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From John Kricfalusi, creator of Ren and Stimpy, comes "Cans Without Labels", a George Liquor Cartoon.
From John Kricfalusi, creator of Ren and Stimpy, comes "Cans Without Labels", a George Liquor Cartoon.
From John Kricfalusi, creator of Ren and Stimpy, comes "Cans Without Labels", a George Liquor Cartoon.
3,562 backers pledged $136,723 to help bring this project to life.

Stretch Goals

Hi folks

now that we have a few days left maybe we can aim for some more stuff to animate. I was thinking of animating a movie trailer preview of a Sody Pop story. See the front page of Cans Without Labels. Question: Should I censor it or show some nipple action? Will someone be offended?


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    1. Andy Simmons on

      Maybe the DVD should just look like a single huge nipple. The kids would love that.

    2. Missing avatar

      Muffalopadus on

      Well if pores are a no-go, then go with the nipples.

      OF COURSE SOMEONE WILL BE OFFENDED, but screw them. Put nipples on everything.

    3. John Kricfalusi Creator on

      I'll leave the pores to Dreamworks.

    4. Mikko Hekanaho on

      More nipples and skin pores both. Especially zitty skin pores.

    5. Missing avatar

      Pseudonym on

      I personally wouldn't put the nipples in, but you shouldn't listen to me. I didn't put money into this project so that you'd listen to my opinion on the matter. If I wanted to piss all over someone else's creative vision, I'd be a TV executive.

      You should consider more skin pores, though. Can't have enough skin pores.

    6. Bernardo Valenzuela Torres on


    7. Troy Fischer on

      John, you've already drawn them. This aint Nickelodeon, so keep the nips please!

    8. Michael Matzat on

      If you need boobs because it´s your vision than do it. Why crowdfund something if you put yourselfs in the same shackels as a tv station would do?

    9. Jesse Oliver on

      Also John, I support you 100%!!!

    10. Jesse Oliver on


      I just hope you'll still do the Behind the Scenes feature and the Alternate Ending of "Cans Without Labels"

    11. Nathan Palm on

      I'll be offended if I don't get nipples!

    12. A Lonely Weeaboo on

      Try giving an option for censored or uncensored.

    13. John Kricfalusi Creator on


      I noticed that a few people decreased or canceled their pledges. I wonder if it's because of the Sody cartoon.

      Maybe I should remove that stretch goal from the page and just offer it up if I reach that amount anyway.

    14. Alfred Sterphone III on

      No censorship. All art. John K - you're my hero.

    15. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    16. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    17. Daniel Dahn on

      The more the better. The cats should have nipples too

    18. Missing avatar

      mark on

      nah, the more nipples the better...

    19. Nicolas Martinez on

      *By goal, I'm referring to the $180,000, goal.

    20. Nicolas Martinez on

      Constantly showing uncensored nipples would get a little redundant, so "censoring" them as part of a few gags would be better and leave them uncensored when they're actually shown.

      I've also done some calculations, and if each the current 2,893 backers add another $25, we'll surpass the goal. We can do it!

    21. Kathleen Philips on

      Seeeeeeeensorsheeeeep, smmmmmeeeeeensorsheeeeeeep.

    22. brian silva on

      " What's the point of putting it on TV if you have the cartoon in your hands?"

      And how! TV is dead, man.

    23. Scott Alexander on

      Uncensored with a censorship gag!

    24. Daniel Korner on

      I'm all for uncensored but censoring as part of a joke would be good too! If some jokes work better censored, do it this way, if some jokes wor besser uncensored then that.

    25. registradus on

      Uncensored. That's pretty much the reason this crowd-funding business exists.

    26. Liquidbings on

      I say uncensored all the way!

    27. Nate Bear on

      Nips all the way, buddy!

      Maybe you make 2 version and charge more for the uncensored...

    28. Alejandro Kondrasky on

      Sir, we all have nipples! Some with hair, big boobs or not. And is in John K's spirit to be a kinky ;)

    29. Manuel Infantino on

      I prefer huge straight nipples under a sexy tigh shirt

    30. Marc M. Kloosterman on

      Everyone needs a Log!

      And censor free nipples!

    31. Jared Pflaumer on

      I found the picture a bit disturbing to randomly find in my email. In general, I'd think that censoring it would make it more available to show a larger audience, which makes it the correct choice, regardless of how horny the Internet is. I don't know the Sody Pop story though and how important the role of nipples play, so that might give more importance to whatever the goal of that cartoon is supposed to be.

    32. Calvin Garcia on

      *woops..."the" not "they"

    33. Calvin Garcia on

      Yeah, no censorship! :D

      It would be awesome if you and your crew started your own cartoon channel for TV / Internets (raising funds through Kickstarter) that would allow a new generation of cartoon artists to flourish, like during the Termite Terrace days, creating all kinds of fun cartoons (they type of cartoons created by Clampett, Avery, the Fleischer's, and more recently Spumco)


      It would be cool to see a whole new non-hippie revolution in Cartoon Animation!

    34. Joshua Kahan on

      Screw it, embrace the internet and it uncensored glory. If someone's offended: Good! It means your challenging them in some wierd 'Don't you like nipples?' way.

    35. Missing avatar

      Alex Nguyen on

      No censorship! I can't possibly imagine something from you guys that would offend me.

    36. Gaston Ragnar Rippinger on

      and in case of censorship...could i maybe get a european version WITH nipples...i live in germany..

    37. Gaston Ragnar Rippinger on

      yeah...uhm, i know it's lame when people say stuff like the following's to the point so:

      what eduardo and jimmy said.

      no need for censorship!
      i think the people who back this will, without a doubt, KNOW who John K is and LOVE what John K does :)


      censoring is for the tv people..isnt the idea of this whole kickstarter campaign that you can do whatever you want?

      let the freak flag fly my friend...and sell me that drawing. me.

    39. Missing avatar

      Luke H on

      Who cares about it being on tv? Not me. And, with more and more places on U.S. tv allowing stuff like that (the pay channels and virtual channels hitting tv via Roku or Apple TV) this could actually appear there easily WITHOUT being censored. Cool to see you expanding on the project possibilities John!

    40. eduardo frutos on

      I'll be offended if you censor it... i loved the Ren & Stimpy "Lost episodes"

    41. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    42. John Kricfalusi Creator on

      What's the point of putting it on TV if you have the cartoon in your hands? Then they'd break it up with irritating commercials. Besides TV wouldn't show the Sody cartoon in the first place because of the very premise.

      But you can have it despite all the TV restrictions.

    43. Missing avatar

      Doug Wood on

      No Nipple action - because I'd love for the chance to see this on regular TV, and not have to be censored.

    44. Adam Zolciak on

      It's a no brainer, do both versions and put a warning on the nipple version. Not too much more work to keep many fans happy:). That way if anyone is "offended" it was their own damn fault twice(once for buying/viewing and twice for clicking past a warning).

    45. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    46. panewman on

      No Nipple Action. But not because offended viewer, but because I think the pic looks better and more alluring with scantily clad breasts.

    47. Wojtek Sal

      Nipple action! Of course we'll all be offended, but in a good way.