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Print & Play Sci Fi War Game with Deck Building & Maps. Ultimate Battle of Good vs Evil.
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60 mins standard 800 points match. 

1+ Player

Solo, Co-Op, PVP

Depending on mission type chosen.

Tabletop dice & point based skirmish war-game, with deck building and ability upgrades involved.

We are pre ordering on KS so don't need a funding goal. KS lets us connect directly with you. Thanks

Game play videos can be found on our Facebook Page

Star Crusade Deus Vult is the ultimate game of Good vs Evil. 

There's nothing more clear about who is good and who is bad, fight for humanity, fight for good, fight for God, fight for freedom. 

Or choose to eat the flesh of humanity, drink their blood and swallow their soul. Corruption, possession and the absolute decimation of all that stand for the Light, these are the principles of the forces of evil. 

It's the 23rd century and the gates of Hell have opened, these 4th dimensional beings, these Legions of Lucifer, have found their way into our dimension. The Angels battle them in the Heavens, but in the Galaxy, it's flesh and bone and courage that stand united, facing the void, facing the tstnami of evil. 

Fight as one of two Christian armies, the people of Earth, the Earth Defence Corps, made up of old traditional units such as the Royal Marines and Green Berets, plus new units designed for unique purposes such as the Reapers, with chainsaws attached to their machine guns, designed to turn  corrupted, possessed flesh in sushi. 

Taking the fight straight to the enemy is the EDC's Alpha Omega unit. A unit of hand chosen seasoned men and women taken from the best combat units.

Or choose the Invictus Dominae, a warrior race of futuristic Knights and Romans from a planet far far away. These Holy warriors are an unstoppable Legion of power armour, steel, fire power and grit.

The main focus of their army is made into two distinct regiments, the Legion, power armoured advanced warriors and the Invictus Light Infantry, made up of Commandos and seasoned combat Infantry.

Fancy going the bad guys, then the Ravenger's are a great place to start. Once ordinary Humans and Aliens until the Void came, a mass of cloud, a cloud that brings corruption, sent straight from Hell. Something similar to a zombie virus, the brain is corrupted, and at a higher intelligence level or a person with special skills, possessed. Soon you have a planet of flesh eating cannibals ready to bring fourth death and mayhem.

Ravenger players can expect to have a table top full of fast moving maniacs, commanded by blood boiling psychics and gigantic savage barbarians.

For £8 you get

  • 100 high quality Standee cards designed for 28 / 32mm gaming scenery.
  • 3 different armies.
  • 15 different types of soldiers.
  • 3 Free Hero characters.
  • 2400 points of soldiers.
  • 40 plastic bases for the Standees.
  • Digital rule book including prints outs for blast markers.
  • Dozens of deck building cards

For £2 you get

  • 1 of 18 50cm by 50cm gaming map files, your choice of map. 
Add on's
Just select the reward the you would like and add the extra amount for the add on's e.g. Starter is £8 plus 2 maps = £12.

Stretch goals

First SG will be unlocked at £400. 

SG's contain new Heroes, Soldier's & Maps. 

The standees are designed to be played in the same way as miniatures. They perfectly fit the terrain and scenery available for  28 / 32mm war-games.

The game is designed to be extremely tactical. It is not a luck based game, There is very little use of dice. 

Standard games are 800 points. The game is usually finished within 3-4 turns.

Each turn is explosive, guaranteeing at least a few kills. Nail bitting stuff as you maneuverer your troops and attempt to get that chain reaction multi combo kill. 

Designed for 28 / 32mm scenery
Designed for 28 / 32mm scenery
Sister Ling Fei, Death Company Commander.
Sister Ling Fei, Death Company Commander.
Death Company Insignia
Death Company Insignia

More Game Rules Videos

Quick Combat Rules

Art Flavour 

Our art is a mix of western & Manga, depending on the armies chosen. Oriental armies such as the Ming Dynasty (later release) are oriental characters, so their art style is more Manga based. Our Western armies are drawn in a more super hero style. Then you have characters such as; Ling Fei, a Chinese looking Hero, although is western army based, so she is Manga styled in a western drawn army. 

