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Update #2

Hackerspaces and Hackers on "Unchained Reaction"


If you have been watching the new show by the Mythbusters from the start, you have already seen team Crashspace in the opening episode. Book ending the series in Episode 6 is a second team of Crashspace members including Wendy, Michelle, Mark, Chandra and myself.

Since it was the finale the Discovery Channel gave us an increased pyro budget to play with. We had a week of 11-12hr days to build, all sorts of cool things to build with and a missing link that was, lets just say, a good match for a team of Hackers. I am not allowed to tell you who won but I encourage you to watch myself and the other crashers on April 22 on Discovery Channel. I can say that it was an awesome challenge, a whole bunch of work and a lot of fun.


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    CORE SUPPORT: Congratulations! You will be receiving the core Luminance development system. Including an Arduino compatible main board, your choice of an accelerometer sensor shield or spectrum analyzer shield, your choice of the FET driver shield or the RGB output shield and two prototyping shields. All the parts you need to build your motion or sound reactive lighting project. (Add $10 to ship to Canada, $15 for international shipping.)

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    FULL SPECTRUM SUPPORT: Be one of the first to receive a full Luminance system from the first run of production and save. Support at this level will be rewarded with sound reactive Luminance development kit. This includes the Arduino compatible main board, the spectrum shield, RGB LED shield coupled into a 15-20cm fiber optic plume built into an aluminum enclosure that can be used freestanding or held in ones hand and moved around. Only avaliable as part of the kickstarter, the first 50 backers at this level also get a Makerbot printed base to hold the entire system upright and stable. (Add $10 to ship to Canada, $15 for international shipping.)

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    TRULY MOVING SUPPORT: Receive the motion reactive Luminance development system. The Arduino compatible main board, the accelerometer sensor shield, the FET driver shield and a pigtail for an addressable LED strip all housed in a sealed aluminum cylinder. The reactive motion controller will connect to a one meter individually addressable LED led strip that I will look to source mounted on Velcro backing to make the development of reactive clothing trivially easy. In addition the first 50 backers at this level will receive a Makerbot printed holding clip (like what is used to hold a bike pump) to easily integrate the controller with your project. (Add $10 to ship to Canada, $15 for international shipping.)

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    COMPLETE SUPPORT: Thank you for supporting all aspects of the Luminance project. In return for your support you will receive all produced components of the development platform. You will receive the main board, the accelerometer shield, the spectrum shield, the RGB LED shield, the FET power driver shield, two prototyping shields, the aluminum housing, fiber optic plume and one meter Velcro backed addressable LED strip. Mixing and matching from these parts enable exploration of all the possible applications of combinations of the Luminance development system. Available only during the kickstarter project, the first 50 supporters at this level will also get a choice of a Makerbot printed base for the sound reactive system or a mounting clip for use with the motion reactive one. Mixing in your own components will realize the goal of this project to provide the base system to be extended by your imagination into an amazing reactive lighting system.

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    SPINNING SUPPORT: Receive TWO motion reactive Luminance development kits. These will be similar to the reward for FULL SPECTRUM SUPPORT but the sound reactive boards will be replaced with motion sensing. In addition this reward adds padding for the aluminum case, a harness to hold it and poi cords for spinning it.

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