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Huge thanks to all the backers that supported Visage. We will keep you updated on what's going to happen next!
Huge thanks to all the backers that supported Visage. We will keep you updated on what's going to happen next!
3,214 backers pledged CA$ 120,129 to help bring this project to life.

Monthly update #14 — October's development update


Hi fellow backers and horror lovers!

In this month's update, we talk about animations, voice acting, work being done on the latest environments, and the overall progress on gameplay development.


Animations has, from the very beginning of the project, been a time-consumer for us. We've initially planned to make all the animations ourselves, which is what we've done so far, but with a small team like ours, and with no one dedicated solely on making animations, making them has been taking its toll on the other tasks at hands. After some research, we've found a mo-cap studio that is willing to get our animation needs done within our budget, and we're really stoked about it! This is going to save us an incredible amount of time.

Voice acting

Last month, we've mentioned that some delays occurred with the voice acting, but all is well now, and we've received about half of the voice acting we need for the game, which is really great. This setback didn't really prevent us from doing any of the other work, but the game will feel so much more alive once the voice acting is in!

Latest environment

Visage is pretty much all about exploring new environments, so it goes without saying that it's been the biggest time-consumer. We're quite happy to say that it's soon coming to a close. We believe that pretty much all the environments for the game will be done within one or two months. This will take the biggest load of work out of our list, so we can focus on the rest. We believe production is going to sky-rocket at this point.

Overall progress

There's still a lot on our plate, but we have a very good idea about when we plan to release the game. We're keeping this information to ourselves for now, though ;). We will only announce the release date when we're absolutely certain we can pull it off. On another note, here's a comprehensive list of what's left to do:

  • Animation integration
  • Voice acting integration
  • Final environment designs
  • Gameplay Scripting of the very last section of the game
  • Gameplay Scripting of additional random events
  • Achievements (including Kickstarter's Achievement Designer package)
  • Some of our Kickstarter's Event Designer package events
  • Tweaking of the completed sections
  • Quality assurance / debugging

Ending note

We wish you an awesome Halloween. Go ahead and finish the old horror games you were too scared to finish! Now's the perfect time!



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    1. Tom on

      no November update? �

    2. Missing avatar

      M3rcad0 on

      Nice, still waiting for beta to drop so I can show it off at my Job at "The Holodeck". We are nothing but a VR Arcade and figured it'd be the best spot to advertise this game.

    3. Sean Baldwin on

      Thank you for the update and I appreciate that you all aren't giving us a release day. I don't personally mind if you did but given other projects I've backed I would hate to see you all receive negative responses. Keep it up and I can't wait to help out in beta stage!

    4. Muldjord on

      Sounds like things are really shaping up! Keep it up awesome people!

    5. Koochi on

      Don't overwork yourself into oblivion. Relax sometimes by enjoying halloween with Halloween ^^ or you might get a Nightmare on Elm Street working on a horror so much!

      Happy hallow's eve

    6. laracroft on

      Nice concise update guys, my anticipation meter has just gone into overdrive, and I can't wait to play Visage, sounds like good progress is being made :)