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What happens when Cyberpunk apocalypse roguelike meets RTS in pixel art? C-Wars!
What happens when Cyberpunk apocalypse roguelike meets RTS in pixel art? C-Wars!
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Becoming an Actor in C-Wars!!

Posted by Onipunks (Creator)

Hello the C-Wars lovers, 

We’ve decided to extend the deadline for the Fan Art/Design Contest to May 8, 2013 (11:59pm EST). Hope this will give you guys more time to prepare your submissions.

Many of you have been asking about the differences in the “pixel you” tiers. Here’s a detailed list that should answer all your questions.

Pixel YOU
Your name will be in the special thanks credits.

Basically, you will have Catch'em ALL + a C-Style [C-Wars Style] Pixel YOU [not an animation], which you will receive via email. Our planned delivery is August, 2013. You can use this Pixel YOU as an avatar or so. You will permit us to use this pixel YOU in game promotions. This pixel YOU will not appear in the game.

Legal note:
By pledging our tiers, you will accept that, all the animation copies we send you as gifts are for personal uses only. You can use it as an avatar on any forum, but we possess the copyrights of this Civ YOU as a model in C-Wars. As a part of C-Wars, you cannot use the character in another game or for any commercial use without Onipunks’ written permission.

Your name will be in the credits as an extra.

You will have a Pixel YOU + play an anonymous civilian in C-Wars. This Civ You is an in-game model. Civilians who regenerate in the game will be randomly picking your model or the classic models. We will make sure no duplicated Civ YOU model appears on the same screen.

You will have all the Civilian animations in your own outfits.

We can send a civilian animation [GIF format] to you [1X = original size, pixel-to-pixel OR 2X = larger size, c.f animation on KS page].

Be aware that Civ YOU CANNOT zombify.

Zombie YOU
Your name will be in the credits as an extra.
Civ YOU + Zombified animation + All customized zombie animations in the game. Sorry, we won't be able accept girls in this tier because Luna girls can't turn into Zombies; they become Weapon-girls, the ultra strong bosses in the game.

Same thing as in Civ YOU. You are an anonymous in-game model which can be shared by any zombie regenerate in the game, but zombies in Zombie YOU model are stronger.

Additionally, we can send you a zombie animation by your choice in GIF format [1X or 2X].

Soldier YOU
Your name will be in the credits as an extra.

Pixel YOU + a summoned solider YOU in the game. This is an anonymous in-game model, too. Soldier YOU has fewer customizations but the most visibility in the game. The summoned soldiers in this model are stronger.

Additionally, we can send you two Soldier YOU animations by your choice in GIF format, [1X or 2X].

Warrior YOU
Your name will be in the credits as an actor.

This one is totally different! THIS IS YOU!! Woohoo! As a S7 warrior, you have a more detailed customization and can even have a weapon in your own design and a special normal attack we will design for you. But you are not a recruitable hero, which means you can't join the journey when players start a game. Players will find you in the special encounters. After recruiting you, you become a wingman in the team, which means players can move you as a summoned soldier that can attack automatically. You are UNIQUE, so, no summoning; you will be on the battlefield from the beginning of the fight. Players ain’t gonna pay nothing to have you as the wingman in the team after recruiting you. Players can set up your skill pack, but you have fewer skill slots. You can gain levels as heroes. But remember, when you die, you die, hasta la vista!

We will need your photo to make your HD portrait. You also need to choose a class and answer a survey which will allow us to learn more about you to make your special encounter in the game.

This warrior you is a part of C-Wars too, so you do give us the copyrights to use your name and the Warrior you in C-Wars.

We will send you 2 animations in GIF as a gift.

Wanderer YOU
Your name will be in the credits as an actor.

You're a warrior! You’re a left-behind "bad guy" soldier from LDF or Cyber-Lover. If players recruit you, you may interact with your ex-teammates in LDF or Cyber-Lover. In this tier, you will have more special events. It's always more interesting to play a bad guy yeah?

Female wanderer is totally possible!

Hero YOU
Your name will be in the credits as an actor.

The ultimate tier! You are a S7 hero so once players unlock you, you can be selected from the beginning. Our art director will draw a concept art of you after receiving your survey and choice of class, oh, of course, your photo.

You have your own special skill, special normal attack, and special SUPER attack!

You will help us design the above stuff, but please be reasonable [no superman, guys...] ^^'

We will send you 4 animations in GIF as a gift.

Villain YOU
Your name will be in the credits as an actor.

