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The easiest and most delicious coffee experience made in a cube. Enjoy the perfect coffee cube with you anywhere at anytime.
The easiest and most delicious coffee experience made in a cube. Enjoy the perfect coffee cube with you anywhere at anytime.
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Product Ready To Pack and Ship - Final Notice!

Posted by Santo Coffee Cubes (Creator)

Dear Santo Backer:

Finally!! We are Ready to Ship!

⚠️ YES!! Santo Coffee Cubes was released from FDA and Customs inspection and its now ready to start packing and shipping to all of our Backers!

Thanks for your patience, this has been a big challenge for us, and we think we made it in short period of time compared to other Kickstarter projects or any other startup business.


⚠️ ATTENTION: We sent an email for your to update your shipping address if you need to, THIS IS THE LAST CHANCE, we unlocked the addresses in our orders for 24 hours, so please if you need to make any changes, look for an email from Backer Kit Santo Coffee Cubes, just like the one for your survey and you are going to be able to change it real quick.

We did this because we received emails of people that moved since they ordered and people that wanted their coffee cues delivered to a different address. Remember it's the last time for you to make changes in the shipping address.


Be prepared to receive your coffee cubes very soon, we are only left with packing and shipping. We would love to hear from you as soon as you receive the product and taste it. Remember, try not to judge delays, shipping, manufacturing time, etc., but do give us your honest opinion about the flavor, convenience, presentation, aroma, and all of that sweet stuff that makes the cubes.  We will send surveys to your email after shipping, so watch for those ! 

Remember, currently, our website says the cubes are “sold out” because all of the cubes we have manufactured as of right now have been pre-ordered and spoken for by you, our backers. More stock will be coming in next week as well and the website will be ready pretty soon (6 days) so you can re-order your coffee cubes, and we’re looking at the possibility of a subscription service for recurrent delivery to your door so you have your coffee every day at your place.  

Thanks for believing in our project and making our dream come true.  


Ian Bernal and the Santo Coffee Cubes Team

PS: Holiday Flavors will be shipped last, since it took a little bit longer to manufacture and packaging is different. It will ship about 3 or 4 days after the regular flavor orders.

PS2: Follow us on Instagram and Facebook if you haven't done so! Click here to follow us!


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      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    2. Buffy Edgar Bandley on

      Still waiting for a response to my numerous emails and comments requesting a refund. I was tired of waiting, so I contacted you to cancel.
      You have not responded.
      I am going to update my complaint with KS.
      Thank You

    3. Missing avatar

      ChrissMelancon on

      Thank you for the updates! Can’t wait to try the coffee cubes. I’m always on the go, so there will be coffee cubes in my purse! How soon can we order additional cubes after our initial backer shipment?

    4. Santo Coffee Cubes Creator on

      Christopher yes! will be ready with stock for future orders in about a week. (Y)
      Thanks for your support!

    5. Missing avatar

      Christopher Pierce on

      Thank you guys for being up front and honest!! Look forward to trying the cubes soon!! Will there be a website I can order future cubes from?