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What happens when Cyberpunk apocalypse roguelike meets RTS in pixel art? C-Wars!
What happens when Cyberpunk apocalypse roguelike meets RTS in pixel art? C-Wars!
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Fan Art/Design Contest Results!

Posted by Onipunks (Creator)

80K!!!!! We... damn... THANK YOU ALL!

We are super excited about this LDF mode! And let's welcome iOS users now xD

OK, first thing first, the contests. It has been really difficult for us to pick the winners because there were so many impressive submissions, therefore we’ve decided to add the 2nd ($250 Zombie) , 3rd ($120 pixel you), and Honorable Mention ($60 Catch'em all) awards. Thank you for taking time to share these amazing artworks/designs with us!

Now we’re pleased to announce the winners!

Concept Art Winners :

1st Place: Peng Ven 
2nd Place: David De Ost
3rd Place: Frederic Tarabout, Daniel Root

Honorable Mention: Peng Ven, Fulancy, Marzi, Xellos Cai, Peter Klijn

Pixel Art Winners :

1st Place: Marat Khazarzhan
2nd Place: Dahel
3rd Place: Frederic Tarabout, Luis Fernando Vera Aviles

Honorable Mention: Jim, Daniel Root, Alan “Adza” G

Weapon Design Winners:

1st Place: Daniel Zubiria Izquierdo [Rocket propelled chainsaw]
2nd Place: Lim Hoe Kit [Neuton Strikers]
3rd Place: Brooks [Holy Hand Grenade], Jim [M.P Pile Bunker]

Honorable Mention: WhattheFnu [The Whosimmawhatsit], Dahel ["Lunatic" dart gun (Toy)], Adrinata Kusuma [Innocent Killer]

Drug Design Winners:

1st Place: Chris Irwin [PlaySeeBoo]
2nd Place: Sakre [J.A.D.E]
3rd Place: Daniel Zubiria Izquierdo [Rainbow dust], Jon Olsen [Eagle tears]

Honorable Mention: NK [Z-Virus], Kevin Lanzmich [TEAR FROM CHUCK NORRIS]

Food Design Winners:

1st Place: Jon Olsen [Old coke]
2nd Place: Alan "Adza" G [Snowflake]
3rd Place: Daniel Zubiria Izquierdo [Platypus a l'orange], Mitchel Kc Wong [Gai Dan Zai ]

Honorable Mention: Antonio Aristides Mochi Junior [Tornado Potatoes]

Congratulations to all!

To see all the entries, please go to our Tumblr page, where the award details have been posted:

If the winner is also our backer, feel free to lower your pledge but make sure you have at least $1 pledge to keep your backer status so we can track you. Send us a message to ask any question about your awards.

Design contests' 1st place winners will be listed as GunSmith/Pharmacist/Gourmet in the game credits. Art contests' 1st place winners will also be listed in the game credits ;) 

If the winner is not a backer, contact us at for further info on receiving your awards. You will receive also the access to our private forum, and be added to our exclusive mailing list.

Thank you all very much for fighting together with us to nail WiiU and LDF/iOS goal, you guys are the best! 

Team ONI


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    1. Jeffrey Chen on

      Will Onipunks be holding a few more fan design contests for C-Wars before the release date? I would have really liked to participate in the last few, but I've been busy...

    2. Adrinata Kusuma on

      @TheChosenOne I'm pretty sure they said that it's okay to get or link pictures from the internet for the design category. The concept and pixel arts must be original however.

    3. Missing avatar

      Remi D. Finjord on

      @Onipunks: Looks like you will have to double check some of the entries for plagiarism / copyright infringements.

    4. David De Ost on

      Some amazing entries in the Concept Art category, guys. I'm honoured to have made second!

    5. TheChosenOne on

      Because a person googles a picture of something that already exists in a movie made many years ago and puts some text under it they are a winner?
      Seems you just randomly picked winners without looking at them. If I had know I could win without doing actually myself I would have entered.

    6. Missing avatar

      David Isaac Frohman

      Kinda unfair that the winner of the weapon used Meme imagery that has been on the internet forever

    7. Adrinata Kusuma on

      Didn't think I'll make it before as I don't have any graphics skills lol. Congrats to all the winners!

    8. Rand Chua TL on

      congratulations to everyone!

    9. Onipunks Creator on

      Just in case you miss the info; In the update, we stated that "2nd place = Zombie YOU, 3rd = Pixel YOU, Honorable Mention= Catch'em All".

      We've actually changed original 2nd place award [which was Pixel YOU] to 3rd, and add Zombie YOU as 2nd.

      Please shoot us a message if you have any question ;)


    10. WhattheFnu on

      Dah. If only I were more experienced pixel art, I could've communicated my concept a little better. Oh well, I won't be a sore loser about it. Grats to everyone who won, and enjoy your prizes!

    11. Jon Olsén on

      Thank you =)
      And congratulations to everyone