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An animated feature for adults: a funny film about depression. A visual adventure that will make you squeal, weep, cringe and laugh.
An animated feature for adults: a funny film about depression. A visual adventure that will make you squeal, weep, cringe and laugh.
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Welcome to Our New Adventure

Posted by Signe Baumane (Creator)
"My Love Affair With Marriage"
"My Love Affair With Marriage"


Dear "Rocks In My Pockets" Backers,

Remember the times when in January 2013 you gave us your trust and love by joining the "Rocks In My Pockets" Kickstarter campaign? We didn't know at that time that our campaign will be successful and how well the film will do when finished. In fact, we had to overcome many obstacles and hurdles before the film premiered at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival on July 7th, 2014 and then went to over 140 more festivals around the world. It opened theatrically in USA and Latvia in the fall of 2014. 

It was YOUR support, love and trust in the film that made it happen. THANK YOU!

Now it is time for a new adventure. I have  started a new animated feature film "My Love Affair With Marriage". It is based on my personal experiences with marriages, some real and some imaginary, and attempts to figure out how to fit Love into my Life without destroying both. The film will be filled with music, color and fun.

"Rocks In My Pockets" composer Kristian Sensini is writing 23 songs for the new film. We'll have 30 actors and singers to record the audio track. Yes, instead of just my voice telling the story as we did in "Rocks" we'll have 30 professional voices pleading cases of the 30 characters in "My Love Affair With Marriage". But having to hire 30 actors presents us with a set of new challenges. One of them - we have to raise money for their SAG-AFTRA union fees. 

We are happy to support actors and theater community with this project, so we have started a Kickstarter campaign for "My Love Affair With Marriage". One of the goals is to raise money to record actors. The other goal is to prove that there is an audience out there for a film that defies boundaries of genres - it is an animated feature for adults that mixes music and science into a personal story.

We need your support again. Please, go to "My Love Affair With Marriage" Kickstarter page and take a look at the pitch video, projects description and the cool rewards. See if you like it and bring your friends to see it. Even $1 pledge means a lot to advance the goals of the project. SHARE the page with your friends.

Or, LIKE the film's Facebook page, so that we can keep in touch.

All "My Love Affair With Marriage" backers will receive updates and insiders info, and visual greetings in calendar events like Chinese New Year that is coming up.

Please trust us again and give us your love and support. Join the journey of making this film.


Signe and "Rocks In My Pockets" Team

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