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Huge thanks to all the backers that supported Visage. We will keep you updated on what's going to happen next!
Huge thanks to all the backers that supported Visage. We will keep you updated on what's going to happen next!
3,214 backers pledged CA$ 120,129 to help bring this project to life.

Monthly update #11 — July

Posted by SadSquare Studio (Creator)

Hi everyone!

July update's here! This month has been a little slower than usual. The heavy workload really has taken its toll on our small team, so we've decided to take a small break—we're talking a couples days here—earlier this month to blow some steam off. Nonetheless, a lot of work has been done, and here's an idea of what we've been working on this month: 

Voice acting

We've cast voice actors and chose the right people for the majority of the characters, including the protagonist, and we're very pleased with the acting they've provided. Ranging from raspy breathing of forsaken souls to the mad screeching of an old mad woman, these voices will make sure to lift up the hair on your skin! 

Environment & Gameplay

This month, we've been working on a special puzzle-oriented segment of the game. In this segment of the game, the whole house is completely changed. Rooms are missing and replaced by other mysterious ones, some paths are blocked, and wholly new rooms are added. In this specific segment, expect to solve a lot of puzzles à la old survival horror. 

Also, we've added quite the range of new environments to the game, that are tied to one chapter essentially. Expect to visit a cemetery, to be lost in endless corridors, leading to infernal fleshy and bloody sights, to walk into moving and weirdly shaped corridors, and much more. 

Work with the backers

We've begun the work on some of the backer's pledges. Notably, we've finished the 3D model of Rakan Al-Mutawa, the backer who pledged for the "Become the ghost" package we've mentioned in an earlier update, and it's a' lookin' good! Sorry though, we won't show any screenshots ;). 

We've also begun the work with a devoted backer named Chas! Pangburn. He's a Writer | Editor, and he's gonna be bringing a "side-quest" into Visage in the form of a comic (a dark one at that, of course) that will explain some of the back-story of the game! He has also volunteered in helping us make assets for the game and has contacted many artists to draw us some posters to display in the game, making the 80's house vibe feel even more real. Wanna know more about this kind fella, head out to his page right here: 

Ending note

So yeah, maybe it wasn't such a slow month after all. Thank you all for supporting us, and know that the light at the end of the tunnel is in sight! 


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    1. Martin on

      Just don't burn yourselves out. A happy developer is a passionate developer. =3
      All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

    2. Nick Evans on

      Hope everyone at Sad Square is still doing well and we all look forward to getting our hands on this game. After trying out a game like Paranormal Activity I can't wait to see a game like this in VR.

    3. Muldjord on

      A well deserved breather I'd say. Everything sounds fantastic as usual. It always shows when people are passionate about their projects!

      For future updates, I like that you keep it like this one. Where the first paragraph is basically a "How things are going" part with no spoilers whatsoever. Then I can just read part and ignore the rest. I don't really want to know about what the game will let me experience. This time I read it, but for future posts I won't. So if you could keep it like this going forward, I would appreciate it.

      To summarize, first paragraph, always spoiler free. Not even a hint of what will be in the game. Just a general "How things are going" part. :) Otherwise I'd have to stop reading these altogether, but I very much would like to know how things are going in general until the games release.

    4. Koochi on

      It's always good to take a breather... Except when you're death... Then it's creepy and you're likely a ghost =_= but anyway tho, good luck further as usual!

    5. laracroft on

      Glad you guys have taken a break, we don't want you burning yourselves out so it's important to take a break once in a while. I think this is a good update, with the voice acting and new environments and gameplay, lot's of thought and design going on there. keep up the great work. tunnel, light at the end of it, sounds good to me :)

    6. Max Molinaro

      I watched the teaser video on the KS page--which must have changed since I first looked at the page, because I couldn't stand the suspense after the player gets to the first bedroom upstairs and switched out of full screen mode. Masterful use of perspective, POV, and slightly-off realistic environment (the lighting is especially effective). Keep it up!--even if I have to watch it during the day, windowed, with the TV on. Why do I keep doing this to myself? : ].