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What happens when Cyberpunk apocalypse roguelike meets RTS in pixel art? C-Wars!
What happens when Cyberpunk apocalypse roguelike meets RTS in pixel art? C-Wars!
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ONE MORE DAY! (PSV Key, $60 Tier, Add-ons & ONI T-Shirts)

Posted by Onipunks (Creator)


Tyrfing is hitting the WiiU Crystal, HARD! Let's make WiiU possible!!

We are so close to get our PS Vita license, but we still don't know for sure if we can eventually get a PSN key for you guys. What we do know is that if we accomplish the WiiU goal, we will able to give you the WiiU key.

We want to increase the value of our $60 tier Catch'em All again:

We will give you ALL keys of our already reached platforms, which means:

PC [PC, Mac, Linux] + Android + 3DS + PSV [if we can give you the key] + WiiU [if we reach 75K]

We are aware that if we give out all the keys, what we can use in the game development from the $60 tiers will become very little, especially when we still can’t be sure how much it would cost to generate every PSN key. But if you are willing to take the risk with us, then let's go through this adventure together!

We will keep our promise of the PC/Android release date (October 2013). Hopefully the 3DS version will be available by the end of the year, and we will begin working on PSV and WiiU as soon as 3DS goes into the final testing phase. (Sorry, we can't confirm for iOS yet.) We have to fully test C-Wars on every platform before releasing it. Thank you for your understanding!

This $60 tier will be the ONLY one that has a possible PSV key, and please note that you can't have duplicated keys in this tier, unless you pledge $15 more for the extra copy of PSV/3DS/WiiU or $10 for PC and Android.

Eligible items [NOT ADD-ONS]:

1- $10+: You are eligible for the PC version [Steam key if greenlit + DRM-FREE copy] or the Android DRM-FREE copy
2- $15+: You are eligible for the 3DS or WiiU key instead of the PC or Android version
3- $25+: You have the Digital Art-Book now

Digital Add-Ons

1- Extra PC copy: $10
2- Extra Android copy: $10
3- Extra 3DS copy: $15
4- Extra WiiU copy: $15

Physical Add-Ons [for backers who pledged $20 or more]
1- ONI Backer T-Shirt + worldwide shipping = $35

Front: Team Oni
Back: Calligraphy “Oni”

Thank you all so much for joining this wonderful journey with us. You guys are the best fans ever! C-Wars on Kickstarter, one more day to go!

Team ONI


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    1. Michael Robinson on


      Just upped my level to Catch'em. I cannot wait...

    2. Cory on

      So... what happens if you can't get the Vita codes?

    3. Jonathan Barrett on

      Ok, these reward tiers are too damned complex, and the likelihood of getting a straight answer at this point is nonexistent… I'm on Catch 'Em All now, and it isn't like I can afford any more, so… Olies Out!

    4. Cory on


      The Catch'em all tier says this "All above + all hidden heroes OR all hidden weapons"

      People are wondering how much to upgrade to get both all hidden heroes AND all hidden weapons

    5. Missing avatar

      Raymond on

      Catch'em all have all the weapons. You don't need to add money for that.

    6. Missing avatar

      Raymond on

      Can I change the WiiU to PSV for extra copy?

    7. mbcscp on

      Catch'am All doesnt have > Early Backer FCFS Special Weapon ?
      Catch'em All doesnt have > Explorer tier weapons at all ?

      so if i pledge for Catch'em All i need to add some $$$ for them ?
      how much do i add for each item ?

    8. Onipunks Creator on

      @Jonathan Barrett It's very kind... But we will still give all of them to you guys, it's a promise we made. You can give the key to your friend ;) Thanks dude!

    9. Onipunks Creator on

      1- Catch'em all don't have Steam Tier, so no DLCs; BUT, all tiers [except $5] will have a steam key if get greenlit
      2- yes, heroes/weapons in 3DS and WiiU
      3- yes, once unlocked -> permanent
      4- yes and no, FCFS is a special weapon tier, you will have initial 12 special weapons. but you don't have other 12, you need to upgrade to Explorer.

