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$12,669 pledged of $42,000 goal

Hackerspaces and Hackers on "Unchained Reaction"

If you have been watching the new show by the Mythbusters from the start, you have already seen team Crashspace in the opening episode. Book ending the series in Episode 6 is a second team of Crashspace members including Wendy, Michelle, Mark, Chandra and myself.

Since it was the finale the Discovery Channel gave us an increased pyro budget to play with. We had a week of 11-12hr days to build, all sorts of cool things to build with and a missing link that was, lets just say, a good match for a team of Hackers. I am not allowed to tell you who won but I encourage you to watch myself and the other crashers on April 22 on Discovery Channel. I can say that it was an awesome challenge, a whole bunch of work and a lot of fun.



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