Santo Coffee Cubes: World's Fastest Cup of Coffee in 30 secs

by Santo Coffee Cubes

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      Christina Fabanich on

      Happy New Year to you as well! Thank you for the update and I can’t wait to receive my Santo Coffee Cubes 😊

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      Treena Ross on

      Happy New Yeat thank you for the update and I look forward to trying these.

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      Treena Ross on

      Thank you for the update looking forward to trying these.

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      Treena Ross on

      Thank you for update I look forward to trying these.

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      Kathy Stolz Silvis on

      Happy New Year Santos people. I am patient☕

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      Lynda Bailey on

      Hey, Santo!! Life happens!! I'm sooooo looking forward to this!! Let's do this!

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      Jeremy Peace on

      Thanks for the update. Can’t wait to try these.

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      Teri Williams on

      Thank you so much!

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      Paula Roseborough on

      I know it will be worth the wait 😀

    10. Cat Kinney on

      Appreciate the update :) <3

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      Larry Minch on

      Thanks for the update. Hope the health issues are able to be resolved, quickly and completely.

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      McKenzie on

      Life happens for sure, but thank you for working so hard!

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      Pamela Zinger on

      Thank you for the update. I can’t wait to hear our orders are being shipped.
      Wishing you a very prosperous, productive, and happy 2019!

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      Dave Garrett on

      Please how much longer you have a lot of people who have invested in this and have been told mid December delivery and now were being told mid January
      Please give us some satisfaction I haven't even gotten any of the so called samples, so as you can see why I am getting quite sceptical

      Charles Garrett

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      Larry Minch on

      Thank you for the update. Unfortunate production issues, but I am sure things are getting back on track. I do look forward receiving the cubes, and I know you will accomplish this quickly.
      The Best of 2019 to you all.

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      Lysa whitehead on

      Thank you for the update, though it was slow in coming. Looking forward to receiving my sample pack. Hey, maybe you could throw in a few extra cubes for the very long delay....

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      Lisa Sadowski on

      This is the first project that I have funded, reluctantly I might add because I am a skeptic. In spite of that I have attempted to remain patient throughout these numerous delays. Things do happen after all. I have to admit however that I am beginning to wonder if this will happen, will I get the product I ordered? This really looked great. I did not get samples but as a coffee drinker I really wanted to try it. A few weeks ago the update stated that production was 98% complete. Why not start shipping? I am sure that some orders could be met. Please get this going.

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      Aisha Umar on

      Hello! Just wondering if there were any updates on delivery?

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      Bruce Sundberg on

      Mid January is upon us. Just looking for an update on shipping.

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      Leah Finley on

      Today is January 19th........any idea when my order will be shipped????

    21. Buffy Edgar Bandley on

      Getting ready to ask for my money back. When?!??

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      Anne Ahrens on

      When will we finally get something we paid for a super l9ng time ago???

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      Theresa Ayers on

      Update needed.....