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What happens when Cyberpunk apocalypse roguelike meets RTS in pixel art? C-Wars!
What happens when Cyberpunk apocalypse roguelike meets RTS in pixel art? C-Wars!
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    1. Alan "Adza" G on

      Honorable Mention, I'll take it *-*
      Also, Congrats Dahel for 2nd place <3 \ o / Loved your daily entries ^-^

    2. David De Ost on

      Whooo second place! I'm honoured! :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Rene Flores on

      I know that the contest is over but I wanted to upload the my entries that I submitted through email, since I just figured out how to provide links to content...
      Concept Art: Gylptowolf

      Weapon Design: Exo-Genesis

      Weapon: Royal Stag Scimitar

      Medicine: Psychotherapy Bear

    4. Onipunks Creator on

      Hello guys, thanks for submitting all these awesome arts and designs. Now the contest is over. We will announce our winners later today [9th, May]. Stay tuned.

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      Chris Irwin on

      Essence of Mille-Feuille
      - Quick slot food

      The term "mille-feuille" is a French culinary term, that translates as "thousand leaves", in reference to the many layers of pastry and cream that make up this dessert.

      This, is LITERALLY a 1,000 layer mille-feuille.

      Interwoven layers of millimeter thin pastry, cream, fresh fruit, custard; a perfect symphony sweet indulgence AS HAS NEVER BEEN TASTED OR EVER WILL BE AGAIN!

      Perfected in the finest kitchen on the surface of Luna, by an elite team of patisserie chefs, THIS is the final product of hours of labor, the only specimen to be deemed worthy of the title "Essence of Mille-Feuille". Placed inside a prototype stasis field (yes, it's THAT good), it will remain at it's peak of perfection until the moment some lucky fool chooses to devour this Slice of Heaven.

      Being in it's presence is enough to make ones soul sing. Merely having this item equipped in your quick slot inventory, bestows a regenerative field upon it's wielder of 1% Max HP per second.

      Upon ingesting the Divine Dessert, allows the user to recover a ridiculous amount of HP (1000, perhaps no?)..... but it's recipient will be filled with regret and only have crumbs to remember it by...

      All food eaten afterwards have 25% less effect upon the Mille-Fiend!

      Image sources:

    6. Missing avatar

      Chris Irwin on

      - Med type

      Hey, you don't look so hot - here take one of these. What is it? You ask too many questions, just take the damn thing. "Trust" me :)

      PlaySeeBoo is a cheap, easily manufactured drug that is for all intents and purposes an all natural, hypoallergenic, organic, gluten free, cruelty free panacea.

      Upon ingestion, the medicine cures a massive amount of HP and fully restores all stats, fills all meters, and removes all debuffs! No side effects! What could go wrong?!

      Well, it seems with continued use, the user has a tendency to build up a *ahem* "tolerance", to the drug...

      After a set number of doses, the efficacy of the Wonder Pill™ begins to dwindle..... to the point where it does nothing :S

      It's almost as if the recipient no longer BELIEVES the pill is doing any good anymore.

      Hey, did you know the body will actually respond positively to sugarpills, if the recipient is convinced it's powerful medicine?

      Image Link:

    7. Missing avatar

      Chris Irwin on

      Hex-fire Cannon
      - Shotgun type
      ATTK: 300
      Headshot: 1%
      Critical: 20%
      Special: Organic targets have 60% chance to become "Engulfed in Flame", causing damage over time (1% x Max HP/1 second - 10 seconds)
      Due to extreme temperatures, armoured targets take full damage, but cannot be "Engulfed"
      Piercing: Covers a two tile attack spread.
      Kickback: N/A, purely offensive weapon
      Explosion: 10% chance to cause "Backdraft", setting the user on fire, preventing them from attacking, and causing damage over time. Moving quickly (5 tiles) will extinguish the flames
      Reload speed:
      - Break barrel design, slow
      - Drum magazine enhancement, very fast

      Hexelydrene gas was discovered shortly after Luna colonization. Thought to be the next big fuel source, it was theorised to have an energy density ten times greater than LPG. Mining operations were immediately setup to harvest this wonder gas.

