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The 4D Concrete Watch infuses exquisitely crafted concrete architecture with kinetic energy to bring time to life on your wrist.
The 4D Concrete Watch infuses exquisitely crafted concrete architecture with kinetic energy to bring time to life on your wrist.
The 4D Concrete Watch infuses exquisitely crafted concrete architecture with kinetic energy to bring time to life on your wrist.
126 backers pledged $91,249 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Lui on

      Just received my Shadow and I am very pleased!!! This is one of my first kickstarter watches and I am very impressed with the quality of the product. It wears very nicely and I would like to commend the creator and their team on an awesome job well done!!!

    2. Missing avatar

      Michael White

      Equally delighted with my Shadow. Great packing, superb watch. I am timing it at the moment to gauge its accuracy.

      It looks very different from anything I have in the collection and is definitely a head-turner.

      The movement is so sweet - I have a number of Kickstarter watches that use STP or Sellita movements but the Shadow's winding action is very sweet.

      I will revert with additional comments about the timing once I have given it a fair workout but in the meantime a big WELL DONE!

    3. Missing avatar

      Swee Lip QUEK on

      Delighted with my Shadow. You are to be massively congratulated on delivering something so aesthetically and exquisitely different in such timely manner. Thank you and I look forward to your next project!

    4. 22 Studio Creator on

      hi guys,

      thank you very much for your compliments, we appreciate that you are happy with the products. We are still busy shipping out the watches lately, around 20 watches will be sent today. And the final few watches will be sent by the end of next week.

      If you guys want to know the detail of the shipping time or any information about the watch, please message me or email us directly:


    5. Felix Iwan Hartono on

      Hi Sean, I have received my Shadow Edition last Monday. I was in awe to see that everything about the watch is meticulously thought. The packaging, the manual, the handwritten signature, the watch pouch, the watches, the details, the feel, they are all sums up nicely. As a designer, this is a totally another different level of timepiece which is poetic and especially, make me proud on putting it on my wrist. Compared to the 42mm edition, this has its charm in its own way.

      I appreciate also that it way ahead of the schedule of delivery, which is rare to happen in Kickstarter.

      Congratulations Sean!

      From Singapore.

    6. Rick G-Kahn on

      Received mine today as well, exceeded my expectations, amazing watch with great attention to detail. Congrats on another successful campaign!

    7. Jason Miles on

      Hi Sean, I received my shadow edition today and my first impressions of it is... you knocked it out of the park. I am so glad I did the upgrade for the rubber strap as it makes the watch so comfy to wear right away. No breaking it in required. The early delivery is also quite an achievement.
      Thanks a lot and congrats again from 🇨🇦

    8. Erik Vossenaar on

      Hi Sean, I received my signature brass edition today. It looks great! And compliments for the ahead of schedule delivery! Many thanks from The Netherlands!

    9. Missing avatar

      Kofi T

      Hi, received my brass signature edition today in Sydney, it's beautiful. The automatic really dominates the original 4th dimension watch when you place them side by side.

    10. Missing avatar

      Ash S on

      Hi Sean, I received my Shadow edition today and I have to say I'm really impressed with it all. The packaging is beautiful, the product is lovely. Really nice job. And, all so fast! Well done, and thank you very very much. Ash, Melbourne (32/38).

    11. Jason Miles on

      Hi Sean,

      under community you can see the breakdown on which country the watches are headed to. Is it possible to see more specifically where the Shadow edition went? I'm sure there would be others prob. interested in seeing this for other models as well. Selfishly I would like to see the Shadow Edition since it is limited to only 38 watches, what countries they all went to.

    12. 22 Studio Creator on

      @Jason Miles
      Thank you for the comments! And yes, the suggestion you gave is actually what we're planning to put on the case! You will be 3/38!!

    13. Jason Miles on

      Hi Sean,
      Can't wait to show this watch off when I receive it.
      Question for you. The Shadow Edition limited edition numbering, is it going to be our backer number or the order in which we pledged for the shadow edition? Case in point, some ones backer number could be 10 or 12 etc. but they may have been the 1st to pledge for the shadow edition. So their watch should be 1 of 40 or whatever, not 12/40.

    14. Felix Iwan Hartono on

      Hi Sean, any concrete date on the delivery? Thank you!

    15. 22 Studio Creator on

      @Ash S
      please check the latest update, thanks for reminding me.

      Yes, the Kickstarter campaign is our 2nd crowd founding project before officially releasing 4D Concrete Watch, the first one was for Mandarin readers and there was also a limited edition in that campaign.


