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What happens when Cyberpunk apocalypse roguelike meets RTS in pixel art? C-Wars!
What happens when Cyberpunk apocalypse roguelike meets RTS in pixel art? C-Wars!
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3,348 backers pledged $95,574 to help bring this project to life.

Thank you, Nintendo!

Posted by Onipunks (Creator)

Thank you, Nintendo! And thank you, the C-Wars supporters! 

We’ve been authorized for Nintendo 3DS software development! Onipunks Canada branch is now officially an authorized developer for Nintendo 3DS!! Isn't it GREEEEEAT?

Catch'em All UP again!
To thank all of you, we’ve increased the value of Catch'em ALL, AGAIN! Backers will have a PC key + PC DRM-free copy + 3DS eShop key!!! You can also change PC to Android, 3DS to Android, which means PC + Android, PC + 3DS, Android + 3DS are all eligible [not 3DS + 3DS].

3DS Key
For other tiers, pledge $15 to have a 3DS key.
The reason of $15 [3DS] instead of $10 [PC/Android] is the cost of eShop code generation.

New Tier
We've also added a brand-new tier: Explorer!

Heart the insane challenges in a game? There you go! In Explorer, you will have the access to all 24 special weapons. Same rules apply to the initial 12 special weapons in the Special Weapon Tier. It's different from the other 12. Instead of Find & Unlock permanently in Catch'em ALL, you need to face serious challenges to unlock them in the game. Something like "Break Bronze Sword 30 times" [patience is golden] or "Headshot 30 enemies in a row with M1" [high skill needed].

Catch'em All Backers can turn on this special weapon challenge mode as an option in the game to gain the achievement.

Extra 3DS Key $15
Extra PC Key + DRM-Free Copy $10
Special Weapon's HERO Upgrade $5 [for Early Backer FCFS Special Weapon tier]
Explorer Upgrade $10 [for Early Backer FCFS Special Weapon tier]

We are so excited to develop C-Wars for Nintendo! Making console games is our dream and primary reason we entered the game industry.

We couldn’t have gone this far without our faithful C-Wars backers and supporters. A huge thanks goes out to every single one of you. You guys are the best!

Please continue helping us reach the 3DS Stretch Goal! It’s been a truly great journey for us to move forward with all of you.

The very excited Onipunks Team


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    1. Missing avatar

      Ian Cook on

      Congratulations on the authorization. I'm gonna manage my pledge right now!

    2. John Ayers

      I have a question assuming you will reach funding for 3DS development (I'm sure you will):
      If you are in the FCFS tier for early backers at $10 with the intent of getting an Android version of the game. Then add in $10 for the Explorer upgrade, and then add an additional $15 to get a 3DS key. Do you get your FCFS special weapon and the Explorer upgrade for you 3DS copy as well, or can you only get your additional upgrades on one platform?

    3. Wyatt Thurston on

      Even if the code generation costs money I wish you would suck up the difference to have it cost the same as the PC version or at least only put a mark up of $2 instead of $5, 50% more than the PC version.

    4. James Cartwright on

      @Eric Yeah thanks, got it now. HERO for $5 or HERO + Weapons for $10.

    5. Eric Payawal

      @James The special weapon HERO upgrade gives you same stuff as the more hero ($25) tier. The Explorer upgrade gives you that, as well as the weapons access, for just $10 extra instead of $5. Does that answer cover it for you?

    6. James Cartwright on

      I know I can get more weapons with the explorer upgrade as I have FCFS pledge I just wanted to know what the Special weapons HERO upgrade was and if it was worth paying for both upgrades?

    7. Eric Payawal

      @James Cartwright The major difference between the two tiers is which special weapons you can access. Either way, you'll get to unlock the 12 voted weapons, but the Explorer tier also lets you eventually unlock the 12 weapons that didn't win their votes - i.e. the Tesla Pistol, Acid Buster, etc. Whether you believe this to be worth it is your call, but if you ask me, more weapon options allow for more ways to enjoy the game.

