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$8,684 pledged of $21,000 goal
By Brass Monkey
$8,684 pledged of $21,000 goal

A New Backer Level: Half Orc

Ok. There has been concern about the whole 'premium content' deal. So we've added a new level at $35. If you back at this level we'll give you a handful (half a dozen) Lost Decade buttons, but perhaps more importantly, all of the premium content that gets launched by Brass Monkey for the first 6 months that the gameboard is out will be yours for free. Now you don't have to worry about potentially being stung by big, expensive add ons (at least, not the ones we produce). If we put out a $2 set of tokens: yours. Free. If we build all of the D20 rules into the board itself and decide to charge $50: yours. Free.

In other news, we're a bit behind where we'd like to be on this product, but we've got a couple of celebrity endorsements in the work. We'll also putting up flyers (see below). 

If you want to help us out in addition to your pledge, print one out and put it up at your local gaming institution. Send us an image of it and we'll send you some extra goodies if we get funded.

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