      While the collection and storage of "Hex" was a fairly straightforward process, utilizing it as a fuel source provided less than desirable results. The gas was extraordinarily stable, almost stubbornly so. Ignition and catalyzation of the gas took a substantial initial energy investment, and large scale tests resulted in massive chain reactions wherein the gas would incinerate the test apparatus and several cubic metres surrounding the test site.

      "Hex" was subsequently mothballed - the gas was isolated in mass storage, research funding into it's developement slowed to a trickle, and it was all but forgotten...

      ...until Cyber-Lover raided a "Hex" facility and made off with a substantial supply of the gas. It seems they had interests in weaponizing the gas - and to everyone's surprise, they had promising results. The "Hex" was blended with other volatile gases, lowering it's ignition point, and stored in modified metal ammunition casings. Using a reinforced shotgun chasis with a high voltage electron firing pin, they'd created a weapon that brought the power of a flame thrower into the palm on your hand.

      It's a good thing Sector 7 interrupted their research before it could go any further!

      This weapon can be unlocked through a special Cyber Lover laboratory encounter, where lead scientist (realising his research is about to come to an abrupt halt) weilds the Hex-fire Cannon in an attempt to drive off Sector 7.

      The weapon has a high damage output, minimal headshot chance, decent critical, and additional flame damage potential against unarmoured organic targets. There's no kickback, the attack animation covers two tiles infront of the user, and does normal damage vs. armoured targets.

      The design of the weapon, however, still left room for improvement. The weapon is initially a break barrel reload design, limiting it to a single shot at a time. A drum magazine can be researched to allow for faster firing speeds. The weapons cooling system is also faulty - there's a 10% chance the weapon could backfire, burning the user. If you catch fire, you better stop, drop, and roll!.... or move back and forth across five tiles to beat out the flames.

      Image Link:

    8. WhattheFnu on

      Inspired by the backer-exclusive weapons, I wanted to make something strange and funny, with a unique gameplay element to it I haven't seen suggested yet. I hope you enjoy!

    9. Rand Chua TL on

      WEAPON : Blessed Swords and knife sets
      TYPE : Sword & Knife
      DESCRIPTION : Holy weapon kill all zombies and undead with one hit! Stun 3 sec, human see hit where. 20% less damage vs armour unit
      ATTRIBUTES : Holy+ hp damage & can use target area attack.
      Don't watch it bloodly
      video link :…
      PS : children shouldn't watch this video I post !!!

    10. Rand Chua TL on

      Item name : Banana
      Image:…: food
      Description: out or low on hp & EN eat this
      stats: heals 50 EN & 50 hp

    11. Rand Chua TL on

      Energy Drink
      type: food
      Description: out or low on EN drink this
      stats: heals 100 EN and boost 20% on EN recovery

    12. Rand Chua TL on

      WEAPON : Hellsing ARM 454 Casull Auto
      TYPE : Heavy Hand gun
      DESCRIPTION : Expolsive armour piercing bullet
      ATTRIBUTES : 150+ hp damage
      VISUALS 2:…
      video :…

    13. Onipunks Creator on

      Your entires are awesome guys!!! Please submit Designs here and Art if you didn't do yet. It's OK if you are a Backer and submitted your art here as comment, non-Backer please send the art to

      Half day to go ;)

    14. Rand Chua TL on

      WEAPON : Hellsing seras cannon
      TYPE : Heavy cannon sniper weapon
      DESCRIPTION :Blow up all in a line
      ATTRIBUTES : 200+ hp damage
      video link :…

    15. Rand Chua TL on

      WEAPON : Mines
      TYPE : ground hidden weapon
      DESCRIPTION :Blow up who step on it
      ATTRIBUTES : 200+ hp damage

    16. Victor Dosev on

      WEAPON: Mecha Fists
      TYPE: Double Daggers?
      DESCRIPTION: Originally designed for heavy-lifting - refashioned for heavy-beating.
      ATTRIBUTES: Attacks with this weapon push the enemy one block away (if it's unoccupied).