Now some game elements. 

Units with a higher points cost are better, because they have better armour, guns, special abilities or a mix.

There are 3 levels of play from beginner to tournament games.

Levels of play

  • 1. FNG; No need for cards, traits, army buff and Dominus powers, Just play using the units normal stats
  • 2. Sergeant Major; Include cards, army buffs etc.
  • 3. Strategist; Tournament rules apply.

Playing the game

1. Agree a points cost with your opponent. Choose an army and add it up to the points cost.

2.1. You can not have more than 50% of the same unit type.

2.2. Nominate 1 model to be your general.

3. Choose a deck of cards. You may not have more than 4 copies of the same card.

3.1. Choose 1 Dominus power and 3 army powers.

4. Set up the terrain.

5. Flip a coin. Whoever wins the toss chooses their table edge, deploys first and moves first.

6. Both players shuffle their deck and draw a hand of 5 cards.

7. Play begins:

7.1. Choose one model. You may either move and make a ranged attack or move and make a close combat attack in either order.

7.1.1. If the model is within 1” of an enemy model then it is in UC (melee). Units can leave UC on a successfully flip.

7.1.2. Units can move up to their Movement stat in inches. Difficult terrain counts as halfing your movement.

7.1.3. Units can shoot enemies they can see as long as they are within weapons range, unless a special skill states otherwise to line of sight. The enemy model suffers damage equal to the power of the weapon used, minus 1 if behind soft cover or minus 2 if behind hard cover.

7.1.4. Template based attack, choose a point on the board within the range of that weapon. Throw the scatter die and whichever other dice the weapon profile specifies, then move the template the direction and distance indicated. units partially covered are also hit.

7.2. When a unit is reduced below one armour, the units player flips the Grimm Reaper coin. On death, the model dies an is removed. On life, the model remains in play with 1 armour.

7.2.1. Units have a set amount of flips. once the flips are used up, then model dies when next attacked.

8. Each turn you can use 1 card, 1 army buff and your Dominus power. Each power can only be used once.

8.1. Once you use a card, seleted another from the zzz pile, you can use this new card from next turn.

9. Once all your units have be used, its the enemy players turn.

10. A hero that flips and gets death may flip again. This still counts towards the flip limit.

11. Heroes can move freely out of combat.

Soldier Level

Soldiers are placed into 5 Levels depending on how good they are. Level represent's how many Grimm Reaper flips each solider gets. Some soldier have special skills which gain them more flips.

Level 1 = Basic army level, e.g. Invictus Light Infantry, Ravenger Warriors. Level 1’s are easy to kill and are lightly armed. Having many can be a good option to overrun enemy positions and soak up enemy fire, especially against an army of heavy armed soldiers whos guns can only fire at 1 soldier per turn. Level 1 are mostly 10 points each

Level 2 = Your basic special forces who have usually between 2- 4 action options available, wether it be throwing a grenade, having an force field or Halo striking into combat. They range usally between 20 to 50 points. Examples are Commandos, Vipers, Legionnaires.

Level 3 = Soldiers who are better armoured or may have stealth suits. Some can use 2 abilities simuntainisly. Examples are Templars, Wardens and Valkyries.

Level 4 = Beasts, big bad ass walking tanks. Soldiers who's armour and fire power is insanely powerful. These soldiers can fire 2 or 3 weapons per turn. Others maybe furiousness in Unarmed Combat or powerful physics. Examples are Obliterators and Exterminators.

Level 5 = Heroes. All Characters by name are Heroes, some are better than others although all are highly effective killing machine. Usually 100-200 points. Ragnar, Jin-Celestine, Ling Fei etc. All Heroes can use 3 actions / abilities per turn.

Unit categories

Units are split into categories depending on their best suited function.


Unarmed Combat. Unit best suited to fighting hand to hand. Quickly get them inclose and tear the enemy apart with your units swords and teeth e.g. Templars, demon hounds.