    16. Felix Iwan Hartono on

      Hi Sean, super excited to know that the watch will probably be sent out earlier. Before February 1-2 months earlier to what is indicated in the campaign, March 2018. Fingers crossed!

      Earlier this week, my friend shows me an article in chinese showing that actually the 4D Concrete watches has been created in Taiwan. I noticed that it has slightly different variation in color and the buckles. Is it like kickstarter for Taiwanese campaign?

    17. Missing avatar

      Ash S on

      @creator Sean, any chance you could post some photos of production liked you'd mentioned? If there are none, that's ok :)

    18. 22 Studio Creator on


      deeply sorry for reply you late, the answers are below:
      1. I have not tried apple watch before, but I can assume the material will be very similar.
      2. I would very like to know the answer as well, now I really don't know. there are too many possible reasons of why apple's strap is cheaper than ours. But my material supplier believes that it is simply because apple set a very small profit margin.
      3. yes, it is possible to have other colors of the rubber strap, but my first order of 500 straps will be all black.
      4. It depends on how the wearer treats it. But I can assure you that it is the most durable material I can find. I will ask my supplier to give me the performance detail of our material, then I will post on the project update. thanks.

      @ Ash S
      thanks! the production has began, I will post some images of production next week.


    19. Missing avatar

      Ash S on

      Congratulations Sean & the 22 team. Can not wait to see this on my wrist here in Melbourne, AUS.

    20. Felix Iwan Hartono on

      Hi Sean, it is interesting to point that the Fluoroestamer band is actually the same material used for Apple Watch sport band. Good that you are looking at this high end material.

      My questions are:
      1. Is the quality on par with the apple watch?
      2. Apple watch sport band retailed for USD 49. Why is your strap retailed for USD 80? Is it because of the higher quality? Or because of the small quantity you have?
      3. Is it possible to propose another interesting color that can go well with the concrete?
      4. How durable is this strap?

      24 minutes to go. Good luck.


    21. Missing avatar

      Steven Lee on

      @Rick G-Khan, Just add $30 more to your watch pledge (you can only pledge one item, which is why you need to add the dollar amount to your original pledge).

    22. Rick G-Kahn on

      I just tried changing my pledge to add the $30 for the rubber strap and it then deletes the pledge for the watch? So I changed the pledge again to add the watch.
      Will we be able to add the $30 from the survey or after the campaign ends?

    23. 22 Studio Creator on

      Thanks for your comment, we appreciate all the feedbacks from backers. And we believe all this communication will make us better as a brand. 4D Concrete Watch is only possible because of all the great feedbacks we received from our last campaign" 4th Dimension Watch".

      Yes, pledge 30 more you can get an extra pair of rubber strap made of Fluoroelastomer.

      @Ash S
      Again, thanks for your suggestion.


    24. Missing avatar

      Ash S on

      Great news Sean! Now fingers crossed I get my favourite number! Haha

    25. Missing avatar

      Steven Lee on

      Just to clarify: If I pledge for a rubber strap will I receive two straps, leather and rubber?

    26. Missing avatar

      Michael White

      Firstly, thanks for the update on the limited edition numbering and being responsive to backers.

      Secondly, it is something I have seen in other Kickstarter watch campaigns but the phenomenon of backers pulling out in the last few days/hours never ceases to amaze me. So it is now really unlikely we will get to the stretch goal. :-(

    27. 22 Studio Creator on

      @Ash S
      thanks for your suggestion, I have posted an update about the serial number of shadow edition, please take a look.


    28. Missing avatar

      Ash S on

      I decided to reinstate my pledge. But I STRONGLY think you need to number the shadow edition. There are plenty of options on the back to include it – "4D CONCRETE WATCH" for one in my opinion is a bit tacky and unnecessary. At very least, the word "watch" is redundant. Another alternative is removing " SHADOW EDITION" and replacing it with "SHADOW EDXX/XX" or "SHADOW XX/XX". At this price point, I don't to be reminded it's a watch – I want to see it's implied value by its limited release being inscribed on the back. Love the design overall, just not the choice of words on the back.

    29. 22 Studio Creator on

      Yes, we need few more backers, please share this project to friends and family. As to numbering the Shadow edition, there is no more space in the back of the watch. Let me discuss with our graphic designer, see if we can do something special for shadow edition.

      I can understand your concern, our brass watch uses PVD coated brass color 316L stainless steel back case and strap buckle for preventing most of the direct contact to wear's skin. For our steel watch, the material is 316L stainless steel, it contains 16-18% of chromium and 10-14% of nickel.

      We work with DHL for international backers.