    17. Victor Dosev on

      WEAPON: Helicopter Blade
      TYPE: Katana
      DESCRIPTION: Taken from a vandalized L.D.F. helicopter this makeshift sword wrecks face and furniture alike.
      ATTRIBUTES: Attacks with this weapon deal damage to all enemies in blocks adjacent to the hero.
      VISUALS: I Imagine this to be an improvised weapon made of one of the helicopter's blades (with a distinct high-tech mechanical design) with a hilt attached to it - a piece of wood or metal with cloth straps winded around it - similar to how you wrap a katana hilt. There could be military markings on the blade itself.
      Example rotor blade:

    18. David De Ost on

      Hey all, not too many pieces for the Concept Art contest, but those that are submitted are impressive! Here's my piece, it's a realistic side-by-side version of Valky and Nova, because I love doing anime-to-realism pieces.

      Version on DeviantArt:

      I'm hoping we'll see lots more entries!

    19. Kevin Griffin on

      Here's my submission to the Fan Art Contest.

      One of my own comic characters managed to escape the nuclear apocalypse and find refuge on Luna Colony. Little did she expect she'd get wrapped up in a full scale Zombie C-War!

      I give you: Cassandra Crowley!

      (And a smaller version):

    20. Mitchel Kc Wong on

      Handheld Nuke
      type: grenade
      stats: 1500 damage to EVERYTHING on the field. including you.

    21. Missing avatar

      NK on

      DRUG: Z-Virus
      TYPE: pre-filled syringe for injection
      DESCRIPTION:. Initially marketed to prevent ageing, however post clinical trial data suggested there was rare side effect turning the “patient” into a zombie
      STATISTICS: Increase in stamina, strength and HP. Turns user into a zombie for an allotted time with all its downsides – including being attacked by fellow team members.
      Drug : Radiopharmaceutical
      TYPE: pre-filled syringe for injection
      DESCRIPTION: Radiopharmaceutical in a pre-filled syringe.
      STATISTICS: causes genetic mutation - gives any random positive status effect (in the game)
      Drug : TPN
      TYPE: Solution in a bag for infusion
      DESCRIPTION: All essential nutrition in a bag (carbs, fat, protein, vitamins and minerals) directly infused in the users blood.
      STATISTICS: replenishes HP and status ailments over an allotted time.
      DRUG: ABx
      TYPE: capsules
      DESCRIPTION: Antibiotics for treating infection. Can be used for prophylaxis to prevent catching infection.
      STATISTICS: Treat infection, or use to prevent infection (not both).

    22. Soljah wants Sodom on

      Wep :

      Holy Hand Grenade

      Nothing is more holy than a big bright light
      Medium damage, radius of 3 squares (top to bottom) blinds if applicable.

    23. Jon Olsén on

      Ok here is my "Designs" =)
      I can't make any pictures, but I put some in there I found around the internet.


      Old coke

      description: A taste of a world long gone. As you drink it you feel super pumped and energetic, but it's very old......

      stats: -20%recharge time on weapon attacks, +10% damage, lasts for 40 seconds. After 40 seconds: lose 15% maxHP



      Eagle tears

      description: An eye drug that makes your sight as good as an eagles. Developed for snipers, but has a nasty side effect.

      stats: +10% headshot rate, +40% critical hit rate, lasts for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds: You can no longer attack anything further away than 2 squares.


      Sniper rifle


      description: Uses a blood toxin that makes the target feel terrible fear for a short time.

      stats: medium power, 1% headshot, 50% critical hit rate, Kockback 1 square.
      1 shot/reload, 10 seconds reload

      Hit on humans effect: The target can't attack and when he moves, the squares he leave turns do the opposit colour ( this effect triggers from the knockback), Lasts 4 seconds.

      not sure, but want quite simple design on the picture

    24. Gun+Blazer on

      Managed to finish my fan art piece on time!