Light infantry Marine level troops and troops with standard weaponry and armour e.g. Home guard, Royal Legion Commandos.

Heavy infantry Heavy fire power and heavily armoured walking suits of death. Usually slow paced or firing anti tank missiles. e.g. Exterminators, Obliterators.

Paratroopers Downside, waiting until 2nd turn to use, although then you can deploy almost anywhere, out flanking or hitting the enemies rear. Great for capturing bases. e.g. Vipers, Death company.

Assassins Highly trained killers, if you prefer an army of stealth and deadly close combat weaponry or sniping. These sneaky silent and unseen killers are great for attacking enemy heroes e.g. Wardens, Predators.

Shock Troops The fast attack army. fast moving light infantry, great for flanking or getting into bases early on, although try to stay away from unarmed combat. e.g. Storm troopers, Tiger sharks.

Deck Building Cards

Each player has a deck of cards,

Shuffle the 10 card deck and take 5 random cards. Don't Look at them when choosing.

If you are unhappy with your first 5 cards, you can shuffle and choose 5 more, but only once per game.

Choose your cards after you have deployed your units.

The cards you can use each turn are called Play cards, The other cards not being used are ZZZzzz cards.

You can use 1 Play card each turn. After you have used the play card, discard it to the bottom of the ZZZzzz deck. On your next turn take a new card from the top of the ZZZzzz deck, this card can now be used as a play card.

Each player will always have 5 Play cards at the start of their turn unless a special ability states otherwise.

There are three different types of cards. 1 & 2 can be mixed or kept separate. Your universal / army Deck has a total of 10 cards. Upto 3 of the same card per deck only.

  • Universal Cards. 
  • Army Cards. 
  • Unit Cards

1. Universal cards can be used by any player, using any army. 

2. Army cards are unique to your chosen army and cannot be used by     another type of army. 

3. Unit cards represent your units that you use on the table.

Units Stats

Units are broken down into different Stats.

  • FP, Fire Power, damage caused by the gun. 
  • UC, Unarmed Combat, damage caused by hand to hand combat, swords, hammers etc. 
  • BP Blast Power, Damage caused by explosions, e.g. grenade, rocket launchers etc. Explosions use a Blast Template, either 3 inch, 5 inch or 10 inch etc 
  • Ra, Range, Weapons range in inch, used for FP, UC & BP. Grenades are a standard 10 inch throw unless stated otherwise. 
  • M, Movement, distance the unit can move in inches. 
  • A, Armour, Soldiers health.

Grimm Reaper.

Grimm Reaper is the term used to determine if your soldier lives or dies. Once a soldiers Armour reaches zero, roll a D6, on 4,5,6 the soldier survives with 1 Armour remaining, on 1,2,3 the soldier dies and is removed from play. The Grimm Reaper can be used several times depending on the level of the unit. Rolls can be used up during 1 turn.

All Heroes have the reroll ability. If the heroes fails the first roll, they can reroll once again. If failed on again then death. A tank firing 3 guns counts as 3 separate attacks, so 3 separate rolls are required. Some units have special skills or weapons which make their targets re-roll the Grimm Reaper.

Heroes Ignore skills or weapons that make them auto re-roll.


Certain units have Insta-kill ability. Insta-kill ignores rolls. Heroes cannot be Insta-killed, even by other Heroes

Army Buffs

Each army can choose 3 buffs from a list. Some buffs are unique to the army, others are universal. Each buff can be used once per game and 1 per turn.

Only 1 Buff of a kind can be used.

Selectethe Buffs you want and keep them secret until you use them. You can play certain Buffs during your opponents turn. Write down your selected buffs.

To use, simply say which buff you will use during the turn. There are many Buff's to choose from, here is a example of only a few. 

Buff examples, 

Universal Buffs

1. Heal 1 character 5 points, cannot stack.

2. Keep fit while gaming - Up to 8 damage. Enemy player must do press ups. 1 damage per press up that they can not do, totalling 8.