    30. Ebrahim Al-Bishri

      Which shipping company will ship the watches to international backers?
      FedEx? DHL? Aramex?

    31. Magnus

      Up to 3.7% lead. Yikes! I need to rethink my options because I'm a firm believer in having as little lead around me as possible. Thank you for your quick response and being willing to double check. I really appreciate that.
      What is the stainless steel made of? Does it contain nickel, chromium, etc?

    32. Felix Iwan Hartono on

      Hi Sean, thank you for the recent updates. We need at least 6 more backers to unlock the stretch goal!

      Being a limited edition and only available in kickstarter, do you plan to number the shadow edition?

    33. 22 Studio Creator on

      No, the width of Rubber Strap is 22-20 mm, and the original 4th Dimension Watch quartz uses 20 mm width strap. Thanks for the question.


    34. Kelvin Chong

      Hi. Can the rubber strap of this campaign fit the original?

    35. 22 Studio Creator on

      After double confirm with our supplier, our brass material number is c3604, and the Pb percentage of it is 1.8-3.7%, sorry for the last incorrect information.


    36. 22 Studio Creator on

      Thank you for the question. Our brass case contain lead less than 0.05%

    37. Magnus

      @22 Studio
      What is the lead content in the brass used for the 4D watches?

    38. 22 Studio Creator on

      Yes, the watch strap can be easily replaced. We will post an update about it later today, so please stay tuned.

      1. sorry for making you feel confused. The brass look of 4D Concrete Watch has a brass case, a brass date atrium and a set of brass hands. All of these brass material is uncoated. We do not use bronze because bronze is rose gold color.
      2. Unfortunately you can’t. Since our main focus for this campaign is the new product, and we’d like to keep it simple on the page. However, if you would like to purchase other items from us, please send a message to me and I will see how we can help you. By the way, we are working on watch strap with new colors, so please stay tuned.

      Thanks for your questions, and I think they help everybody to know more about the watch. The replies are as followed:
      1. The DLC coating is stronger than the PVD coating, however, the color of DLC coating we tested were all deep brown instead of black. Both of the coating resist friction very well, and when the watch is hit and a dent occurs, they are not very different because the material under the coating is deformed.
      2. We use different watch buckle this time. For the leather strap, we use top class Italian vegetable tanned leather, it is stiff when new, but it should become soften after some usage, like some leather work boots.
      3. When it comes to scratch resistance: PVD coated stainless steel > stainless steel > brass. When it comes to dent resistance: PVD coated stainless steel = stainless steel > brass. In my own experience, after wearing the watch for a certain period of time, the PVD coated watch has dent and no scratch, the other watches have similar amount of scratch and dent on it.
      4. Yes, I will post some more pictures of the Shadow Edition later today.
      5. Yes, the Shadow Edition is only available during the Kickstarter campaign. We will probably make black case watch in the future, but it will definitely not the same as Shadow Edition.
      6. Yes, our quartz watches are all out of stock at this moment, they will be back in stock later this month

    39. Felix Iwan Hartono on

      Hi Sean,

      I have seen the update! Thank you for preparing all of those photos. Appreciate the efforts.

      I have another question regarding the watch:
      1. The 'midnight' edition you had in your earlier campaign possessed black case too. However, it was DLC coated. The' shadow' edition you have now is PVD coated. What are the difference of those and which one is better?
      2. Are using the same strap like the previous campaign? If yes, my comment with the strap: it's a very stiff strap and the buckle of the strap sometimes goes deep into your skin, make it uncomfortable to use for a long period. Have these issues been resolved?
      3. Regarding the strength of the case. Being higher than the normal watches in the market, I knocked my watch a few times. Thanks to stainless steel case, the damage is not bad. How about brass and the sandblasted case of the 'shadow' edition?
      4. Are you able to provide more pictures of 'shadow' edition? Most of the pictures are literally taken under the shadow making it's hard to see the detail. Maybe it's the right time for it to embrace the sun!
      5. It is stated that the 'shadow' edition is only limited to kickstarter campaign. Does this mean that after this there would not be any black cased 4D automatic concrete watch in the future? Despite the design would be popular?
      6. Are you going to restock your quartz edition soon? Today I surfed your website and found that all is out of stock.

      Thank you! Sorry if I asked many questions, just to ensure that I make the right investment.

    40. Missing avatar

      Thibaut G. on

      Sorry I forgot one question : will it be possible to buy other 22 Design Studio's products during the pledge manager ? Such as an extra strap or jewellery ?

