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The easiest and most delicious coffee experience made in a cube. Enjoy the perfect coffee cube with you anywhere at anytime.
The easiest and most delicious coffee experience made in a cube. Enjoy the perfect coffee cube with you anywhere at anytime.
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Dear Backers - What do expect now?

Posted by Santo Coffee Cubes (Creator)

Hello Backers!

We’ve said it already, but we can’t say it enough: Thank you for your part in pushing Santo Coffee Cubes into an official business. We’ll always be grateful that you saw us at our beginnings and supported us to make our dream a reality.

Although the Kickstarter emails promised a 24-hour turnaround to get those surveys to you, Kickstarter then explained to us that the email can’t be sent out until they are finished processing peoples’ cards. As some peoples’ cards don’t fulfill transactions quickly, it will actually take 7-8 days before we can send the surveys out. Everyone who pledged will get a survey and need to respond, even if you didn’t order a package that allows you to choose flavors. Your survey is your way to get to us your shipping address and information on "add ons" on additional pledges that you made. We can’t ship to you until you fill out the survey! (If you have not gotten any emails from Kickstarter yet, please check your spam/junk folder, as lots of people have been finding their correspondances there.) If you want to order more or you missed Santo Coffee Cubes, check here our last deals available.

But don’t worry! We ordered all the packaging and ingredients already and started production of cubes this week. We’re going to send you some pictures of the production process in our next update. We still plan to ship in 2-3 weeks, right on schedule as our production timeline states! Dream of hot Colombian coffee at all your Christmas parties. 😊

So, what’s next? We were invited by Indiegogo to create an account as one of their premier InDemand starter companies. Although Indiegogo is another crowdfunding platform, we are not using it that. Since we completed our Kickstarter campaign, we have the funds we need to produce cubes and begin the company officially, but having an account on Indiegogo allows people to continue to order until we get our website up.

We’ve already completed the first two goals we made as a company ($30,000 in less than 7 hours, and then $60,000 in one week), so our next goal as a company is to raise $150,000 total. With this money raised, we can bring our production headquarters (currently back in Colombia) here to the US—specifically to where I live in Florida.

We are so crazy thankful for you! 

The Santo Coffee Cubes Team 

Ian Bernal, Fabian Cordoba, Hector Santiago, Horacio, and Grace Peters

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    1. Santo Coffee Cubes Creator on

      @Sandra Edwards,

      Thanks for you pledge. We are waiting on Kickstarter to finish payment processing to start emailing all of the backers for information about flavors and shipping addresses. However, our production has already started and we will be shipping around Mid December as our production timeline on our Kickstarter page showed. We have also sent out Emails and Updates on Kickstarter. Please double check your email, to see further information and what to expect from now on since the campaign is over.

      Thanks again


      Santo Coffee Cubes

    2. Karen Bebensee

      @Sandra one ever sends you a product and THEN takes a payment. You don't walk into a store, leave with products, then pay when you get home.

      As a die-hard coffee drinker, I am excited for this product. Can't wait! Thanks

    3. Sandra Edwards on

      Explain took the money I pledged however I have yet to receive my "survey" which will allow me to pick my flavors and provide my shipping information! Any purchases I've made in the past from ANY company they ALWAYS mailed the product and THEN processed the payment. I am losing my patience with "Santos" and your can believe I will not be making any additional orders in the future, no matter how good the coffee cubes are!!

    4. Virginia Marks on

      Thank you for making Santo Coffee cubes. I look forward to being able to try different flavors. I happy to be one of your backers.