canceled or if anything could happen, thanks for letting us know what happened and now we can wait more

    19. Matthew Lee Venner

      Love you guys! You will always have my respect! Thank you for all the hard work!

    20. Mark Waynick Jr on

      Do "Have your say" pledges get 2 early access keys?

      I'm just grateful that it's still coming out! Thanks for all the hard work!

    21. Muldjord on

      I'm still here, I'm not going anywhere and I absolutely still root for you guys. Thanks for being so honest about this! You are human beings, not machines. I can only begin to imagine how it must've throughout this process. I think going EA with Visage on Steam is a great choice! It might seem silly, but I am gonna rebuy this game just to support you further.

    22. William Little on

      Great to hear! Hope all continues to go according to the new plan, and I’m sure this labor of love is gonna knock socks off. Thanks to everyone who worked on and continues to work on this project!

    23. Arianna on

      As someone who deeply enjoys video games and the amusement and entertainment they offer me, I have grown a fond appreciation for the hard work, effort and time that developers such as yourselves put into these works of art. While I may only have a somewhat limited understanding of the development aspect of things, I certainly respect and appreciate what folks like you do to bring games to those of us who enjoy playing them. That being said, I'd like to extend that appreciation your way by saying thank you. While I am eager to play Visage my opinion is that the mental health and well being of those who are creating it is infinitely more important than my desire to play the game and thus I am personally content waiting to play it until you feel it is ready to be released.

      When I backed this game I opted into the console release as I did not have a dedicated gaming PC at the time, but now that I do, I may have to support the Early Access stage of its' release so I can take a peek at what you folks have come up with thus far and am looking forward to playing this game on console as well as PC. Please take care of yourselves and just remember that your supporters will be here by your side every step of the way.

      Thank you!

    24. SadSquare Studio Creator on

      Thank you all for your continuous support. Without it, we're not sure where we'd be :').

      @Adam Wasynczuk
      VR will definitely be supported at some point during the Early Access, but not on launch.

    25. Cameron Craig on

      Hello! I just wanted to say as a backer I completely understand and I fully support you guys! I personally am so impressed that you guys have made it as far as you have with such a small team and so little experience. That is so impressive on so many levels.
      Like you said making video games is hard, it takes a massive amount of courage to even attempt it and I personally am glad to support you all in that endeavor no matter what happens. No matter what feedback you get in the coming months I hope that making Visage and making games in general can always be a positive thing for you as the brave people putting yourselves on the line for this wonderful art form. Keep working hard, keep believing in yourselves, and be proud of what you’ve accomplished so far no matter what!

    26. Louis Garza on

      As long as it's not cancelled then I'm relieved! Take the time you need to make it great! We're here with you 👍👍👍

    27. Alex Dureault on

      I absolutely LOVE you guys!! I am SO excited!!

    28. Missing avatar

      Adam Wasynczuk on

      Great news. I wonder if there is a chance for VR support in Early Access?

    29. Michael Ferguson on

      I believe I will cry now. I've been waiting so long for this! Can't wait to try it out and see how it is on early access!

    30. Missing avatar

      Devon Callaway on

      Thank you for the update. I've waited this long and I don't mind continuing to wait. You guys are making something very creative and of course it takes time. Your health is important. We wouldn't have Visage without you, so take care of yourselves. Can't wait to play.

    31. Jerry Jones on

      Hey Guys, we're with you for the long haul. Take all the time you need. Much respect and props!