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Each death has its visage. Would you dare look directly in its eyes?
Huge thanks to all the backers that supported Visage. We will keep you updated on what's going to happen next!
Huge thanks to all the backers that supported Visage. We will keep you updated on what's going to happen next!
3,214 backers pledged CA$ 120,129 to help bring this project to life.

Monthly update #16 — Happy new year!


Hello everyone! We hope you all had a wonderful time during Christmas holidays, and we wish you a happy new year!

In this month's update, we'll go over the overall development progress and some of the problems we've recently encountered.

Overall progress

Let's keep on going with the list we've been using in the past month. It's easier to convey a comprehensive idea of our progress.

Please note that this list is only here to give a general idea of how things are going, it's far from being something "official" and precise.

  • Animation integration
    About 60% done in the last month
  • Voice acting integration
    About 40% done in the last month
  • Final environment designs
  • Gameplay Scripting of the very last section of the game
    We basically need to add sound
  • Gameplay Scripting of additional random events
    Still not in focus at the moment
  • Achievements (including Kickstarter's Achievement Designer package)
    Base structure done, ready to dive in. Not in focus at the moment
  • Some of our Kickstarter's Event Designer package events
    In progress, but not in focus at the moment
  • Tweaking of the completed sections
    About 10% done in the last month, making it 70% done.
  • Quality assurance / debugging
    Always in progress

Unfortunately, we also have to add another point to the list. We've encountered some problems with the A.I., and we'll need to make some changes to it. We're almost done though.

  • A.I. changes (fix path finding)
    About 80% done

Final environment designs

The biggest update in the last month is that we've finished the final environment designs, which was a big time eater, so we can focus on the rest. It's really great stuff!

Voice acting and animations integration

We've also begun to integrate animations and voice acting, and even though we took some time for the holidays, we've covered about 60% of the animations and 40% of the voice acting integration, which is damn good. This shouldn't take us much time to be done with!

Gameplay scripting

The other big thing is that we're nearly finished with the gameplay scripting of the last section of the game. AWESOME!

Ending note

That about covers it for this month's update, thanks for following along as we crawl towards the official release!

With love, The SadSquare Studio's team.

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    1. Nol van Meegeren
      5 days ago

      Great update, can't wait to test this game...

    2. Missing avatar

      Undead2k 5 days ago

      Thanks for the update, hope you and the team had a wonderful new year and christmas!

    3. David Tortorici 5 days ago

      Nice update good to hear how far each part of the game is percentage wise

    4. Chris Skuller
      6 days ago

      Good to here. I've been wondering, will this game support VR at launch?

    5. Nick Evans 6 days ago

      Thanks for the update. I am so eager to get my hands on this game. Take your time guys. We want to play this game, but we would rather you take the time to realize your true vision. It will be worth the wait.

    6. Michael Perrella 6 days ago

      Take your time it seems worth the wait.

    7. Andrew John Airmet 6 days ago

      I am excited! :D

    8. laracroft 6 days ago

      Thanks for the update guys, and a happy new year to you too.
      Looks like you're making good progress. I'm sure Visage will be worth the wait, while you make it great! :)