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Each death has its visage. Would you dare look directly in its eyes?
Huge thanks to all the backers that supported Visage. We will keep you updated on what's going to happen next!
Huge thanks to all the backers that supported Visage. We will keep you updated on what's going to happen next!
3,214 backers pledged CA$ 120,129 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Aaron Madison 6 days ago

      Thanks for the update. I’m super excited for the next development updates and for this game to hit retail 💪🏼

    2. Ryan Vincent 6 days ago

      Hey, just wanted to mention that I am glad we have gotten so many updates. Not all developers would do something like that. With that said, keep up the good work! It is better to have a finished product than a rushed out crappy one. Goodluck sadsquare!

    3. Joe "Jobra" Smith 6 days ago

      Lost confidence in this project.

    4. Missing avatar

      Wesley Blackwood
      6 days ago


    5. Missing avatar

      tj fitzpatrick on March 8

      @SadSquare Studio

      any updates yet? got me salivating for more information..... I cant wait for this game to come out

    6. Missing avatar

      tj fitzpatrick on March 6

      I would not hold my breath for that.... I would love to hear the beta is ready and a release date tho

    7. Missing avatar

      Wesley Blackwood
      on March 6

      Maybe the update will come that the game is finished

    8. John Cayzer on March 3

      Take as long as you need in my opinion.
      Make it great not fast

    9. laracroft on March 2

      Can't wait for the next update to see what you've got to show us. Time hasn't healed my yearning to play Visage, I might need to seek professional help :=)

    10. SadSquare Studio Creator on February 25

      Sorry to everyone waiting for a monthly update, it will happen we promise. we are working on something to show you in the next update as well as working overtime on the game :P

    11. Missing avatar

      tj fitzpatrick on February 22

      Nope... Crickets

    12. Missing avatar

      Wesley Blackwood
      on February 20

      Any updates ?

    13. Missing avatar

      Wesley Blackwood
      on February 16

      Well I’m back because I just had the system shock remake fail. Just wanting to make sure I didn’t waste money on this either

    14. Night1505
      on February 13

      In particular, some news about Beta would be amazing! We should be getting pretty close to that stage, yeah? Got a rough estimate on when we could expect to start testing? :)

    15. William Little on February 13

      Hoping all’s still well. I’m still beyond stoked to play Visage! Take your time, and make the masterpiece we all know you can/are!

    16. laracroft on February 3

      I certainly hope so Wesley :)
      Can't wait for this months update, really looking forward to playing Visage.

    17. Missing avatar

      Wesley Blackwood
      on January 29

      Maybe this game will come out sometime in the next two years

    18. Keba Jackson
      on January 11

      Update sounds great, have you made a decision on if the ps4 and Xbox versions will be ready once the game is on PC??. Also, I would perfer my copy to be on the ps4 since I hardly play on my laptop. What will be the difference in price from pc to ps4?

    19. Missing avatar

      Scott Kremer on January 10

      Thanks for the updates, this is the kind of detail I like to see.

    20. Austin arceo on January 10

      Thanks for the updates guys

    21. Louis DiChristopher on January 8

      Can’t wait for the game to be finished!

    22. Missing avatar

      Elliot Solomon on January 2

      If it's not to much to ask for for VR. Can you allow us in VR to adjust ourselves two are correct height?

      I love the look and progress you are all doing with the game. I can't wait to experience it.

      I would not be surprised if you have not thought of this. But how are you going to allow the player to move around in VR and is the player trapped in one place with 360° view until the event ends? You don't need to answer this just thought it might help.

    23. Missing avatar

      Senh V on December 17

      Please add your own hands in the VR version. The ability to see your hands as it interactive with doors and picking up objects are needed to feel immersive.

