C-Wars: Roguelike Pixel Art PC Game

by Onipunks

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    1. James E. Dannen on

      The chasm character?

    2. James E. Dannen on

      I would possibly prefer No.28 & A.N.N.E. that would be pretty cool.

    3. Onery on

      I'm thinking Shovel Knight would be an interesting addition... :)


    4. Gun+Blazer on

      LMAO holy crap Loup. Must have been one hell of a day if you had a 500 pill Advil at your desk ready to be eaten like candy!

    5. Rand Chua TL on

      Hmmm which game, which game?

    6. Chi-Young on

      =D You should submit your prototype builds (after lots of testing) to indie sites like Rock paper shotgun, or post it on reddit. This game definitely needs more press.

    7. frederic tarabout on

      you guys need C-Wars posters on the walls!

    8. Onipunks Creator on

      @frederic tarabout
      Don’t know if you remember the news about Beijing’s crazy flooding last summer. The video was shot back then when our first floor where all the posters were hung became a huge pond due to the flood and we had to move to the empty meeting room upstairs to work.

      Loup claims that he doesn't do drugs and most narcotics don’t work on him. Big bottles of Advil pills exist for a reason.

    9. Onipunks Creator on

      YEAH SHOVEL KNIGHT ;) Check our newest update out