      So if you want access to those weapons too, then you should go for the Explorer tier (or add just $10 more, if you're in the FCFS tier already.)

    8. James Cartwright on

      Is it worth having both special weapons upgrade and explorer upgrade?

    9. Shin Imai on


    10. Missing avatar

      Daniel Markiewicz

      Congratulations! Will the 3DS keys be available for all regions?

    11. Mitchel Kc Wong on

      HRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRNGH i'm debating whether to boost mine to 30 or keep it at 15.

    12. Missing avatar

      Peter The Wondergoth on

      Congrats on 3DS authorization, it's rare to see a kickstarter get accepted onto any of the major closed platforms during it's funding and it's fantastic too see ^_^

      Also thank you heaps for allowing early backers to upgrade to higher tiers and keep their discount. I've backed over 80 projects most of which were games and I can't remember any doing that, I've given up a lot of early backer discounts to goto higher tiers :P. One question and one suggestion though

      First the question, you said something about the all of the above in the steam tier not being accurate etc? if I add $20 to my $10 early backer pledge does that get me the steam pledge and the ability to unlock (with ingame achievements not automatically) all the weapons and heros?

      As for the suggestion, I've tripled my pledge because I saw this in the comments, a lot of backers don't go back and read the front page of a project after they've backed they just read the official updates and a lot don't read the comments. I'd highly suggest you do a brief update to let the 1000 early backers know they can easily grab the higher rewards for a relatively small increase. It could add up to a lot of extra funding for you ^_^

    13. Brandon Morris on

      This is such great news! Great work guys!

    14. Onipunks Creator on

      @Alan "Adza" G @Kingslayer @Jelly Paladin @Rand Chua TL @Philip Thanks guys!!!!!!
      @Matthew Ryan Oppel Yeah, after a serious dev meeting in Onipunks, we decided to give out 12 unelected special weapons with insane condition to unlock, kinda risky, but it looks you guys don't hate it. Thanks for your suggestion!
      @James If you are in regular Special Weapon tier, you can increase your pledge by changing tier, you lose absolutely nothing. If you are in FCFS, you will only need to pledge the difference, that way, you don't lose your FCFS pledge for early backer and you can have one HERO already unlocked for you, or Explorer.
      @All We will try our best to answer questions ;)

    15. Onipunks Creator on

      @Adrinata Will move some contents on the top of out KS page, we will do our best to boost the chance to hit 65535
      @Marzi FCFS Special Weapon get the Special weapon for $10 instead of $20, so it's just normal to us to let FCFS backers just pledge the difference between regular Special Weapon and More Hero or Explorer.
      AND, if your pledge exceeds $15, you will be legible for 3DS key, you will able to choose between 3DS and PC key. If you want an extra PC key [DRM-Copy comes with], you may need to pledge $10; $20 for Steam special thought.

    16. Onipunks Creator on

      @Eric @Jim @Mitchel @Michael @all Thanks guys! We can't make it without our backers!!
      @Michael We can't tell the price of dev-kits due the NDA, but we confirm that we need to hit 65535 to secure the development for 3DS version of C-Wars. If we don't hit it, we will still develop it but with a significant delay for sure.

    17. Onipunks Creator on

      @Atticus Thanks dude!
      @David Thanks! $5 upgrade is for FCFS Special Weapon only [$10 instead of $20]. Otherwise, you can just upgrade your pledge, you lose nothing. Steam tier is SOLO, that means, you can't combine it with others. The tier image was screwed, just ignore it, there shouldn't be "all-above" on it, we will change it Monday, artists were exhausted by working 10 days in a row so far, sorry about that.

    18. James Cartwright on

      So think I understand Explorer Upgrade, you just get 24 special weapons you have to unlock, right? But what is in the special weapons HERO upgrade?

    19. Missing avatar

      Matthew Ryan Oppel on

      :D You guys took my suggestion!
      Now time to see if I can bump my pledge up to 60.
      It's a great combo there. :D

    20. mrfatso ~ Defender of The Goat on

      hi onipunks, what does upgrading 5 do for us anyway? What is this hero upgrade? is it the same as explorer?

