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What happens when Cyberpunk apocalypse roguelike meets RTS in pixel art? C-Wars!
What happens when Cyberpunk apocalypse roguelike meets RTS in pixel art? C-Wars!
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Cooler Tier Modifications & Introducing A.N.N.E & Jagged Alliance

Posted by Onipunks (Creator)

Hello, the beautiful C-Wars family! 

Considering the feedback we've received from you guys, we’ve decided to make some modifications about the Special Weapon & Catch'em all tiers! 

Special Weapon Backers: You will able to have ALL weapons now!! But you need to unlock them. System will still randomly assign you one of the 12 special weapons when you start the game. If you achieve certain conditions, such as "Use Silex pistol to kill 300 enemies," or "Have 50 times SMR switch & headshot moments", you will be able to unlock it as a permanent special weapon. 

Catch'em All Backers: You will always have your 12 backers-voted special weapons initially and permanently. Plus, you can have other 12 unvoted special weapons now!!! Once you find them through the special encounters in the game, you may unlock them as permanent weapons. 

Hope you will be happy to hear the updates above. Now, let’s introduce some new friends of ours from the amazing indie game community. 

If you love pixel art and the gorgeous background style of “Another World,” you should definitely check out Gamesbymo's A.N.N.E at It’s an awesome mixture of Shoot'em up and Platformer. We've played their demo at GDC play and loved it. Give it a try and you will love it, too. 

Love Fallout Tactics and the base management in X-com? Guns? If yes, you definitely should try this newest Jagged Alliance produced by Full Control. Their concept is very promising: 

Long live the indie spirits! 

The Onipunks Team 


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    1. Dahel on

      SO many great games to support, so little money... =/
      Adding the unvoted weapons ingame ? Sounds awesome =D

    2. Marzi on

      Fun, fun! I'm so excited. :D

    3. Onipunks Creator on

      To answer you lovely backers’ questions:

      1- Catch'em All -> all hidden heroes, you will need to achieve certain conditions to unlock 12 official special weapons, and find the special encounters to unlock other 12 unvoted special weapons.

      2- Catch'em All -> all special weapons, you have 12 official special weapons; you will need to find the special encounters and figure out HOW to persuade these heroes to join you; you need to find the special encounter to unlock other 12.

      3- Special weapon or +: System will assign you one of the UNLOCKED official special weapons [initially 12].

      4- No DLCs will be made for these 24 weapons across any platform. Special Weapons are for KS backers only. You can at least have 12 if you pledge Special Weapon.

      5- The condition for unlocking 12 official weapons will be unveiled in the C-Wars private forum [accessible for every backers and people who pre-order C-Wars thru Humble Bundle after KS campaign]. The "300 enemy kills" to unlock Silex Pistol is an example. We will test them before the official release, will not let you play 10h to unlock one special weapon. Besides, some of them are not playtime based.

      6- We will not tell you how to unlock the hidden heroes nor 12 other special weapons. But you can share spoiler in the forum :)

    4. Eric Payawal

      @Phua Chee How If you're at the Catch 'em all tier, you'll start with either all the heroes, or the 12 voted weapons. Then you can go through and unlock whatever you didn't pick to start with. Either way, you can end up with every hero and weapon. :)

      @Mitchel I'm fairly sure that's correct, in that each weapon/hero we have permanently would be there for the next game. It's a roguelike, so there probably isn't a new game+ (rather just whatever you've already unlocked permanently.) I could be wrong though, depending on the way the other modes might play out.

    5. Mitchel Kc Wong on

      oh sweet, so the weapons we keep, would they be available for like the new game + or something (if there even is a new game +)?
      If i win/come in second place for the art contest i'm gonna back ANNE.

    6. Phua Chee How on

      hhmm so in short if I choose all heroes for ctach them all I only get to unlock eventually 12 weapons and if I choose all weapons then I get to unlock eventually all heroes and 24 weapons??

    7. Eric Payawal

      I agree, starting with all the weapons would probably take less time/fewer replays, rather than having all the heroes unlocked, and then trying for all the weapons. Since you'd start with a random weapon each run, you might need a few dozen runs to get every weapon permanently. Not a bad thing, of course, but a time investment not everyone may have. It's also safe to assume that in the latter scenario, you will be randomly assigned a weapon that you haven't unlocked yet, since unlocking a weapon is permanent. Assigning a weapon you already permanently have would seem illogical to me. ;)

      @Johnathan The update certainly suggests that we can INDEED catch 'em all, regardless of whether we want all heroes to start, or all weapons. It's just that the weapons that didn't win will be found in our games, and we now have to go looking for them.

    8. Johnathan Tan on

      @Michael: I see, yea seems like all weapons is a better deal atm. Hoping to see onipunks say if that is really the case. I do hope that we get to unlock all 24 if all heroes is chosen, otherwise seems unfair to those who want all heroes.

    9. LordMatsu on

      1 - They haven't mentioned all the requirements that are needed to unlock the weapons. Not sure if it's hidden or if they'll tell us.
      2 - If you choose heroes, you'll only get 1 out of the 12 special weapons (chosen at random) and be able to unlock the other 12 throughout the game.

      So basically choosing all initial 12 weapons is better imo, cause you can eventually unlock all 24 weapons and the hidden heroes in one game :D

    10. Johnathan Tan on


      Another question, for catch them all backers that choose to unlock all hidden heroes, will they be able to unlock the special weapons like those from the Special weapons tier, except they can unlock all 24 weapons?

    11. Johnathan Tan on


      Thanks for the clarification.
      One last thing, is the conditions for the unlocking of the special weapons, made known to us somewhere when we encounter the weapon or do we have to figure out the unlock conditions ourselves?

      For example, "Use Silex pistol to kill 300 enemies," or "Have 50 times SMR switch & headshot moments" mentioned in the update text.

    12. Onipunks Creator on

      1- Yes, eventually.
      2- Yes
      3- No, Special weapon tier, or tiers which include Special weapons but 60-, can only have initial 12 Special weapons. Other 12 unvoted special weapons such as Tesla Pistol only available for Catch'em all.
      4- Yes, all tiers include copy of the game [Oni-Buddy can always pledge an add-on for extra copy]

    13. Johnathan Tan on

      Does this mean that:

      1.Special Weapons Tier (including FCFS SW) are able to get all the 12 special weapons unlocked eventually.

      2. Catch them all Tier gets all 12 from start and able to unlock the other 12 weapons for total of 24 special weapons.

      3. Special Weapons Tier (including FCFS SW) will not be able to unlock the other 12 special weapons -> i.e. total of 12 special weapons unlocked only.

      4. All tiers with the game will be able to unlock all hidden heroes.

      Sorry for the long post, just wanted to be clear on this.

    14. Onipunks Creator on

      Yes, total 24.

    15. LordMatsu on

      So Catch'em All Backers includes 12 initially and 12 more that you can unlock? So total of 24?!