    25. Onipunks Creator on

      Hey all, all our winners will be announced 9th, May, the next day.
      Just in case you didn't know, the contest deadline extended to 8th, EST, 11h50 PM, so we still have 2.5 days ;)

    26. Missing avatar

      Rene Flores on

      When would the results for the contest be determined?

    27. saiqlo on

      @Peng Ven: Coolness!

    28. Mitchel Kc Wong on

      whoops. tonfa is dual "blades"

    29. Mitchel Kc Wong on

      combat knife
      description: a military knife. you can't go wrong!
      stats: +10% damage

      description: Ancient Chinese dual-wield!
      stats: +30% attack speed
      +5% defense
      -33% attack damage.

    30. William S. on

      WEAPON: Constructosword
      Type: Katana
      Description: Built out of childrens toy blocks, this sword is imbued with the love of it's creator. Too bad it's flimsy.
      Statistics: -100% Durrability

    31. Dahel on

      No weapons yesterday, so let's get 2 today :

      Name : Quick Dream
      Image :
      Type : Katana
      Description : With a katana this sharp, only one blow is enough to cut people in half, but it tend to lose its sharpness quite easily.
      Statistics : damage +100%, +50% piercing, -35% damage per second, can't go lower than 25%, -80% weapon swap time, can't move while swapping (putting it back into the scabbard).

      Name : S&W M-27
      Image :
      Type : Handgun
      Description : Blowing someone's head off has never been so easy.
      Statistics: Headshot rate +30%, clip size -50%

      Special thanks to Fenrir who took some time to pose, because nobody here wanted to.

    32. William S. on

      WEAPON: Unusually Ornate Stabbing Stick
      TYPE: Katana
      DESCRIPTION: Somewhere, at some time, this thing might have commanded forces arcane. Now it's really only good for stabbing people in the face.
      STATS: 20% Knockback Chance

      FOOD: Mint-ums
      IMAGE (up to 3):
      TYPE: POW
      DESCRIPTION: Unusually frosty mints with a heathy dosage of liquid nitrogen to keep your insides cold and your strikes colder.
      STATISTICS: Adds a freeze chance to your attacks for a period of time.

      WEAPON: Injectifier
      TYPE: Spear
      DESCRIPTION: I doubt a doctor ever had to use a syringe THAT big.
      STATS: Piercing + 1, More effective against biological creatures.

      DRUG: Namista
      TYPE: DEF
      DESCRIPTION: Make it so you literally cannot feel the pain!
      STATS: DEF +X, HP -X

    33. Antonio A. Mochi Jr on

      Weapon: Retractil Eletrified Whip
      Stats: +10% damage for near targets, 15% stun target.

      Food: Tornado Potatoes
      Efects: Restore 5%HP for each 3 seconds during 15 seconds.

      Drug: Whey Protein
      Efects: +5% Strenght.

      Medicine: Aloe's cream
      Efetcs: Cures burn. +15%HP.

    34. Daniel Zubiria on

      :::::-- 1 --:::::

      Weapon: Midas knuckles
      Type: Knuckles
      Description: Golden knuckles
      Stats: +10% Strenght.
      +10% Stunt effect (Stunt effect: The character with the stunt effect will miss the turn and the stunt effect. If a character with the stunt effec is damaged, he will loose the next turn.)

      :::::-- 2 --:::::

      Weapon: Pandora's boomerang
      Type: Throwing weapon
      Description: A boomerang with a strange golden decoration
      Stats: -90% Accuracy.
      If the boomerang fails hitting the target, it will hit any other target on the battlefield.
      It will generate a random negative effect on the character that hits.

