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An up-close look at the Life and Soul below the waterline in one of the most beautiful places on earth. St John, US Virgin Islands.

An up-close look at the Life and Soul below the waterline in one of the most beautiful places on earth. St John, US Virgin Islands. Read More
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An extraordinary look at one of the smallest, most unique islands in the world, told through the lens of local cinematographer Franklin Tulloch and a group of local writers and artists. The Virgin Islands extraordinary beauty has been recognized world wide, now its time to show what's Under St John.

FOCUS OF PROJECT:  We are looking to create an in-depth look at our community based on the beauty that surrounds us. My plan is to approach each part of the series from a different angle. These include, Personal Profile, Artistic, Environmental, Historical, Activist and Natural Beauty.

Part 1:  Lions of the Deep: The invasion of the lion fish into our local waters (CORE) An up-close look at local efforts to rid our waters of what could become one of the worst ecological disasters in this area in the past 30 years. FOCUS: ACTIVISM, Group Awareness, Front line work. Environmental effects.

Part 2:  Breeding Grounds: The clear waters surrounding St. John support a diverse and complex system of coral reefs. The health of these reefs is closely tied to its component plants and animals as well as adjacent non-coral marine environments such as sandy bottoms, sea grass beds, and mangrove forests.   The mangrove habitat in Hurricane Holes provides protective and ecologically important habitat for many land-based and marine organisms.  FOCUS: ENVIRONMENTAL

Part 3:  Once For Research: Tektite:  Tektite was an underwater research project on saturation diving and took place from February 15 to April 15, 1969, in Greater Lameshur Bay on the island of St. John, USVI .  The seafloor program was to be 60 days, equivalent to space missions that were planned for the future and by far the longest saturation dive to date. FOCUS: HISTORICAL: a look back in time (film and photos), Dive the site, and take a look back through history on this once in a lifetime experiment.

Part 4: Locals Only: FISH POV: Have you ever wanted to be a fish? Swimming in and out of the most beautiful coral beds and sea plant life on earth. Welcome to your new home under the sea. Go on a tour in a most interesting way.  An extraordinary visual swim through of our reef system and a visit with the sea creatures that call it home.  FOCUS: ARTISTIC: locally written Prose Piece combined with locally produced music.

Part 5:  Hook and Line: Close up look at the ancient art of deep sea line fishing with local Coral Bay expert Sloan Keating. I would like to take guidance from local Carol Beckowitz on this subject as she has been researching this for some time. Interviews will include older fisherman and their art, and photography going out with Sloan Locally.  A Historical look back, along with the new blood using a time old art.  FOCUS: NATURAL BEAUTY: 

Part 6: Love City Life: A look into life on a small island, and how important the sea is to life in the Caribbean. From lobster hunting to conch collection. Taking advantage of what the sea provides at the same time understanding how important it is to be environmentally friendly to our local waters and sea life. FOCUS: PERSONAL PROFILES

We are planning 6 parts 30 mins each but hopefully funding will allow us longer.

This is a small promo clip (compressed) from our film.

If you have never visited St John before this is a unique opportunity to be directly involved with our project.

Thank you to Everyone for the Support!! This should be an amazing set of films that we can all appreciate for years to come and be proud of.

Director: E Franklin Tulloch
Music: DJ B Rock (Beau Brock)

Writing: Carol Beckowitz, Susan Elaine


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