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We're looking to increase our stage props to support our growing show and replace our existing shed structure.
We're looking to increase our stage props to support our growing show and replace our existing shed structure.
31 backers pledged $1,130 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

The shed, USPS and where we're at

I've been a bit busy and have meant to get this post in two days ago but with the last minute rush of things to get done before festival starts and work I simply have let it slip.  NO MORE I SAY, NO MORE!! (kind of obvious since you're reading this and I had to post it, but it's early and I'm still waking up....humor me.)

In less than 24 hours we'll be getting dressed and heading up to cast call for the first day of the renaissance festival.

o there are some picture I'll load below at what the new shed looks like...these were taken before the finishing touches were put onto it but it's about 90% done in these photos.

I also mailed all the tickets, pictures, rewards etc Wedneday morning.  I actually heard from a couple of people that they recieved it on Thursday in the mail which really impressed me. (GO USPS!!) If there are any issues drop me a line and we'll get it sorted out.

Thanks again and enjoy the pictures below!


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Thus begins the rewards making

Hey folks, just thought I'd share with you a couple pictures from last night putting the leather hats together for our 75.00 and 100.00 backers.  (I'll be in touch with you folks about the colors you'd like them dyed, I realize I didn't include that in the survey)

Otherwise the rewards are coming along nicely and we're on schedule to get everything out to everyone before Renaissance Festival starts as I'm actually ahead of my costuming this year (GASP!!!)

Thank you again for your support and we'll be in touch!


(Picture 1) Hats ready to be sewn together, having just been traced and cut out using our super secret pattern that you can mostly see here...d'oh

(Picture 2) Beginning sewing of the first hat (I even stopped to make sure I didn't get my finger caught, genius...what?)

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Thank you to you all


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The sun starts to set

At the time of this update we are just under 36 hours left on our campaign. 

Thank you very much for those that have donated your hard earned income to this project,

Thank you for those that have taken the time to share this on the social network sites

Most importantly, Thank you, you that make this possible.  I've posted before that performing this character is a dream/goal come true and that still stands.  One thing that I've learned in this year of changes is that the friends and fans of the Robin Hood show absolutely blow my mind.

So with 30 some hours remaining this is the last call for victory.  We still have some great deals for people that back the campaign and we need you once again, Please take the 1 - 2 minutes to copy and paste our campaign link to your twitter, Facebook, Google+, Myspace, etc.  We still have plenty of time to reach our super stretch goal of 1100.00 and, as it's always been the case, we can't do it without you.



One of those things you don't realize until you get there

A few weeks back when we first thought of starting a kickstarter campaign as a solution to our predicament Sean and I both looked at how it was supposed to work and did a little research on it.  The day we created the layout and submitted it for approval a couple of people sent me links on how 40 something percent of kickstarters don't succeed.

Where are you going with this ramble Ted???  I'm getting there I'm getting there...keep your britches on!!!

Anyway one of the "Tips/reccomendations" was to set your campaign for 38 days.  Not knowing any better that's exactly what I did.  Come to realize later that means the campaign ends on July 26th and per Kickstarter up to another 14 days for the funds to be collected and another 5 days for those funds to be that's 20 days, (not including weekends) that puts us at about the 22nd of August for having access to purchase everything....when MN Renaissance Festival starts August 18th and the Shed is already being torn down. 

OOPS!! This is why I didn't become an engineer

That being said We've found a solution to this and will get it paid back/off when the campaign is fully funded come August.

and finally....the main point that I want to say that I haven't remotely come close to mentioning yet (this is why I didn't become an author) .......We've ordered the Swords!!

<cheers fanfare!!!!>

Thanks to all of our backers and friends who've made this possible by donations or spreading our campaign out there.  We've still got another 9 days to go and we did set a super stretch goal of 1100.00 which I firmly believe we can reach. 

Hugs and love from Sherwood!