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What happens when Cyberpunk apocalypse roguelike meets RTS in pixel art? C-Wars!
What happens when Cyberpunk apocalypse roguelike meets RTS in pixel art? C-Wars!
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Controller Support!

Posted by Onipunks (Creator)

Hello, our beloved C-Wars fellows!

Most of you should have already played our PC/Android demo. The PC demo has keyboard mouse control and Android has touchscreen control.

But we don’t want to stop just there. We've been thinking about the Controller version of C-Wars since a while ago. Now we’ve come up with some good solutions without changing our RTS combat system!

Basically, to avoid the chaotic feeling with controller as in most classic RTS, you can use Pause to buy your time for deploying unit. Once your summoned soldiers are on the right position or moving direction, reactivate the combat. Even just for choosing the unit on the map, it's worth to use the Pause function.

Take control of your units/hero whenever you want. It actually has way more ARPG feelings than touchscreen or keyboard+mouse control.

As we’ve stated before, developing console game is our dream. This control mode exists for a reason: We will use it on 3DS! Of course, 3DS has touchscreen, but the hybrid version is even better!

Another big update: We support Green Throttle now!

An awesome gadget allows you to connect your Android device to your TV, and use Green Throttle controller to play your game on it!

But that's not all yet!

Now we have our controller solution - we will apply for the Xbox Live Arcade release! If we can get greenlit from both Sony and Microsoft, it will be triple awesome with Nintendo's authorization!

We know that's a LOT of platforms to develop/port, but you know what? We code geeks, C#, C++, and Java, love all these!

Support Our Indie Friends:

Guys! Chasm needs your attention to achieve their goal of 150K (now 138K) in their last 6 days on Kickstarter! It's a pixel platformer that gives you the warm feeling from old days. Check out the red pixel potion - we saw the soul of Gods from it! Helping them is helping this awesome indie industry! Pixel branch!

Similar to C-Wars, A.N.N.E by Gamesbymo also took the risk to combine different game concepts into one to be innovative. It's the indie spirit! AAA is BIG OUT BIG IN business. It may be difficult for them to risk millions of dollars to move things, although their working pipeline is awesome. Support A.N.N.E and help them fund the game! Hey the Canadians out there! It's a game made in Canada, so let's do something!

We’ve been always excited about Jagged Alliance: Flashback from Full Control! The most shinny part, additional to the tactical spirits in Fallout Tactics, is guns! You have tons of them in Jagged Alliance. We are pretty sure these industry veterans will nail this game with all their experience of going through the standard publishing deals.

Risk of Rain, a platformer with roguelike elements. Their pixel arts are absolutely outstanding!! It's like a portal to the DOS era: Dune2 style pixel font + large pretty pixel icons! We bet you will have fun with the demo, coz we DID! Already cool with 13 items, just imagine what you can do with 100+ items and classes? Check it out before it's too late! 3 days left for their Kickstarter campaign:

Magnetic by Nature, a beautiful platformer! Cute characters, fluid animation, and smart mechanism… this game deserves more attention! The color palette is just gorgeous. The magnetic based gameplay is extremely fun, too! Check out their KS video and meet these enthusiast game developers. Support them, so they could submit their game to IndieCade.

We’ve got 6 more days left on Kickstarter and still 10K to go for the 3DS Stretch Goal. Don’t forget to spread the word to help us move further!

Notes to the 1000 Early Backers: We’ve designed Hero Update and Explorer Update especially for you. Up your pledge by $10 and you can have both!

3 days before the Fan Art/Design Contest ends. Let your imaginations fly and make some art to win the $500 tier!

Last but not the least: We’ve created a Paypal account and will release the detailed info later today. Stay tuned!

May the Indie and Pixel Gods be with you,

The Onipunks Team


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    1. Jonathan - Member, Mutant League on

      For android, MOGA support would be nice

    2. Gerald Valentine on

      So the controller support should make an Ouya port pretty easy then, yes? :D

    3. Shaun Huang on

      You should give a pause button for the base game (like Baldur's Gate, Dragon Age). Maybe give achievement for finishing without ever using pause for purist. The reason why pure RTS always have weak tactical options is because the reflex + thinking speed needed for a game with this much depth at this fast pace is impossible for 99.99% of the gamer population. Pause button is the best solution to maintain the pace and depth while still giving everyone a chance to enjoy the game too.

    4. Ssylex on

      Awesome! Thanks for the clarity. :)

    5. Onipunks Creator on

      @Ssylex @Rene Thanks! Sorry your comment came right after ours, didn't see it in time.

      For FCFS backers, you only need to pledge $10 more to have Explorer without changing your tier. That makes $20 total, you are now eligible for 3DS key. So don't pledge $35, you really just need to pledge 20$. Please note, it's 3DS or PC or Android, not all of them ;)

    6. Eric Payawal

      @Rene If you're adding 10 to your early backer pledge for the Explorer upgrade, you're already pledging more than the $15 minimum needed to get a 3DS key, so $20 should be your new total. You'd just say you want a 3DS key in the survey after the campaign is over.

    7. Missing avatar

      Rene Flores on

      @Ssylex and Onipunks, I have the exact same question. Although I was under the impression that it was $10 (early backer) + $10 (hero/explorer upgrade) + $5 (for the 3DS key rather than having it on the PC/Mac). So am I changing my initial pledge to $25, through my understanding of the math, or to $35, based on Ssylex's understanding?

    8. parpaing on

      That's really good news! I also thought the game was too hectic atm without a pause function. It will bring more strategy to the game.

    9. Ingwaz Seishu on

      really glad you guys decided to add in a pause function. while this game looks pretty cool and I'm sure it'll be a big hit, there's no way I can keep up with everything that goes on in the game without the ability to pause and call in units, move people, use items, and set up attacks. there's just too much going on.

    10. Onipunks Creator on

      @Connor @Kevin @Jarrah Controller, Touch screen, Keyboard+mouse, all the three mode have PAUSE to secure strategy feeling. Glad you guys like the concept.
      @Caley We know very little about Ouya, can't really decide now. It's easy to port. but there are lots of other works to do besides of porting for supporting one platform. Sorry, can't confirm that yet.

    11. Ssylex on

      Hi guys! Really excited that you're getting this to the 3DS! Should be a perfect place to play it, and I think I'm more excited about having it on there, than on PC (since I have an iPhone, and not an Android). Question, though. As an early backer, if I wanted to get the Hero/Explorer update you mentioned, I'd just add $10 to my pledge, and not change my pledge tier? And if I wanted to add a 3DS key as well, I'd add another $15? $10 (early backer) + $10 (hero/explorer upgrade) + $15 (3DS key) = $35? Do I have that right? Thanks! Can't wait to play the game! Love that artwork. :)

    12. Jarrah on

      Is the pause only when using controller, or for other input methods too?

    13. Kevin Griffin on

      Very excited about controller support! I've always been a fan of slower, carefully-planned strategy, rather than fast-paced RTS action, so this sounds really cool to me. Great addition, guys!

    14. Missing avatar

      Sean Deitz on

      Really excited about this. Should make a great game even more enjoyable.

    15. Caley Gibson on

      Now that controller support is planned, any more thought on porting to Ouya?

    16. Patrick Connor Hale on

      when I was playing the demo I did feel like it sometime had too much happening on screen for me to keep track of, I'd imagine I would be completely lost when the battlefields get larger. I'm glad to hear that now I can pause and strategize my unit placement now.

    17. Rand Chua TL on

      First to comment!