EDC Alpha Omega

1. D6 Damage used on 1 target, Range 20 inch from your Dominus.

2. Nano bomb - entire standard 48 inch table, 1 damage to all organic soldiers, damages own organic troops also except those wearing Hazmat suits. 

Invictus Dominae

1. Small blasts become Large blasts but with -1 Blast Power

2. Ion Cannon, D10 power plus 6 Large blast power, D6 Scatter roll. 


1. Chop shop - get a free Frankenstein's monster after killing 8 enemy soldiers. 

2. Recycling center - get a level 1 unit for every 5 units you lose.

Dominus traits

Dominus is the General of your army. You have one General per game. Decide who is your General and give that unit 1 Dominus trait.

Each army has their own Dominus traits unique to their army.

Your Dominus trait can only be used once for 1 turn and if your General dies, then you can not use your Dominus trait.

Other traits are unique to the forces of darkness and other to the forces of light which means any army from the darkness can use them and same for the forces of good.

Dominus trait example from various categories 


Vendetta: Dominus does +3 damage to enemy heroes.


Heal: Restore 1d6 armour to every friendly model within 8” of Dominus.


Turbo: 1 unit type gain +2M.


Absorb: 1 Enemy unit's attack become health to 1 friendly soldier.


Life steal: 6 damage to 1 enemy and gain 6 health to 1 friendly. Can’t use other weapons.


Ling-Fei; Commando Dagger: Immediately kill 1 model within Ling-Fei’s UC up to Level 4. The model may not flip. Ling Fei may attack as normal after this.


Heretics; Burns evil units, 2 flamer temps, 2 damage.


Bum; A massive bum appears from a vortex in the sky, and squashes good units. Large blast 4 damage.

Unit type

Warden; Void soul touch; Insta-kill upto a level 3 in UC or void grenade 6 Large blast, must choose.

Deck Building

Choose 10 cards, pick 5 of them, choose to play 1 per turn. 

Many cards are available, here are some examples.

Universal card that can be chosen by any player. 

Health Boost, Large Blast healing 3 health wounds. 

Unit card used by that specific unit type. 

Owl Mail used by Invictus Rifle's

Unit can not move, instead fires a Mortar, no line of sight needed. 

D6 Scatter, Range 24 Inch, Small Blast, Damage 6.

Unit Bonus

Bonus are skills, armour, weaponry which give units special ways to fight and defend.  

Some examples

Kill Box; Auto hits 1st enemy unit to come into your units Ra. Is used in enemy player turn.

Holy Protection; -2 damage for all incoming attacks.

Predator; Can hit units wearing stealth from more than 12” away.

Example of a soldiers stats. 

This is Sister Ling Fei, a high Commander in the Invictus Dominae army. She is known as the best martial artist and sniper. She is an Assassin and Black Ops Officer.

She is a level 5 soldier, same as all named Heroes and is 150 points. All Heroes have 5 saving throws and can re roll saving throws but re rolls counts towards the total of 5. 

Her general stats written out are,


1. Trident sniper rifle = 6 FP Damage, 30 Inch Range.

2. Mini Gatling gun = 3XD3+1 FP Damage, 14 Inch Range.

3. Mini Flame Thrower = 3 Damage Flamer template.

4. Black Opel Commando Dagger = 3 Damage Small Blast Template.

5. Flamer Fire ball mode = 3 Damage Small Blast Template, D6 Scatter, 12 inch Range.  

6. Claymore = 4 Damage Large Blast, 1 Use.

Movement = 10 Inch. 

Health = 10 Wounds. 

Skills & Abilities. 

