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A glorious garden project for urban self sustainability is in need of funds to build a chicken coop.
A glorious garden project for urban self sustainability is in need of funds to build a chicken coop.
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  My roommates and I have been on a path to achieve urban self sustainability.  Taking our baby steps in organic gardening, bio-dynamic farming, permiculture and all around basic survival-ism, we believe a chicken coop and a batch of chickens is the next natural project.  Help us feed the neighbors and ourselves with fresh eggs and organic produce while we face this economic scourge.    Please view the video presentation and supply list to get a glimpse of the current setup and layout of the proposed plans.Thanks for taking a gander at this proposal, Peace Out!Oh and here is a short video of the soil sifter/compost bin hybrid I built and designed months ago- this proves I got the skill to shuffle away the bills.  Thanks again, please donate!

Chicken Coop Supply List and Prices


2x4-   120ft /8ft= 15- 8ft pieces-------------$1.98 X 15=          $29.70

2x2-   122ft /8ft= 16- 8ft pieces----------------$1.57 X 15=      $25.12

1x3-   112ft /8ft= 14- 8ft pieces---------------$ 1.79 X 14=      $25.06

Plywood-1 piece of 4x8x 15/32-------------------------------        $28.12

                1 piece of 4x8x 1/4------------------------------         $24.42

Wood screws, - 1”--------------------------------------------             $4.76

                          2”-------------------------------------------           $5.98

                             3”-----------------------------------------          $7.98

Corrugated roofing ------------------------------------  X2              $32.44

Chicken Wire Roll-------------------------------------------             $40.00

Staples---------------------------------------------------------              $3.28

3 sets of Hinges----------------------------------------------             $7.98



2 Door latches------------------------------------------------              $2.49 X2

Full-Size Sheet Pan X2 --------------------------------------          $15.00

Water Feeder-------------------------------------------------              $5.99

Heat Lamp-----------------------------------------------------              $12.97

                  + fixture ------------------------------------------          $9.97

Wood stain, 1 gallon----------------------------------------            $27.74

Chickens-------- 4 X $15.00---------------------------------           60.00

                                                         Total + ----          $ 377.96

                     With extra expenses rounded up ----        $400.00

                      + 10% payment processing fees----        $440.00

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