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$8,684 pledged of $21,000 goal
By Brass Monkey
$8,684 pledged of $21,000 goal

We've reached 10%, help get the word out.

Hey all,

We've reached and exceeded the 10% mark and it's only day 3, which puts us on target to get this gameboard Kickstarted. We'd like to ask all of you to help us out a little bit more by posting to facebook, tweeting, telling your gaming groups and helping us spread the word in general. We'd like to make this a reality.

•Some folks have been asking for an approximate breakdown of costs, reach goals, etc.- so we'll be putting that together today and putting it up very soon. 

•We'll also be updating our FAQ with what we intend to include for free and what we'll consider 'premium' content, since that's been a question. The short answer is that we plan to release this thing as a fully functional, product for free- and that the premium stuff will only be add ons such as character tokens, terrain sets, modules that calculate initiative or track movement, etc. Those enigmatic 'brass coins' you're getting can be used to purchase these items.

•Our head developer Francois has just informed me that it is very likely that, at launch, we'll have iPad support- which is to say, you'll be able to use your iPad as a central display and use your other iOS/Android devices to control the board there- making it possible to still play on a tabletop using this tech, if you're so inclined.

•We're also looking to team up with tabletop games sites which provide online resources to players and GMS to see if we can create any kind of integration... so if you use online resources to help you game currently please let us know who and we'll reach out to them.




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    1. Missing avatar

      Greg Malone on August 11, 2012

      If the viewing device just requires a browser there shouldn't be much difference supporting an Andriod tablet vs an iPad as they both have HTML5 supporting browsers.

      Do the clients connect out to a server run by you guys which manages the game board, or is everything stored centrally? Outside of art assets, will both the clients and server end be open source?

    2. Brass Monkey Creator on August 9, 2012

      *Android tablets, not 'THE Android Tablet'.

    3. Brass Monkey Creator on August 9, 2012

      Android tablets are, of course, a little more of a challenge because there are more potential types of hardware. If the iPad version works ok and people seem interested, it's safe to assume we'll make it work on the Android tablet as well.

    4. Doktor Jones
      on August 9, 2012

      how about android tablet support? if not at launch, then shortly after, perhaps?

    5. Blane Elferdink on August 9, 2012

      I'm excited! I hope we can make it to our goal and then some!