  • 1. Mix 
  • Can use 2 weapons same turn.
  • 2. Master 
  •  Each enemy attacked using weapon mentioned in stats must flip the Grimm Reaper twice if taking saving throws.
  • 3. Para 
  • Parachute into battlefield from 2nd turn. can land on top of buildings but not inside, same with other terrain.
  • 4. Claymore 
  • BL blast centred used in UC, 1 use at 4BL.
  • 5.  AP
  • Weapon so sharp its ignores any type of armour protection that the unit may be wearing.
  • 6. Polythonal armour 
  • -3 incoming flame / freeze attacks
  • 7. UC + FP 
  • Can attack 1 target using UC plus fire your FP pistol once at same target or another.
  • 8. Unarmed combat Master 
  • UC Can attack same target or 2 different target using UC e.g. UC 5 = UC10 against 1 target or UC5 per target.
  • 9. Reflex 
  • -1 all incoming FP.
  • 10. Dugs Baws 
  • Master sniper, can shot further than the weapon permits due to extreme skill. 30Ra
  • 11. Predator 
  • Can hit units wearing stealth from more than 12” away.
  • 12. Ninja -
  • 5 in all UC incoming attacks.
  • 13. Commando 
  • Instakill 1 target in UC up to level 2, who has not fired upon your unit.

Ravenger Warrior

Now lets compare her to a Level 1 Ravenger warrior, costing 15 points.

Level 1's have 1 saving throw & 3 Health.


1. Meat Cleaver = 4 Melee Damage used in Defence. 

2. Chomper (Another living head attached to his arm, replacing the warrior's hand) = 6 Melee Damage used when attacking. 

Movement 12 Inch. 


Medication time. killing an enemy with a Ravenger Warrior upgrades him, regaining lost health points plus more, He now has 6 total Health wounds. 

Mission types

Solo & Co-Op 

Build a team  of Heroes, or a 1 Hero leading with upto 9 extra troops, totalling 800 points. 

Select mission or roll a dice to ramdonise hich mission you play. 

The map is split into zones. you start in one zone, then you must complete the mission objectives. Objectives are laid through the map, some are unknown until you complete a previous objective. 

As you play, Ravengers warriors enter the playing field by the void cloud, they will appear in random zones, determined by rolling the dice. As each turn goes by, more warriors will appear plus higher level Ravengers, even a Character. 

Ravengers played by the game, move towards the closest model. You can split your models up to go after several objectives at once, spreading out the Ravengers also, or keep your team together, but sure thing, you will have Ravengers closing in from every direction. Complete your mission and exfiltrate, get to the chopper. 


Standard game, build an army, destroy the enemy players army. Ravengers can also appear mid game, and can be a game changer, as they will attack the closest models. Mind those building too, enemies could be lurking inside. 

Vector Mission

Hero team vs Hero team, each team equals 800 points. Can be played upon releasing more units. 


Destroy the enemy HQ, HQ's have 50 health point, you can upgrade their health or buy guns and traps to fortifife them.  

Spread through the map, many buildings lay, get your troop inside for an advantage. Building's could contain, orbital bombardment stations, armour, a hospital, etc. 


Maps are 50 by 50cm, and are perfect from other board and war games. They are £2 each.  Choose which ones you'd like after the KS, and we will send you the download file to print and play.

There are 9 maps, each has 2 versions. One version contains no bodies., the other is a zombie type outbreak, covered with many victims and zombie types. 

Police barricade
Police barricade
Oriental Temple & Garden
Oriental Temple & Garden
Police Station
Police Station
City Park
City Park
Army Road Block
Army Road Block
Destroyed Tank
Destroyed Tank

 Zombie Apocalypse Versions

Here is one of the 9 available in Zombie version. 

Police never stood a chance, the infection flooded the city, over running the police and army like a massive wave.
Police never stood a chance, the infection flooded the city, over running the police and army like a massive wave.

Risks and challenges

Those of you that backed our digital print and play soldier's and maps will receive in October this year.

Shipping is worldwide with postage and customs paid by backers, shipping is around £8. Customs are usually 15% so around $1-2. I'm mostly China based, so I've personally been around the print and boxing factories, checking samples, and seeing how they operate. I've also been in contact with shipping companies. Star Crusade Deus Vult will be made of high quality double sided fine print card.

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    Unlocked Stretch Goals

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    15 different soldiers types.

    3 free hero characters.

    Digital copy of the rule book.

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