    41. Missing avatar

      Thibaut G. on

      Having read your talk about brass vs bronze, and since you said watch hands are bronze coated, I would be more interested in bronze than brass (more harmony from my point of view, but I respect your artistic choice). Altough I keep my brass signature pledge for now.
      Maybe you could offer both ?

    42. Ricson on

      Hi Will the strap be serviceable? I was wondering if lugs are accessible behind the case. If yes can you show us how the lug mounts look like?

    43. 22 Studio Creator on

      yes, we have changed the mix of concrete of the concrete dial several times, and the looks is different from your generation. the latest one on 4D Concrete Watch is more rugged and textured. I have uploaded a project update of the images of the concrete dial and the oxidation of the brass case, please take a look.

      yes, the campaign goes well, we deeply appreciate all the supporters on Kickstarter. We are working on the possibilities of stretch goals. will let you guys know very soon.

      thanks for the comments,
      have a nice weekend,

    44. Missing avatar

      Daryl Hung on

      Is there any stretch goal for this campaign?
      I can't wait to receive my watch!

    45. Felix Iwan Hartono on

      Hi Sean, can we have closer look on the concrete? I have your earlier product, 'Urban' type. The concrete is a bit darker than the 'Original', have almost no texture so from far it looks like more 'plastic' appearance. From the campaign, it seems that the Automatic type will have more rugged, textured concrete. Please clarify.

      Comment from Erik Neuhaus has made me thought about the quality of SS rather than Brass. Are you able to put some more in detail picture of how your Brass case oxidized?

      Would also like to see Shadow edition clearly. Appreciate if you can put more pictures of this beast.



    46. 22 Studio Creator on

      @Erik Neuhaus

      Thanks for your suggestion.

      We have experimented with both bronze and brass, and bronze is indeed stronger and less transient oxidization.

      However we chose brass because of the consistency of material.

      The watch hands are made of brass, using the same material for the case makes the watch looks simpler in terms of color. Also, we’d like to showcase how one material can vary with different surface texture - polished, brushed, oxidized, even when it has dents or scratches.

      In 22 Design Studio, we embrace the natural transform of raw materials and appreciate the marks made by time.

      Again, thank you for your advice and please let us know if you have further comments.


    47. Erik Neuhaus on

      If I could make a suggestion I would ask if you could consider using bronze instead of brass. It has many practical advantages over brass especially in the use for watches.

      1. Higher Density and Rockwell Hardness (harder to scratch, easier to repolish without destroying case geometry)
      2. Less Transient Oxidization (Patina does not transfer to skin/clothes)
      3. Corrosion resistance (patina forms more evenly and IMO much better looking coloration than brass patina)
      4. Machines and finishes just like stainless (easy to make both types with the same tooling)

      The price difference of using brass versus CuSn6 (or even premium CuSn8) bronze would only amount to less than $10 a case and any PVD coated steel parts would look even better with a bronze PVD since it doesn't look like a cheap gold plating like brass PVD does. Anywhere that does brass PVD can do bronze PVD for no price difference from my experience.

      From a business standpoint it is much smarter to use bronze over brass as it is MUCH more popular for watches within your price point and in general is a hot item right now in the watch world. You tend to only really see brass used as a cheaper alternative in budget watches going for the appeal of bronze right now for those who can not spend over $300 on a watch. Choosing bronze would appeal a lot more to the type of consumers within your price bracket, since many find brass to be not worth the hassle of maintaining for the rather underwhelming end look.

      As far as looks go the patina that bronze forms is a beautiful earthy tone that would pair even better than brass with your concrete dials and would match especially beautifully with the brown leather band supplied with it.

      I am absolutely positive if you polled your backers right now there would be an absolute landslide victory for bronze over brass and your campaign would see even more interest from people who like collecting bronze watches. Right now the brass is not nearly as popular an option as the SS likely due to the reason of being lots of maintenance for a lackluster looking patina and easily scratched. I would guess that it would be much closer to a 1:1 ratio if it was bronze instead, maybe even biased more to bronze than SS.

      It is certainly something worth looking into as it would be a much better sales driver both during and after the campaign during retail since bronze really is just that HOT a seller. Brass just does not have the same appeal, it's sort of bronzes ugly duckling little brother if you get what I mean.

    48. 22 Studio Creator on

      Yes, we will take care of the watch with 2 years warranty, in the future if the watch has any issue it needs to be send back to us!
      Thank you~

    49. Missing avatar

      Youghin on

      @Creator The Watch must be sent back to you for recalibrating or any watch shop will do?

      Is there any scratch goal?

    50. 22 Studio Creator on

      @Christos Anthoulakis
      Yes, you are correct! Please add $75 to your original pledge and that will be fine!
      Thank you.

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