      :::::-- 3 --:::::

      Weapon: Blade boomerang
      Type: Throwing weapon
      Description: A boomerang with blades on the sides
      Stats: +5% Damage.
      Add bleeding effect on target (Bleeding effect: The target will loose life each turn for the next 3 to 5 turns)

      :::::-- 4 --:::::

      Weapon: Rocket propelled chainsaw
      Type: Rocket launcher
      Description: A rocket launcher that shoots self guided chainsaws
      Stats: +10% Accuracy.
      Add bleeding effect on target (see above)
      If the shoot fails, the chainsaw has a 20% chance to hit a character on the adjacent cells of the original target and 10% chance to hit any other person on the battlefield.

      :::::-- 5 --:::::

      Medicine: Unicorn tears of joy
      Type: Consumable medicine
      Description: Tears collected from laughing unicorns.
      Stats: +10% Luck
      Remove all negative effects on the character.

      :::::-- 6 --:::::

      Drug: Rainbow dust
      Type: Drug
      Description: Dust created from rainbows.
      Stats: -100% Evasion during the effect.
      The character drugged will not do any action.
      The effect will last from 3 to 5 turns.

      :::::-- 7 --:::::

      Drug: Caffeine
      Type: Consumable drug
      Description: Concentred caffeine from colombian coffee.
      Stats: -10% Accuracy
      +20% Speed.
      The caffeine overdose effect will last from 3 to 6 turns.

      :::::-- 8 --:::::

      Food: Platypus a l'orange
      Type: Consumable food
      Description: Platypus slowly coocked with orange sauce
      Stats: +5% Strenght effect for the next 3 to 6 turns.
      +20% Healing.

    35. Mitchel Kc Wong on

      Longbow Rifle
      type: sniper
      description: Insane stopping power
      stats: +50% pierce
      -66% reload speed

    36. Mitchel Kc Wong on

      Calorie Mate
      description: forget rations, this stuff's delicious!
      stats: +50 hp

      Crazy Cola
      description: pop one over and go crazy!
      stats: + 15hp
      +50% evasion (chance to avoid attacks)
      -30% hit rate

    37. Mitchel Kc Wong on

      type: pistol
      description: pistol, meet shotgun
      stats: +15% Attack power
      +20% headshot rate
      -15% reload rate

    38. Dahel on

      @Onipunks I see, as long as it works and make your job easier, it's fine =)
      Since I forgot some stuff here and there in some submissions I was worried it would void them.

    39. Onipunks Creator on

      @Dahel Hey, it's a small soft which our programmer folks coded to better sort your submissions, like printout submissions per name, per contest etc, nothing fancy as UI, they just made that to support the KS team ;) It's kind a inner soft though.

    40. Dahel on

      @Onipunks Can you tell how how exactly this software will work ? Like, does it scroll down all the submissions and make an array with all the infos ? If so, is there any way to "correct" our submission, just in case we made some typo/forgot some parts ?

    41. Marzi on

      Whoops, I meant "red-handled" in the description below, not "red-handed". Totally different thing, haha. :)

    42. Marzi on

      Here's an idea I think could be fun! :)

      NAME: Crowbar
      TYPE: Knife (or Katana if you think it's too long to qualify for the "Knife" category)
      DESCRIPTION: An oddly familiar red-handed crowbar. For some reason, wielding it makes you feel like a silent protagonist.
      STATISTICS: +25% POW, +10% Critical rate

    43. Mitchel Kc Wong on

      Rage Pill
      image: the red one
      Type: drug
      description: have you ever been so mad you punched a zombies face off?
      +5% attack speed
      +20% melee weapon damage
      +10% melee weapon crit chance
      -30% hit rate (30% chance attacks will miss)
      your face turns red with anger

      focus pills
      image: same image but the green one
      description: take a step back and everything becomes clearer
      stats: +15% headshot rate
      +15% crit rate
      -10% weapon change rate
      -10% reload rate

      sturdy pills
      image: same one but the blue one
      description: tough as nails, you feel immovable! literally.
      stats: immune to kickback
      immune to flinching when attacked
      +10 percent chance to ignore crit
      +20% Def
      -Can't move!!!

    44. Onipunks Creator on

      Hi guys! We’ve developed a little software for compiling all your wonderful submissions. Keep submitting and spreading the word. It’s been really great so far! :D