    24. Shawn Pendergraph on December 6

      Thank you for the update! Im so happy how everything has been coming along

    25. Missing avatar

      tj fitzpatrick on December 4

      No November update... and no word from the beta testers. We will not be seeing this game in 2017 as i hoped.... Really hope that we get to see it soon tho

    26. Missing avatar

      Michael on December 2

      I love you. I cant wait for visage <3

    27. Jose R Gonzalez on November 30

      There is a 22 minute gameplay teaser i from IGN in youtube. Loved how sad studio put their symbol on the lighter, watch closely

    28. Rakan Al-Mutawa on November 30

      Good news: Even if they don't give us an update this month, last time they missed a month (September), the next month we got 2!!!! Two updates in one month, now that's something to look forward to! :D

    29. laracroft on November 29

      Don't give up on getting this months update, there's still time :)

    30. David Tortorici on November 29

      November just about over where’s the monthly update?

    31. Night1505
      on November 28

      I'm not sure what frightens me more: the anticipation of playing this, or the awkward, sudden silence.

    32. Missing avatar

      Dave Ottenbacher on November 13

      “Jeopardy Theme Song” plays on repeat on low volume. Do do do, do do, do do dooo

    33. laracroft on November 5

      Watching my inbox for this months update!

    34. crow on November 5

      Still wondering no update

    35. Missing avatar

      Chris abele on November 3

      Hey night, I haven't tried that one yet. But it seems like that is the case with some of these types of games, like Perception. Meant to be tense and scary but end up falling flat. I heard that Layers of Fear game was similar as well. I think that's why we need this game so much. Though it would appear there are a bunch of games like this, none are really done all that well, unless you wanna count things like resident evil and outlast, but those aren't really all that similar either. Hopefully this turns out well and can actually scare instead of bore us.

    36. Night1505
      on November 3

      So I recently bought Don't Knock Twice on XBONE just to sort of get a taste of the gameplay style of these types of games. I'm not quite sure how I feel about it yet though. It's a tiny bit boring, to be honest. It's supposed to be a psychological game, and to its credit there's only been 1 real "jump scare". But at the same time, I don't really feel the tense hesitation opening doors that I'd expect from a game that was supposed to be suspenseful.

      Have you guys played Don't Knock Twice? Am I missing something?

    37. Austin arceo on October 24

      God i love that u guys are keeping us all posted like this its wonderful cant wait to get this game

    38. laracroft on October 21

      You are not alone Night1505, After watching the new gameplay video my anxiety meter is off the scale, and my anticipation meter has exploded :=)

    39. Night1505
      on October 19

      Is anyone else able to actually feel their anxiety level raise at the mere thought of playing this game? No? Hmmm... maybe I'm just a big baby... LOL XD

    40. Andrew John Airmet on October 10

      Gameplay trailer was so good! Can't wait to play it.

    41. David Tortorici on October 4

      This game is looking really good that gameplay trailer freaked me out

    42. laracroft on October 4

      I meant to say "what a great compliment to SadSquare Studio and there Visage game"

    43. laracroft on October 4

      @Rakan Al-Mutawa, "Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro, the creators of the game that inspired Visage, talk about Visage", what a great compliment to Visage, can't wait for more info on Thursday :)

    44. Rakan Al-Mutawa on October 4

      After some more digging. I think I found what this “more info on Thursday” is all about. Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro, the creators of the game that inspired Visage, talk about Visage. That’s going to be so cool for them to talk about this game because their game didn’t come to fruition.

    45. Rakan Al-Mutawa on October 4

      Also backers, on that IGN spotlight, it said Thursday there will be more on Visage! So if this amazing update wasn’t enough, which it was :) get ready for some more info on Thursday yay!

    46. Stephane Mainfray on October 4

      Hi SadSquare guys,

      Have you ever think of a nintendo switch version ?

    47. Missing avatar

      tj fitzpatrick on October 3

      no spoilers just very creepy... come on @sadsquare dont keep us in the dark

    48. Mark Graydon on October 3

      IGN posted a 22 minute gameplay video today.

      I'm glad to see the creators getting some press on the game and advertising, though it does bring to mind the question of why this footage wasn't released simultaneously (or close to) to the backers as well. Or even a simple update with a link to it on IGN's webpage.

      Just feels like the backers should be getting as much info as any outside website for advertising purposes.

      If this footage has already been shared with us; then I apologize. I didn't watch it because I want to avoid spoilers.

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