Another ultimate tier! You are a bad guy from LDF or Cyber-Lover, but you can be persuaded to join the players to save or destroy the world...

More questions? Ask us!

The Onipunks team


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    1. Onipunks Creator on

      @Ryan Thanks for choosing Civ YOU.
      For your questions:
      1- 1X animation is better for forum or Twitter.
      2- We will give you 1X - 3X pixel YOU to let you do whatever you want with it.

      1- Not avatar, it's actually 2 animations, but you can still use it as avatar. you have 2: 1 Civ, 1 Zombie.
      2- Both of them [Civ YOU, Zombie YOU] could appear in the game. Sometime you have zombifying animation, something you don't, it depends on the scenario.

      Hope that helps. If you have any question, just ask us.

    2. Ryan Trussler on

      I just backed the Civilian YOU pledge and I have two questions.

      It says under "Civ YOU" heading that you can send a civilian animation [GIF format] to you [1X = original size, pixel-to-pixel OR 2X = larger size, c.f animation on KS page].
      Does that mean you can only choose one size? and you can't get both?
      If we can only choose one size what is the best size to choose to use for example for a forum avatar or a twitter avatar?

      Also in regards to the Zombie YOU pledge, above in the description it says you get Civ YOU + Zombified animation.
      Does that mean you send us two pixel avatars, one civilian and one zombie version?
      And do both the Civilian and zombie pixel version of you appear in the game or only the zombie version?

      Thank you.

    3. Adrinata Kusuma on

      True. I've tried to contact several pixel artists to find out how much they charge for an hour's work, and it's around £10/hour, so add up the many hours required to create your likeness in pixels, portraits, and extra coding / storytelling, plus the weapon if you get the $1500+ tiers.

      In fact I'd say the most "cost-effective" (i.e you get a lot for what you pay for) Pixel YOU tier is the Zombie. You get Civilian AND Zombified animation of you, that's a lot of pixels!

      Many people still don't realize how much money is spent on creating games. AAA games budgets are on par to Hollywood movies and is still climbing as new consoles and new graphic cards / processors arrive.

      So there's my explanation.

    4. Onipunks Creator on

      @jorlinn on Linux
      1- Backer share the Pixel YOU copyright with us [You allow us to use the Pixel YOU, not your photo to promote C-Wars], basically, you can do whatever you want with this pixel YOU, on your card or print it on a T-Shirt.
      2- Other YOU, are in-game characters, as long as it's not in a game, or something with straightforward commercial usage, it's ok to use it. That means, your biz card, fan art, fan comic.

      The legal note is just to make sure we can use these Other YOU in game without any problem.

      Thanks for your comments and support. We will not let you down!

    5. Jim on

      Unfortunately, a lot of people don't realize how much time it takes to create pixel artwork. Those vanity Kickstarter rewards such as "you/custom character are in the game" rewards are always expensive/limited because you are a brand new sprite, something that they have to create outside of what they are currently doing.

      The video Onipunks posted of the making of Nova shooting took 10hrs to make and that was maybe (15 - 20 frames of animation). When you factor in the labour costs for making the frames of animation, coding. drawing the static artwork, etc.... things begin to add up.

    6. jorlinn on Linux on

      I'd love to have such a pixel art image, would using it on a personal business card fall under the description "Commercial use"? I will use those business cards in order to give my personal information to a company, but the business card itself won't be tied to a company itself. Otherwise I don't see much use for a pixel art image, cute as it may be.

    7. Frederik Vezina

      $5000 is a lot when you make 30k a year, but there are adult gamers with six-digits (and even seven) family incomes, who are glad to contribute more for a little extra. And we thank them for it, because it makes everyone's game richer. It can also be used as a form of cross-publicity by public figures in related industries (e.g. a Sid Meier hero), and 5k is not a lot of money in advertising.

      Also, InXile's Kicking It Forward campaign participants will start hitting profits in 2013 - that'll be a lot of money to be re-injected into cool projects.

    8. LordMatsu on

      $5000 is a lot. Don't think I'd even spend that kind of money on a game, unless it was under my sofa.

    9. Adrinata Kusuma on

      Well, it costs a lot for pixel arts to be made. Search around freelancer artists and you'll know.

      But $5000? Not many people have that kind of money :(

    10. Kevin Griffin on

      Sorry, I meant "Hero You"! o.o

    11. Kevin Griffin on

      Despite how much I would LOVE to have the Warrior You tier, $5,000 is just way too much money for me to spend. :(