      Also, if i increase my pledge by 25 dollars, does that mean that i am at explorer tier and i get to have an Andriod + 3DS key?

    21. Onipunks Creator on

      @Caleb yes
      @All Have a $15 as pledge = 3DS key, but you can't have PC + 3DS for $15
      @All $60 = one extra key we give to you. Check FAQ to have more details about heroes

    22. Caleb McCormack on

      So if I pledge $15 I get 3DS and PC? :o

    23. Philip on

      Sweet! I'll be able to play it on my 3DS now! Great news! :D

    24. Rand Chua TL on

      Congratulations OniPunks!
      Is this news spread on the gaming website?

    25. LordMatsu on

      So my $60 tier can get me an android copy + 3DS copy with all 24 weapons? and 12 heroes ready to be unlocked?!

    26. Jelly Paladin on

      Congratulations, everyone! =) It's been awesome seeing Kickstarter make some games happen on 3DS recently like this and Shovel Knight. I'm cool with PC and all, but a dedicated game system is definitely my preferred format!

    27. Kingslayer on

      And I've just bought a 3DS too. Congrats, guys.

    28. Alan "Adza" G on

      Just woke up, check mails, saw "Thank You Nintendo" => Best Awakening Ever xD
      Sooo good to read this *-* Congrats! \ o / Let's hope we got a pure final rush to beat 3DS and WiiU stretch goals now :)

    29. Eric Payawal


    30. Jim on

      Congrats guys! =D

    31. Mitchel Kc Wong on


      great job guys! i'm so happy for you guys!

    32. Johnathan Tan on

      Is there a way for FCFS Special Weapon backers to upgrade their pledge to get the other 12 special weapons on the explorer tier? Like add $10 or something?

      Its a big difference to go from $10->$30, compared to $20-$30.

    33. Missing avatar

      Michael Connell

      Congratulations. So does this mean something will replace the 3DS stretch goal?

    34. Marzi on

      To clarify, does the Explorer $10 upgrade for the Early Backers simply add the 12 extra weapons, or is it upgrading the FCFS backers to a cheaper version of the Explorer tier (meaning they get the extra hero too?) Just a little confused. I'd also like to see clarification about the $5 FCFS hero upgrade too. Thanks. :)

    35. Adrinata Kusuma on

      Now would be a good time to update your KS main page with this information. Not many people read updates.

    36. David Smith

      Congratulations! This game's control scheme seems like a perfect fit for the 3DS. (but still good for PC and the like)

      Could you possibly clarify what the $5 "HERO Upgrade" does? Also, is the Explorer tier included in the Greenlight Special (which states "ALL above rewards", and Explorer was added above it)

    37. Dahel on

      I See. As a roguelike enthusiast (and i'm probbably not the only one here) I find this tier really interesting, as having to unlock all from the beginning is a more satisfying experience in my opinion =D

    38. Atticus Tsai-McCarthy on

      YES!!! I was hoping for this! you guys deserve this. Thanks for the inspiration and motivation you have given me

    39. Onipunks Creator on

      @Dahel Thanks dude! Indeed, you have 24 in Explorer. But it's not easy to unlock them permanently. And you don't have the extra copy in Catch'em all.
      @Mitchell If you choose $10 tier, you can pledge $5 more to have 3DS key instead of PC or Android. You will able to choose in a survey after KS campaign.

    40. Dahel on

      Wow, congrats guys on getting this far. Now, time to go forthe WiiU!!
      If I understood correctly, the "Explorer" tier works like the Special weapon tier, but with all the 24 weapons instead of the 12 of the lower tier, is that it ?

    41. Jason Williams on

      Mitchell, the $15 is an add on to an already pledged tier. Although, I think you guys should have a $15 3DS tier.

    42. Mitchell Sutton on

      To clarify, if my $10 pledge is changed to $15 I can get a 3DS key only? Thanks for your time.