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Unique design allows you to easily capo your guitar with just your fretting hand. Beautifully inlaid with abalone shell & exotic woods.
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Stretch Goal #5 - Thalia Capo Tuning Kit Option

Posted by Chris & Thalia Bradley (Creator)

Wow! 1,500%!  As it became apparent that we might actually hit that goal, we started scrambling and put our development into overdrive!  With your support we have now surpassed that goal with 68 hours to spare!  THANK YOU!  

You have now UNLOCKED Stretch Goal #5.  Here is our overview of what we feel is an exciting enhancement to the Thalia Capo!


Our intent with Stretch Goal #5 is to expand the capability of ANY of our capos so that that they can be configured for use on Classical or 12-String Guitars! We specifically designed our capos with removable “fretpads” (the piece the frets the strings.)  Now, when we say "removable" our intent is not for you to change these out whenever you wish, but instead to make it easy for you to convert ANY Thalia Capo for 12-String or Classical use. This design strategy also opens up the possibility of “tuning” your Thalia Capo so that it works better on guitars that have more extreme fretboard radii. Our standard fretpad will work great on most guitars. However, guitars with small radius fretboards like a 50’s Telecaster or guitars with very large radius fretboards like certain Jackson guitars will work better with a modified fretpad.

So what we are actively developing is what we are calling the Thalia Capo Tuning Kit. This kit will include 10 or more different fretpads and instructions for how to quickly change out the Fretpad on your capo. We are also working on some partials to add to this kit as well!  We are now offering this “tuning kit” as an Optional $10 Upgrade including shipping for domestic orders or a $15 Upgrade for international orders including shipping. 

Each kit will include (1) Classical Fretpad (no radius), (1) 12-String Fretpad (longer), (3) Steel-String Sliding Fretpads with different radii (to allow you to pick the one that works best on your specific guitar) and a duplicate set of all 5 these fretpads made out of rubber (for capo purists who don’t want our capos to slide.) 

Now for most of our users, we expect that our standard capo will be just fine; so we don’t expect that most people would want or need this kit. But for those of you who want to use our capo on a Classical Guitar, 12-String Guitar or you want to tune your capo to better fit your specific guitar, then we think you will be very happy with this tuning kit. 

Development Status &  Timing

We are finalizing the design of all of these new fretpads right now and expect to release our CAD files to create injection molds in the next 2 weeks. We currently have 3D printed prototypes that we have been using to prove out the concept and fine-tune our design. The good news is that we have already created the injection mold for our standard fretpad so we have experience making these and expect the tooling process to go smoothly. Here is a picture of the same capo with two different fretpads installed.

And installation is fairly easy: All you need to do is peel off the liner on the fretpad to reveal a pressure sensitive adhesive.  Then simply place the fretpad into the slot on the capo and you are done.  We have added an alignment rib on the fretpad and a slot on the capo to ensure that this goes in perfectly.  Here are some pictures:

The video that we released earlier this week that shows John Chapman playing Flamenco on a nylon string classical was taken while using a prototype of the Classical Fretpad that will be included in this tuning kit.  In case you didn't see that video, here it is:

 project video thumbnail
Replay with sound
Play with
John Chapman using Classical Fretpad Prototype

We expect to have these new fretpads done and ready to ship sometime in late January or early February. If you would like to order 1 or more of these kits, then you should add $10 for each kit that you want to your existing pledge in any of the reward levels that you are currently pledged in. We will then be sure to find out exactly what you want when we collect other information about your order such as inlay and finish choices at the very end of the campaign.

Now to be clear, if you want to convert one Thalia Capo to Classical and one to 12-string, then you would only need to buy 1 kit. Since both of those Fretpads are included. However, If you want to convert 2 capos to 12-string or 2 to classical then you would need to buy 2 kits.

As far as shipping is concerned, we will ship the tuning kits out separately as soon as they are ready. And we will ship out the capos first as we have already committed.

We hope that this is not too confusing. We thought a long time about how to do this and we feel that this is the best way for us to be able to offer these options to you and still be able to offer the full range of metal finish and inlay options that we know you love with our capos.

Thank you!

Chris & Thalia

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    1. Chris & Thalia Bradley Creator on

      @Barry Lindeman - We will send out an email on November 10 where you will be able to make your final inlay and finish choices. At this time you will be able to select this option if you haven't already. Thanks!

    2. Barry Lindeman on

      Sorry if this is redundant or I'm just dense: how do I go about adding a tuning kid to my pledge? Thanks!!

    3. Chris & Thalia Bradley Creator on

      @Zachary Kipp Hansen - Yes, you will be able to update your order when we send out the confirmation link on November 10. Thanks!

    4. Zach Hansen

      I forgot to increase my pledge for the tuning kit, can I still do that?

    5. Chris & Thalia Bradley Creator on

      @Brad Hermann - I understand that and we we might do that at some point in the future once we have a better handle on final assembly logistics. But for now this is the only way that we can handle all of the possible variations. We currently offer 30 different inlay and finish choices. So if we let our customers also order a regular version, classical version, a 12-string version and a partial version, then we would have 120 possible combinations. (30X4=120) So the "tuning kit" is a way that we can offer this variation in a way that we can actually execute right now...

