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The easiest and most delicious coffee experience made in a cube. Enjoy the perfect coffee cube with you anywhere at anytime.
The easiest and most delicious coffee experience made in a cube. Enjoy the perfect coffee cube with you anywhere at anytime.
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Finally we have the product in town - We ready to start shipping!

Posted by Santo Coffee Cubes (Creator)

Dear Backers!  

Finally!! We have our product in ORLANDO! We’re shipping next week!  

Boxes and boxes of cubes arrived in the US on the 29th and 30th of January. It has already undergone FDA inspection and will be ready to ship within the next few days. We estimate if everything goes well as planned, shipping will be next week, Tuesday or Wednesday.   

Here are some pictures of the merchandise at MCO airport, sent from the capital of Colombia since our manufacturing headquarters are in Colombia still. Hopefully we can bring that to the States soon.         

Yeah, I know its a lot right? More than 240 master boxes were manufactured. Also, we know we mentioned that we were going to ship around the 31st of January, and that was what we planned for, but the FDA and airport customs took longer than usual to inspect the product completely.   

We are a very small company. Our employees (writers, marketing staff, social media peeps, and founders) are scattered around the US and South America, so not everyone is local to Orlando, which means not everyone’s hands can work on this shopping project here. We did not anticipate certain freight company and import procedures because of the large quantity of product brought over this time. Also, the budget has been limited since we didn't consider many fees, labor, and transportation.   

It’s not easy to start a new business and we actually will not make any profit out of this first batch, but certainly we are grateful for what we have learned. Launching on Kickstarter gave our company tremendous exposure, and with our media connections and  a list of clients and people interested in the product, we are looking at the future with optimism.  Of greatest importance,  we can strongly believe now that we are capable of developing an excellent consumable product that people love.  

Be prepared to receive your coffee cubes very soon. We would love to hear from you as soon as you receive the product and taste it. Remember, try not to judge delays, shipping, manufacturing time, etc., but do give us your honest opinion about the flavor, convenience, presentation, aroma, and all of that sweet stuff that makes the cubes.  We will send surveys to your email after shipping, so watch for those ! 

Remember, currently, our website says the cubes are “sold out” because all of the cubes we have manufactured as of right now have been pre-ordered and spoken for by you, our backers. More stock will be coming in next week as well and the website will be ready pretty soon (7 days) so you can re-order your coffee cubes, and we’re looking at the possibility of a subscription service for recurrent delivery to your door so you have your coffee every day at your place.  

Thanks for believing in our project and making our dream come true.  


Ian Bernal and the Santo Coffee Cubes Team

PS: Holiday Flavors will be shipped last, since it took a little bit longer to manufacture and packaging is different. It will ship about 3 or 4 days after the regular flavor orders.

PS2: Follow us on Instagram and Facebook if you haven't done so! Click here to follow us!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Larry Minch on

      Hey backers, remember we backed this to help them get this product of the drawing board and into our hands, They have been very forth coming with details (much better than a previous company I backed, never received a thing), and learning from issues that have come forth in this process. I am sure they will be shipping soon, and will be ( with our reviews) moving forward with better than expected results. Thanks to their perseverance and dedication to us as backers, i feel they will be able to make the next step and go public.

    2. Missing avatar

      Teri Williams on

      I am sorry to hear that you will not be making a profit with this batch. And I thank you for seeing it as a learning experience even if it is a hard one. Thank you for not giving up. I am here for you.

    3. Buffy Edgar Bandley on

      Ashley, what’s your cut of the profit. Unhappy supporters have the right to voice their feelings.

    4. Missing avatar

      Ashley on

      Yay! I know you guys have had a lot of backlash, judgement, and hate, but I have been trying to stay positive. I can't imagine the work that would go into starting a small business, especially when it involves international shipping. I am excited to try it and best of luck to everyone involved in making this happen!

    5. Missing avatar

      Deborah Leigh on

      Looking forward to tasting your product!

    6. Buffy Edgar Bandley on

      Too late! I have requested you to cancel my order several time and you do not respond to my messages via KS or FB.
      I had no other choice but report you to Kickstarter. You should read the comments people are leaving about your project.

    7. Missing avatar

      Florin Carlin on

      YAY!! Big accomplishment! Small business = Lots of hard work!!! Can’t wait to try the coffee!!

    8. Missing avatar

      Sarah R. Valerio on

      So excited for you guys! Best of luck with your endeavor. I can't wait to get my coffee...but I'm more excited to see your enthusiasm and passion for your business.

    9. Missing avatar

      Catherine on

      Oh my gosh you all must be so excited I’m sooo happy for you!!!! I can’t wait to try it!!!