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Gauntlet like action with a unique hero switching mechanic! it's not just another roguelike.
Gauntlet like action with a unique hero switching mechanic! it's not just another roguelike.
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    1. Michael Black (deleted) on August 24, 2016

      Honestly, it's still better than anything EA's put out in 20 years.

    2. Euuuge on August 23, 2016

      Damn just read the post mortem update. I don't regularly catchup on kickstarter but damn sorry to hear. Good luck for what ever you future may bring. I will not attempt refunding my pledge.

    3. SMASHWORX Creator on August 15, 2016

      hey styroteqe, I'm waiting for KS to give me the go ahead because of the refunds. I set them out a few weeks ago.

    4. styroteqe on August 1, 2016

      Any idea when the finalish builds will be posted? I would still like to see what became of the project, unfinished as it may be.

    5. Kurt K
      on June 29, 2016

      I won't condemn the group for their efforts to bring this game to fruition and from the testimony given I do believe the genuine intent was there. However I do take issue with the unrealistic optimism and flawed judgement from the offset combined with a failure to keep us adequately updated. Almost 7 months between a posting for a Holiday build to the final Post Mortem with nothing in between? Your initial choices doomed this project as you based you actions on a simple hope that something good would happen, a Publisher, to make it viable, and that no unexpected events could possibly occur. Kickstarter is a business and must be treated like one. Talent in programming doesn't equate to good business acumen. For these reasons having backed many projects, I do want a refund. A common sense judgement that setting a goal for the funds you needed, if this had been done, was all that it would have taken to produce a different outcome. Had that been done, I would not be making this request.

    6. Missing avatar

      Eric Zimmerman on June 23, 2016

      I want to stand up for the Smashworkx team. I know them from the local NYC game development community and they have put many long hours into The Hero Trap - I have seen them playtesting it dozens of times at local events over the last couple of years.

      They are a talented and dedicated team, and finishing a game is exacting and demanding work. We have to remember that Kickstarter is about supporting creative projects, not pre-ordering products. Nik and Smashworks have a solid reputation in the industry through games like Killer Queen. I for one value their honesty with their backers and support their difficult decision to cancel the project.

    7. Joshington Bear on June 22, 2016

      All of these people saying, "I'll never back a game again!" -- too bad! Some times projects fail. We all take the risk support people who make games we want to play. Sometimes these projects don't pan out. I'm sorry I won't get to play the game that I wanted, but I know the developers are in a worse position than I am.

      Smashworx, I wish you good luck in the future. Sorry this project didn't work. I do not need a refund.

      Best of luck!

    8. Matthew Juarez on June 22, 2016

      First Kickstarter project I've ever backed and I was so disappointed. Thanks Smashworx, I would like a refund if possible

    9. SGL, INC.
      on June 22, 2016

      I second the request to open source this. In particular the art & sound assets would be of value, even if the game isn't of value. Strip the commercial plugins out of the project (document which ones need to be in there to compile), and post it somewhere.

      Alternatively, why not bundle up the assets, release them in asset stores and give backers coupon codes?

    10. Mike Kumlin on June 21, 2016

      Lesson learned. Tired of getting burned backing games.

    11. Brad Gruetzmacher on June 1, 2016

      It's been over two years since I threw my support behind this game. What happened to it? I mean, outside of it being completely scrapped and the whole game changed. The Hero Trap was the first, and only, Kickstarter game I've ever backed, and it's been on heck of a lesson. I will never back another game again. I've learned my lesson.

    12. SMASHWORX Creator on May 6, 2016

      Tracey, yes definitely a dungeon crawler.

    13. Tracey Craig
      on May 5, 2016

      Just read the last update, i'm going through my huge backlog of kickstarter games to see if there is any progress on games i backed in 2014. So The Hero Trap has undergone a huge overhaul, so am i correct in thinking it's still a Dungeon Crawler?

    14. SMASHWORX Creator on March 1, 2016

      Rebecca, I'm sorry that you are disappointed. Would you would like a refund?

    15. Missing avatar

      Rebecca Quiggle on March 1, 2016

      So this is a dead project right? After almost two years and the decision to completely change the premise of the game I am for the first time very disappointed in backing a project and have been turned off of backing video games because of this. At least it was only a $12 lesson and not a more substantial amount of money.

    16. Matt Koehler on February 6, 2016

      Honestly I am with @Garret Hipple, I liked the original version you guys had pitched in the video more so than the current build. The whole premise has changed, and unfortunately it looks worse than it did over a year ago

    17. SMASHWORX Creator on February 3, 2016

      Yes, we are close to feature complete on the first dungeon.

    18. Philipp Haubold on February 3, 2016

      Anythig happened? :)

    19. SMASHWORX Creator on December 9, 2015

      Absolutely not. Working on it every day!

    20. Mike Kumlin on December 9, 2015

      So is this dead?

    21. Missing avatar

      Ty Bailey on September 11, 2015

      Now that we are a year past delivery, wondering if I can play the game even in an iffy state...