    6. Brad Hermann

      If I knew that I wanted a capo to always be a partial capo or 12 string or whatever, is it be possible to mention that in the notes and just get a partial shipped instead of getting a regular capo and the kit for an extra $10? Seems like being able to order that way would save you and us both some $ if we knew ahead of time that we didn't want, and would never use, the full tuning kit or standard configuration?

    7. Chris & Thalia Bradley Creator on

      @Brad Hermann - Totally feasible but I am thinking that we just cover the two most common ones for now. it would be interesting to see what people who use the spider capo find to be most interesting partial to use...

    8. Missing avatar

      Ray Earnest on


    9. Missing avatar

      Ray Earnest on


    10. Chris & Thalia Bradley Creator on

      @Brad Hermann - So definitely you can flip it on the neck to use it the same way you would other partials. In fact, the jury is out on which way in general is the best way to attach it. I like it from underneath, but many prefer it on the top as it tends to be more out of the way of your fretting hand and gravity kind of helps ensure you put it in the right position. And storing it up above the nut from the top makes it super easy to go from capo'd to not capo'd.

    11. Brad Hermann

      Now I'm wondering about one that covers 1-2-6...

    12. Brad Hermann

      I'm used to 5-4-3, personally, and Shubb went that way with their partial offering. Without seeing the capo, maybe one could be made that could be flipped on the neck to be 5-4-3 AND 2-3-4?!

    13. Missing avatar

      Jamie Miller on

      ...and Thalia gets her puppy!!!! :-)

    14. Chris & Thalia Bradley Creator on

      @Brad Hermann - So as far as partial capos... to start with we would consider one that skips the outside string and covers the next three, either 2-3-4 or 5-4-3 & then maybe a Drop-D one. But I am open to suggestions. Those seem to be the most popular ones that guitarists would want.... What do you think?

    15. Chris & Thalia Bradley Creator on

      @Robet Hicks - Agreed! Unfortunately, we can't change any of the text or reward levels after Kickstarter began, so we are stuck just adding up pledge dollars as we added on new stuff we hadn't even contemplated at the beginning. So here is what we plan to do. When we send out the survey email after the campaign is over, we will sort out exactly what you want. We are working on images of every possible option and we will make sure it is crystal clear (once we have more control over illustrating all of the possible options) so that you can get all of the options you want. So sorry for the confusion, feel free to send me a message if you have a specific question about your order. Thanks!

    16. Missing avatar

      Robert Hicks on

      OK, so I get what the capo tuning kit is. That's not confusing. But, I ordered a number of capos, with the understanding that the exact inlay and metal finish for all of them would be specifically sorted out later when capos were ready to be shipped. If I want a few of the capo tuning kits, there seems no way to designate that the extra $10 times that number of kits is not just another random pledge. That IS confusing! So, I'm not sure how to add to my order for the tuning kits.

    17. Chris & Thalia Bradley Creator on

      @Angela Jordan - Yes, she does get the puppy!!! The puppy arrives tonight! We will shoot some video and take pictures and post on our Facebook page. We also posted a video last night of Thalia's reaction when we told her that we got the puppy for her. Our Facebook page is here:

    18. Brad Hermann

      What partial capo molds are you considering or going to be adding to this?

    19. Jeremie Lariviere

      Jesse, Typically, you choose 'Manage Pledge', and Instead of changing levels, just add to your existing pledge amount...

      and thanks Chris for the answer to my question :-)

    20. Jesse Kelly on

      Well done! I only have a 12 string at the momment so I was very much hoping this goal would be reached!

      There is no option unfortunately to simply 'add $10'. I can switch my pledge (originally $25) to $35 but that seems to be a different pledge. I'm not sure what options you have but might be possible to create a $35 'upgrade' option for those that had earlier pledges? Or will you know if we simply switch to the $35 option now? I hope this makes sense! Well done, now 66 hours left for the puppy!

    21. Missing avatar

      NK on

      +1 puppy photos!!

    22. Missing avatar

      Angela Jordan on

      My big question is does Thalia get her French Bulldog puppy? And when she does, we want pictures!!!

    23. Chris & Thalia Bradley Creator on

      @Jeremie Lariviere - The intent is that you would use the kit to make a permanent 12-string version. They certainly are reusable so you could switch back if you want. But to be clear it is not made for quick change. We want it to be super sturdy and don't want you to worry about the fretpad accidentally coming off or worrying about have "pieces" that you might lose.

    24. Wayne Little

      The tuning kit is a nice option but it looks as if it's one or the other. It worries me some since I have a classical, steel string, and electric.

      Looks like I may have to purchase more capos.

    25. Jeremie Lariviere

      very cool, i think i'm adding one! it does sound pretty easy to switch; just out of curiosity, are they comparatively re-useable (to go back and forth between two), or is it more of a switch?