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The extra-ordinary notebook that protects your ideas in extreme situations. Waterproof, Unbreakable, Recyclable.


This object was born by the combination of our professional background - we are an architectural and design studio - and our passion for extreme sports - skiing, sailing, hiking, biking or kite-surfing.

It's a notebook with very peculiar features, unbreakable, waterproof and recyclable where it is possible to write with any type of pen or pencil (please use a writing instrument that is resistant and extreme as Idae is, otherwise you will not be able to write in wet or extreme situations).

What is really unique about this product is that all you write will remain on Idae forever.

Idae does not fear anything, water, rain, mold, wind, hail or even your own washing machine if you don't check your pockets before doing laundry.

Idae and Sports

Our vision for Idae is to make it an object in the life of any sportsmen allowing them to take it along in all their adventures to make sure that their thoughts and their words will be immortal. Think about what you could do with Idae while practicing your sports, hobbies or works:

  • skiing,
  • sailing,
  • hiking,
  • biking,
  • kite-surfing,
  • scuba diving,
  • surfing,
  • windsurfing,
  • trekking,
  • skating,
  • fishing,
  • water sports,
  • land sports,
  • and many else ...
  • designers,
  • architects,
  • engineers,
  • coaches,
  • outside works ...
surfing and windsurfing
surfing and windsurfing

It works!

We tested Idae personally and we are now certain Idae is what we aimed for and even above our expectations.


What can I do with Idae and what I can't do?

Use Idae as a normal notebook but take care of it as it isn't!
Do everything you do with paper but image doing it in different condition.

The special paper used doesn't fear water or stress and it will not tear apart: the sketches are permanent; but it CAN be perforated or cut with scissors. Water or normal conditions of working doesn't erase your notes but special mix of conditions, heavy durable stress or chemicals can alter what you have written as normally happens on paper.
The best performance is obtained writing on Idae when it's dry, but, according with the limits of the writing instrument, you can write when Idae is wet or even submerged underwater.

The front cove deteriorates and fades with time, but it is normal, Idae will still protect you notes inside.


How is it made? Dimensions?

Idae is made with high performance material coming from the field of extreme sports and new technologies. The special paper is made by DuPont (leader in his field) and the stitching is made with Spectra wire used by sailors and fishermen: extremely strong and durable over time.

The cover is made with paper of 105 g/m². The 32 internal pages are made with paper of 75 g/m². The booklet dimensions are: closed 140x98 mm [5,51x3,85 in .̴ ], opened 140x196 mm [5,51x7,79 in .̴].

The prototype was made by us to control the result, but the final product will be made using a small industrial supply chain already identified. Idae is Made in Italy and it will be shipped from Italy where tracking number will not be provided.

Please note that the product will be delivered without any packaging to reduce waste and costs to you.
Even if we use best materials and suppliers the product Idae is not certified and it will be shipped to you as is; any suggestions or advice are more than welcome for the future of this product since we hope to start producing Idae with a manufacturing process if we will succeed.

widely used
widely used
red wave cover only for kickstarter
red wave cover only for kickstarter
black wave cover
black wave cover


Please follow this link to obtain all information about the life of this material from the web site of Waste Management, Inc. Please be careful to separate the wire.

Production process

The manufacturing process of Idae starts from the printing plan that will procure the special paper directly from the manufacturer. The paper sheets will be printed and stitched by the same factory and delivered to us. We will inspect every piece one by one to ensure that every Idae matches the expected quality level.

We tried to shorten the supply chain as much as possible to reduce problems, costs and pollution.


Olimpics Game? so far just a dream ...
Washing machine? something can delete ...
The carabiner? it will be bought according to the number of orders received ...
Fire? yes, it burns !
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Italian Version

Enjoy the Italian version of our video presentation!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Most of the steps are organized but depending of the number of pledges we can take some more time to buy the material and produce the booklet since some steps are made by people and not by machines.

Idae will be produced in slot of 450 pieces each, so more pladge, as we hope, could take more time to be manufactured and issued.

The supplier of special paper is selected by us, but will be managed by the printer factory so we won't control the process beetween them (printer and paper manufactor).

We selected many supplier of carabiner but we will select the best partner once we will know how many carabiners are needed.


  • You can pledge for the $20 (for example) Idae and then just add up how many Idae you want. If you want 6 Idae then pledge $120. We will send you an email before we ship your reward and you can let us know exactly what Idae you want.

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