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My son, David, the Boo-Monster, has low-functioning autism and  is my entire world. So I've created an entire fantasy world for him.
My son, David, the Boo-Monster, has low-functioning autism and is my entire world. So I've created an entire fantasy world for him.
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Long and Long Overdue Update


Hello to all, 

First, I would like to sincerely apology for this extremely overdue update. I will go into some detail as to the events that led to the shameful delay. I do realize that those events are in no way a valid excuse for my lack of transparency. Some of the things I will be posting are of an extremely personal nature, and while I am generally very private on such matters, I certainly owe you all an explanation. 

I will say that the project will still be coming, with some changes that I will explain further below. 

As many of you are aware, upon the completion of this Kickstarter, I underwent a quadruple bypass surgery that  led to a substantial delay in finishing the project as intended. Upon recovery I tried to continue writing the book, which I was writing very quickly when this Kickstarter was conceived, but ran into some difficulties in the creative process due, in part, to my health issues and the long lay-off from the creative momentum I had going before the surgery. 

I had, at the time, begun a new work from home job and was experiencing a severe case of writer's block. I had lost track of the original vision and began doubting myself. I eventually chose to just plow ahead and finish the novel with the intention of fixing any problems after I was finished. The result was a confusing, overwrought story that was, despite some very good moments, a terrible piece of storytelling. I convinced myself that this was only a first draft and that it could be repaired. 

Already, I was feeling immense guilt and shame over not fulfilling my promise to those that put their faith in the project and was afraid to confront that shame by letting you all in on the poor quality of the first draft. 

In the following months, a series of awful life events occurred, including the sudden loss of my younger sister and the deterioration of my relationship with David's mother that led to the mutual decision to end our marriage.

For those concerned, David's mother and I get along fine, better than in years, really,  and we are working together to provide David with all the love and support he needs. David now spends plenty of time with us both and as a result of the break up, Boo has more people to love and care for him in two separate homes. While the original transition may have been hard at first, I feel David has adjusted well and continues to be a very happy Boo-Monster. 

Things are good now, but I had reached a very dark place at that time and was not sure I could survive the consequences of my consistent personal failings. In the end, everything does happen for a reason. All parties are doing fine and there is no ill will. As always, David, gave me the necessary motivation to carry on when things seemed hopeless. 

Returning to the project, I didn't even know how to begin to explain to my backers the events that prevented the project from being fully realized. The longer it took me to update the more embarrassed I was at my lack of transparency. 

Substantial changes are being made to the project. The story will be less epic in scope and instead focus on the happy, if some times, frustrating challenges of raising a beautiful little monster with "the distance." Don't get me wrong, there will be plenty of adventures, just not a huge epic tale that forgets the story's original message.

So again, despite being very late, Legends of the Boo-Monster will still happen, and the trying times that forged this new creative space will make the book all the better.

I can not thank you enough for your patience, or apologize enough for the unforgivable delay. 



At Last!


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Boo-Daddy vs. The Grim Reaper II

Dearest Backers, 

In my last update, I tried to explain some of the reasons why I was running behind on the production of "Legends of the Boo-Monster." While all of those little crises, mentioned there, were formidable, they were not the looming Crisisosaurus that was planning to finish off the Boo-Daddy, once and for all. 

About four months ago, I was convinced that the constant fatigue I was experiencing was caused by stress and lack of sleep. 

About three months ago, if I exerted myself, even mildly, I would experience, what felt like, terrible heartburn. The discomfort would dissipate quickly once I took a break and did some deep breathing.. So I figured I had acid re-flux, but then it didn't react to re-flux medication. 

About two months ago, I figure I'd have this strange malady checked out as soon as the book was done. My exhaustion and anxiety over many, many domestic issues was hurting my productivity, and I was getting further and further behind on the book. 

Then three weeks ago, I started getting the chest pain doing nothing more than sitting in a chair.

I went to the doctor. I had four blocked arteries, two of which were blocked over 75%. 

Since then, I have had a successful (though not problem free) quadruple bypass procedure done. I just got home a couple of nights ago. I had not seen David in 10 days, so it was my best homecoming ever. 

So..... here is the bad news: I must apologize, sincerely, but the book will not be finished by Christmas.

Here is the good news: Looks like I'll be alive to finish it, and, after a period of recovery, I'll be finishing it feeling better than I have in my adult life. My blood can breathe again! 

I am so very sorry for not getting this project done on time, particularly since I was certain it would be impossible for it NOT to be done by the Holidays. 

Thank you, as always, for your love and support


Summer of the Boo-Monster

Dearest backers, I am SO sorry for the lack of updates. It's been a summer with a lot of unexpected  turmoil here at Stately Boo-Monster Manor. 

I just wanted to let you know that we're still on track to have the book out by the holidays in December. I wanted to be finished with the project much earlier but real life got in the way. Now that David is back at school full time I can devote almost all of my time to getting the book finished and out to you on schedule. 

I've already sent surveys to some backers and I'll send the rest out this week.

Thanks, as always, with hugs and AH-BOOs from the Boo-Monster and his Daddy~!

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The Adventure Continues!

Friends of the Boo-Monster, 

We're still rockin' and rollin' here at Stately Boo-Monster Manor - despite some unexpected real life challenges - and I've been ironing out a detailed synopsis for the rest of the book, adding the new characters that pledges have created, and getting back down to the business of bringing the Forest of Amazing Monsters to life. I'll be spending the next eight weeks finishing up the book, while Dave creates the wonderful art that accompanies my words. 

We're working on the Boo-Monster Backer postcards and will get those out to you A.S.A.P. 

Here's a piece of art by Ragz from Chapter Six where the Boo-Monster, Boo-Daddy, Selana, Rainbow and Sister Gemini ask "What's In the Cupboard?" 

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