    22. RagerX on July 7, 2015

      What the heck happened to this? Is this another failed kickstarter? It's 2015... Oh, you made it so we could play a boy (or girl) now. Great work team...

      A quality quote here "eh, it happens. works some, regroup, carry on.". Kudos!!

    23. Garrett Hipple on July 7, 2015

      A little frustrated to hear you have completely changed the game. This is not at all the type of game i signed up for.

    24. Freeze Winfrey on July 7, 2015

      I invested in hero trap because liked the original concept. I hate this new game you've created. I wouldn't have invested had it been what you are saying in your newest blog post.

    25. SMASHWORX Creator on February 17, 2015

      Hey Michael,
      Yeah that's over we are "in the black" again, but no, there's not a new build but we will try to put one up before the next show.

    26. Michael Black (deleted) on February 17, 2015

      Oh I hadn't heard about the out of money part. Is there a current download available with the progress to date?

    27. SMASHWORX Creator on February 9, 2015

      eh, it happens. works some, regroup, carry on.

    28. Brett Huntoon on February 9, 2015

      you guys ran out of money? ouch..

    29. SMASHWORX Creator on February 3, 2015

      Not to worry Jérémie, we will record and post on Youtube :)

    30. Nexy
      on February 3, 2015

      Hi there, I'd love to attend the hangout sessions but I'm afraid I won't be able to be here at fixed time and everything, so I'll follow the updates on facebook :) Thanks :)

    31. SMASHWORX Creator on January 28, 2015

      Will do Brad. We will start recording a google hangout and announcing both here, twitter and facebook.

    32. Brad Dancer
      on January 28, 2015

      Please update here as well, not going to follow you on FB and I assumed this is dead with no updates

    33. SMASHWORX Creator on January 6, 2015

      Hi Jérémie, good point. I will try to update FB more often. Just so you know, we now have a build that runs on Vita and have started porting to PS4. The big problem is that we decided that we really didn't like the dungeon generation and there were some other problems with the game design that we have been addressing. One idea that I thought might be fun is to have a google hangout on a semi regular basis to talk about the project, where we are, issues that are coming up etc. It seems simpler and more straight forward than a blog. Does that sound appealing to anyone?

    34. Nexy
      on January 6, 2015

      Hi all, happy new year! :)
      I believe you keep on working hard on the game, but I'd really like to hear from you guys officially, I checked the previous messaged and liked your FB page but there hasn't been any update since May 2014.

      Thanks in advance

    35. Paul Anthony Maddaloni on October 8, 2014

      The proposed delivery date of September 2014 seemed quite ambitious since the Kickstarter just ended in April, and I totally understand that it looks like this had to be pushed back. Any idea on how far away a final build might be, and when we would see this available for PS4? We haven't gotten an update since September came and went :)
      Thanks for all your hard work!

    36. Michael Black (deleted) on October 7, 2014

      Some of us work at ridiculous places that think they're the NSA and block Facebook.

    37. Brad Dancer
      on September 11, 2014

      No!!!!! Post on FB all you want, of course- but not everyone is either on it or wants to use FB for following you guys. Please still post here 1X a month or so - we pledged here, not on FB!

    38. SMASHWORX Creator on September 9, 2014

      We don't have a dev blog, but we do have a facebook page . I'll try to post to it more often.

    39. Brad Dancer
      on September 7, 2014

      Any updates since 7/25 - good to post at least 1X a month to let us know what's going on

    40. Kyle O'Brien on September 3, 2014

      Do you guys have a dev blog or anything of the sort posted somewhere? It would be great to see updates, status, release date moves, etc. Thanks for any info!

    41. SMASHWORX Creator on June 25, 2014

      @Caden, us too! working hard to make it happen :)

    42. Caden Beck on June 11, 2014

      Any more news? :D I'm too stoked for this game

    43. eco ri on May 9, 2014

      @Brett: We are busy developing the game at the moment, as well as making a proposal to get a publishing deal to make the game even better (aka more bang for your buck).

    44. Brett Huntoon on May 8, 2014

      seriously. nothing?

    45. Brett Huntoon on April 24, 2014

      when do y'all think we'll start hearing things

    46. Eric Russo on April 15, 2014

      Happy to see the project was funded :) Congrats, guys!

      There's a new Indie game for PC and Wii U ending soon that features a lot of characters from games like Guacamelee, Trine, Mutant Mudds, and the cast of Game Grumps from Youtube. We're trying to spread the word and it seems like something this group would enjoy, so check it out :)

    47. DAG on April 15, 2014

      Phew! I thought you weren't going to make it! Congrats!

    48. Missing avatar

      Hugo Araujo Moraleida on April 15, 2014

      AWWWWW YES! Congratulations guys! You deserved it! Can't wait to see the finished game!

    49. Qaantar
      on April 15, 2014


    50. Kurt K
      on April 14, 2014

      Thanks, just upped my donation by 20 for the t-shirt

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