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$12,669 pledged of $42,000 goal
$12,669 pledged of $42,000 goal

Playing with spinning parts and motion reactive.

The luminance platform is a development kit. Here is an example of the types of things it enables. Here is the color changing when sensing low, medium and high acceleration.

With the prototype hardware, I changed the code to select solid colors at different speeds and started spinning it. For idle it was off, slow is red, spinning a little faster turns it green, really fast and it goes blue. Since gravity increases or decreases the acceleration at different parts of the loop, you see red at the top, green on the sides and just a splash of blue at the highest acceleration point near the bottom.

While the camera had to shoot slow to see it, our eye balls do persistence of vision (POV) all the time making it a continuous arc of changing colors. I did try waving out a rainbow and while the eyes do a decent job of seeing it, the camera has some issues capturing it. I will be adding a reward level to include two motion sensing fiber plumes with poi cords to spin them on.

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    1. mpinner on May 13, 2012

      where is the video? and build photos?