    10. mbcscp on

      $60 tier Catch'em All questions
      1. does this include steam key + DLCs if greenlighted ?
      2. all heroes or all weapons option been included on 3DS and WII U ?
      3. unlocking heroes or weapons in game permanent ?
      4. the two early backer weapons included ? if not how much

    11. Jonathan Barrett on

      Just wondering, if we now pledge for Catch'EmAll, can we opt of one or more platforms, to hopefully reduce costs on your end? For example, I have no android device, and while I imagine that's probably a pretty small saving on your end, it might help a little? Also I'm sure lots of people will not own a 3DS, WiiU AND a PSVita all in one, so you'd make more of a saving there if people decided to opt out of getting platforms they will never own.
      Or am I grossly mis-reading that?

    12. Eric Payawal

      @Mathieu No, I don't think you can add on for a PSV key, unless you're already pledged at the $60 tier.

    13. Matto on

      If i want a PC + (if it's ok with sony) PSV Key , i should pledge 25$ then ? (choosing 10$ retro gamer + 15$ for psv ?) thanks for the clarification .

    14. Eric Payawal

      @Caleb The shirt's an add-on, not a reward; it's not included with any tier. Add $35 to your pledge, and it's yours. (Considering it's worldwide shipping, that's not bad.)

      @Conor I'm fairly sure that's the case. :)

    15. Caleb McCormack on

      Since I pledged $30 does that mean I get the T-shirt? :o

    16. Conor Porteous on

      So, if I already pledged $15 and I added another $15 onto it making it $30, would I be eligible to receive a 3DS code and a Wii U code instead of the PC version?

    17. Missing avatar

      Michael Connell

      Since you guys are going to be on both 3DS and WiiU, I really hope you can get an article or even interview in the new Nintendo Force magazine to spread the word further amongst the Nintendo faithful

    18. Eric Payawal

      @Jinrgran Wang Yeah, it's for anyone who already backed at $20+, and it's an add-on, not a reward tier. :)

    19. Jingran Wang on

      At the $40 Steam SOLO tier, can I add $35 for the T-shirt? I'm assuming it would be okay since the T-shirt not a "reward" tier per-se, and it says it's available to backers $20+, but I wanted to make sure.

    20. Terence McDonald on

      looking foward to the 3DS and Wii U (Which the Wii U needs more games) releases, You got my support.

    21. Mitchel Kc Wong on

      can't wait to play these kstart games on 3ds

    22. Eric Payawal

      @Banni Ibrahim That will be answered in the survey after the campaign is over. You specify what you're adding on for, be it a pledge upgrade, or extra copies.

    23. Alan "Adza" G on

      @Banni At the end of the campaign they will send survey to know which tier you want with your pledge ^^

    24. Banni Ibrahim on

      I'm a bit confused about something, if both the explorer pack and an extra PC/Android copy are a $10 add-on, how will they know which add-on you wanted when you increase your pledge by $10?

    25. Adrinata Kusuma on

      Unlike the others who have posted here, I'm all for getting this game out to as many platforms as possible. I don't own any of them but PC and Android myself but I see much bigger potential for success with multiple systems.

      More systems equals to more exposure, and more exposure leads to more sales, which ultimately leads to $$$. More $ can be beneficial allowing them to support the game, release DLCs, and spin-offs / sequels.

      I'm being realistic here, they need to make money to support the game and their vision.

    26. James Cartwright on

      As I don't have a 3DS, WiiU or Vita none of those keys to those platforms interest me. Just make it work well with no bugs on the PC and I'll be happy.

    27. Marzi on

      Oh man, I JUST asked about the t-shirt via email, right before you posted the answer. Now I feel dumb. xD Sorry Onipunks! :)

    28. Dirk Schlobinski on

      I'd rather you invest your energy in getting C-Wars out on one system first and working perfectly there, before investing in all consoles availible on the market.

    29. Missing avatar

      Constantine Smith II on

      Happy we made it, really excited for this game. Will it be playable on Oyua as well? Also when is the new Beta going to be released?